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Friday, December 31, 2004

Update: Tamale Friends Located!

Safe - But Sound?

In the below post, "Tragedy Strikes Tamale Family", we bemoaned the disappearance of 3 tamales who were on their way to the East Coast to begin a new life. Well, good news! The 3 have been located! They are lucky carrots indeed.

Thanks to the Tamale Alert System, which was established & designed to locate missing or abducted tamales, the 3 lads have been found. For what ever reason, they are in the custody of the U. S. Post Office & are being detained in their local office. At the same time, American Values received a notice from the Post Office that they are being held there. In what we can only assume is a ransom note, the Post Office left instructions for us to go to their office this Monday. They unreasonably demand a signature for the release of the 3. But if that is the price we must pay for their release then we will gladly pay it.

There was no information on the lads' conditions. We are concerned because they have not eaten, nor been eaten, since they left the safety of rain-swept California. We can only hope & pray for the best. Meanwhile, family members are in the process of being notified that their loved ones have indeed been located. We will keep you updated on further events as they transpire.

Tamale Alert volunteers celebrate the good news

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tragedy Strikes Tamale Family

It was to be the start of a new life on the East Coast. Three friends eagerly looking forward to the sights & sounds of the Garden State, three thousand miles from their home in California. They packed up & hopped aboard a plane, but not before bidding a fond farwell to their loved ones & promising to write as soon as they reached their destination. It was not to be - at least not yet.

The three friends, who grew up together, are overdue & have not been heard from. Their families back on the West Coast are fearful that the three have run into fowl play. A search has been initiated, but family members are unsure which plane they took. The bodies of some Tamales were found in the back room of a known tamale eater, but it is not known yet if the bodies are those of the three friends until further cooking is done. The bodies were apparantly steamed to death.

Are These Dead Tamales The Missing Friends?

The families ask that anyone with information please call 1-800-Masa.

Worried Family & Friends Gather In Vigil

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Get 'Em While They're Hot At Amazon.com

This is a must book for all coffee tables. And a collector's edition. We're guessing that Kerry is hoping for one last recount. Or maybe the publisher was a little too optimistic.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Never Again!

Let those who forgot us this Christmas be warned not to forget us next year.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

A Letter to the Iraqi People

You, the Iraqi people, are now living in the most historic moment of your country. You have been given a precious & unequalled opportunity to control your own future, to decide your own fate. Whether you agree with the temporary presence of coalition troops in your country or not, sooner, rather than later, they will leave. They will go back to their democratic & freedom loving countries. You will be left to decide which direction your country will go & you will have to live with it. Once gone, coalition troops will not return even if the future of Iraq leads to totalitarianism. You have been given the light of freedom. It is up to you whether that light becomes a bright, burning torch.

The United States has given its resources in money & the blood of its citizens to help you, the Iraqi people, to achieve the freedom every human hungers for. But freedom cannot be forced upon you & you cannot sit passively by while others fight for the freedom you deserve.

It is time for freedom yearning Iraqis to stand up & actively fight for it. It is time for freedom loving Iraqis to rally against the terrorists, the Baathists, the criminals & the foreign fighters & henchmen of neighboring countries who seek to take your freedoms away, who seek power for themselves & oppression for you, the good Iraqi people.

It is time to join together & form a counter insurgency. It is time to form a civilian militia across the country to help the Iraqi police & the Iraq military while they are still in their weakened, developing state. Neighbors must join together in towns & villages & rise to the defense of Iraqi freedom. Track down the insurgents, harass them, arrest them, kill them if you must, eliminate them, report them to the government, deny them services & support. This is your fight, good & proud people of Iraq. Do not let a small group of freedom hating & power hungry thugs deny you your good fortune.

Do not sit on the side while others die for your freedom. Do not shake your heads in passive anger or submission each time the insurgents kill your innocent neighbor or family member or fellow citizen with their car bombs. All freedom loving Iraqis must join the fight now & stand together or they will surely fall separately. The promising future of your children & grandchildren depends on what you do now.

All Iraqis must also participate in the upcoming elections. Where a bullet doesn't stop an insurgent, a ballot will. This is the surest way to send a signal to the insurgents & terrorists that the people of Iraq have no room or want for their kind, that democracy will prevail in Iraq. You have been blessed with the seeds of freedom - nurture it & let it grow full bloom.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

School District Responds To American Values

An earlier post spoke about a Texas school district which banned red & green colors. The district has responded to our post:

Dear American Values Human:

We of the Plano-Stupido School District take our obligations seriously in promoting diversity & mutli-cultural awareness to our children. It is only when children do not appreciate any particular culture that they will appreciate all cultures. Thus, we have amended our district policy on diversity to include the following:

1. Colors: Rather than banning red & green only, as we had, henceforth all colors will be banned. Parents are advised to dress their children in clear, transparent clothing so as not to offend minority colors such as mauve or periwinkle. Crayons are banned, except for use by administrators while doing their resumes. Instead, small paint brushes & colorless water, only, will be used by students in art classes.
2. Snow"men": Because of the implied sexist depiction of such constructions, the term "snowpeople" will now be used district wide. A representation of all races will now be required, i.e., black snow people, brown snow people, yellow snow people. These colors are exempt from the "Colors" regulation above. Additionally, is it recommended that teachers help their students understand that some snow people are gay & metrosexual, by reading from the district approved books, "Mommy's Lesbian Snow Mate" & "Frosty the Fag: Proud Member of Queer Nation."
3. Student exclamations while in pain: Should a child be injured in a sport activity or through accident, these children will no longer be allowed to cry out, "Oh, God, it hurts" or "Sweet Jesus, I can't take the pain". This is a violation of the strict "separation of church & state" policy. Instead, the following exclamations are required: "Oh sh**t", "Mother f***er", or "Kind Earth Mother of the Natural Realm please heal me with your wisdom." Students violating these requirements will be suspended for 5 years.
4. Non-Human Neighbors: Out of concern for & in deference to our non-human friends & neighbors, students will no longer be allowed to play outside. Stepping on grass & dirt is strictly forbidden. For too long the microbes of dirt have been callously abused by the uncaring attitudes of micro-phobic children selfishly playing their games. It is time to stop the hate & the killing. From tall to small we are all equal on this planet.
5. Breathing: Since breathing consumes oxygen & releases harmful carbon dioxide into the air, which in turn only accelerates the Green House effect & Global Warming which Professor Al Gore predicted, students will now be required to take turns breathing. Students will not be required to breath alphabetically, otherwise this would imply that the letter A is better than the letter Z. Since all letters have equal value in our multi-alphabet world, breathing will instead be determined by lottery.
6. All Administrators are reminded that upon completion of each school day they are required to report back to the Institute for the Insane before lights out or Bingo privileges will be suspended.

Mystery Martian ‘Car Wash’ Helps Rover

Space buggy’s solar panels are swept clean — but how? For $3 more ya get the tech-shield wax job. Interested?

Sunday, December 19, 2004

The Separation of Church & Hate

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
— The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Simple. Understandable. So you would think. Read it again. Where's Waldo? Where does it say "separation of church & state"? Where does it say Christmas should be banned from schools? Where does it say the Nativity can not be put on a public town square? Where does it say a copy of the Ten Commandments can not be hung from a government office wall?

It simply says, "Congress shall make no law respecting establishment of religion."
It also says, "Congress shall make no law...prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

Because a handful of men, Supreme Court Justices, decided to corrupt the First Amendment, we are now in this crazy la-la-land of statist eradication of religion, particularly the Christian religion. On the one hand we have the crazies using the establishment ruling of the Court to snuff out every last vestige of the Christian religion from government halls. On the other hand, these crazies use these same court rulings to prohibit the free exercise of religion.

A Christmas card with a religious message cannot be allowed in schools, but the Ten Commandments sits clearly visible in the Supreme Court. Candy canes which say, "Jesus Saves" cannot be distributed in schools, but the Supreme Court opens each session with the clerk saying, "God save the Supreme Court." A high school valedictorian cannot thank God for graduating, but the U. S. Congress has chaplains & their staff on the tax-payer payrolls. And let's not forget "In God We Trust" on our money.

It's time to revisit & redefine the rulings of the Supreme Court & put some common sense back into the meaning of the First Amendment. You cannot be "a little pregnant." You are or you are not. You cannot have "a little religion" allowed in government halls. You do or you don't. Stop the hypocrisy. Fire the Congressional chaplains, retool our money, & stop God from saving the Supreme Court. Or get some common sense & acknowledge that people can freely exercise their right to their religion, even on government property. Otherwise the bigotry & hate of the anti-Christian crowd will continue.

It is a paranoid reach to think that a candy cane with "Jesus Saves" on it is akin to Congress making a law to establish a state endorsed religion.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Red & Green Banned From Schools!

Okay, it's official. There really are idiots running our school districts. Plano, Texas school district (e-mail them here) has banned the colors red & green from their schools for Christmas!! Sadly, we kid you not. E-mail them & remind them they are idiots. Wish them a Merry Christmas while you're at it - that should really gall them. Related story here.

For their "Winter Break" parties, the school district told parents to bring only white napkins & paper plates because the district wanted to shun the traditional red & green of Christmas. Parents were told not to include any colored icing on the cookies & children were told not to wear red and green clothing to the party. We can not make this stuff up. Dare we tell them that white signifies the purity of Jesus? There go the white napkins.

A girl student was forbidden to invite her friends to an event at her church while she was on school property. Other policies cited in a law suit, filed by parents today in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, include a ban on candy cane distribution when a religious message is attached, a ban on parents giving religious-oriented items to one another on school property and a ban on criticizing school board members or administrators on campus. How utterly arrogant these clowns are that they try to use anti-American & Stalinist policies against anyone who dares to criticize them. This one is a blatant violation of first amendment rights. What tolerant Nazis & Communists they are. The thing is, no where do Supreme Court rulings forbid these type of Christmas activities. The school districts have idiots for lawyers, as well as an anti-Chrisitan, perverted politically correct agenda.

Update: Plano School District just released a statement, part of which reads, "We also wanted you to know as parents that the district fosters acceptance of all cultures and welcomes the celebration of our diversity during the Winter Break parties. Again, the distribution of cards, gifts, treats, or other items are appropriate, but only during non-instructional time". No they don't welcome celebration of diversity. They only backed off because of the law suit. A judge has also ruled that candy canes with religious messages can be distributed.

There is an active hostility to Christmas & Christians from school boards across the nation. One district banned Christmas music on school busses, another banned exchanging Christmas cards, another banned a scheduled dramatization of "A Christmas Carol", another told teachers to not use the word "Christmas" in class, & on & on. At the same time, Hanukkah & that "holiday", Kwanzaa, made up by a professor, are allowed. You can thank the Nazi ACLU in large part for instilling fear in school & town officials. They have been so intimidated by these totalitarian thugs that they lose sight of common sense.

But there is hope. Christians are fighting back with lawsuits. Some schools & towns are reversing their idiotic, intolerant, anti-religious policies.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Court Says Parents Can't Listen to Kids Calls

There's an old saying, "Children should be seen & not heard". Well the Washington State Supreme Court has affirmed that saying in a way that is not sitting well with parents.

At issue was a mother using a speakerphone to listen in to her 14 year old daughter talking to her 18 year old boyfriend on the phone. The boyfriend implicated himself in a robbery during the call. The mother took notes, went to the police & the boyfriend was charged. The Supreme Court dismissed the charges, saying it is against the law to intercept or snoop on anybody's private conversation & that even a child has privacy rights & that it is a crime for someone to do that, & that whatever is heard cannot be mentioned in court. Don't blame the court this time. They followed Washington state law, which states that all parties on a call must know & agree to being monitored.

The Washington legislature needs to amend this law pronto. Parents are already denied the right to know if their child had an abortion or was treated for drug use or was in mental health counseling. If a parent needs to monitor a child's phone calls for illegal activity or improper activity or for whatever reason, it should be their right. Does not a parent have a right to monitor a call if the child is suspected of communicating with a pedophile? As it stands now in Washington, if a parent hears a murder confession while monitoring the child or hears a terrorist plot, the evidence will be thrown out of court because the child has a "reasonable expectation of privacy". The parent is also breaking the law & can be charged.

It should be a simple thing to change the law to read that all minors & those who communicate with minors have no expectation of privacy. It's really amazing how many jackasses are running around disguised as lawyers & legislators.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Medicare Payment Errors - Nearly $20 Billion

$20 billion for last year alone. And this does not include the fraud rampant in the system. Aren't large government programs wonderful? Story here.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


We are not 3 weeks late for your birthday. We are 49 weeks early for your next one.

By the way, you might want to consider taking lessons.
You have my number.

Criminals in the Class- The Growing List -Part I

Zero Tolerance in our schools works!! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Zero Tolerance (ZT or Zit for short) is a policy that has absolutely no tolerance for drugs, alcohol or weapons in our school systems. ANY violations will be harshly dealt with, including expulsions, long term suspensions, transfers to Disciplinary Schools, criminal charges & the humiliation of being denied attendance at school functions. After all , we don't want another Columbine, do we? Our undying gratitude goes out to those school administrators who have rounded up a bevy of socio-pathic criminals who lurked the classes & hallways of our schools. Bless them! Bless them! Herewith a sampling of those dastardly dangerous delinquents:

A 12 yr old given 10 week suspension for inadvertently bringing pocketknife to school. All his teachers attest to his good character & grades.

A 15 yr girl suspended 1 month & sent to alternative school for taking Motrin...for cramps. She's an A-B student with no previous record.

Three 13 yr olds were criminally charged for possessing a bag of parsley & given 5 day school suspensions. Possession of counterfeit drugs is the charge.

A sophomore girl expelled for a year for having Advil on her possession.

A 14 yr old learning disabled boy fell asleep in class. Teacher reasoned that it must be drugs. Suspended one day & forced to take battery of drug tests (negative).

A 16 yr old boy suspended for a week, plus 45 days at disciplinary school for doodling stick figure with gun pointed at other stick figure.

A 12 yr old suspended because soda machine gave him 2 cans instead of 1 & he kept it.

A 14 yr old boy suspended 5 days for drawing stick figure shooting Taliban figure. School officials said it was not "normal". Father is in military.

A 13 yr old girl suspended 7 days & stripped of student council spot for having pencil sharpener with exposed blade. A Korean, she has used this all her life.

A 15 yr old boy lent asthma inhaler to another like user who couldn't breathe. Nurse had no like inhalers. He was expelled & faced charges of delivering a dangerous drug, though he may have saved the student's life.

A 15 yr old Muslim girl facing suspension for wear religious head scarf. School head covering policy was designed for gang-related head gear.

A 17 yr old boy suspended & arrested & charged with disorderly conduct, trespassing, failure to obey police & disrupting a school - he refused to turn cap from sideways to front.

A 16 yr old boy suspended & charged with "passive participation" when drug dog sniffs marijuana on his bookbag. No drugs found.

A 12 yr old boy expelled for bringing mom's sewing scissors to his sewing class. The school scissors hurt his hands

A 9 yr old boy suspended & facing expulsion for bringing a one inch G.I. Joe gun to school.

Stay tuned for Part II, starting off with the Sports Illustrated suspension.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Scott Peterson Sentenced to Life

The jury in the Scott Peterson trial today recommended that he be sentenced to life in prison. Well...kinda. They actually gave him the death penalty. But there are 600 on death row in California & executions average less than one a year. So you can bet that unless Peterson lives to be 600 years old he will be looking forward to a peaceful passing in his sleep in his old age.

The judicial system, with its never ending appeals & sentences overturned by Superior Court "judges", has made a mockery of the death sentence laws. In NJ a man on death row won his appeal. The NJ Superior court said that although the man stabbed his female victim 40 times, there was no intent to kill her, although she did happen to die from the wounds. We must assume that these so-called judges on the court are blaming the victim for being too weak to withstand the blows of 40 thrusts with a knife. So far, every death row inmate in NJ has died, or will die, of old age.

Superior Courts should stop thwarting the will of the people. Either remove the death penalty laws from the books or let the will of the people go forth.

And we, the tv viewing audience, have been given a reprieve. We are now spared the insufferable, never-ending news stories & talk shows about this case. Peterson deserves the death penalty for putting us through that alone.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Zero Tolerance from the Zero Clueless : School Officials

A 10 year old Philadelphia elementary school girl was recently hauled off in handcuffs to the police station after scissors were found in her bookbag. Police had been searching bookbags for property that was stolen from a teachers desk when they came across the scissors. Though she didn't threaten anyone, school administrators said the scissors are considered a deadly weapon & she violated the rule by bringing them to school. Though she was later released by police when they decided she hadn't committed a crime, she has been suspended for 5 days & may be expelled to a special disciplinary school.

Are we missing something here at American Values? Surely a pair of scissors doesn't warrant the trauma to a 10 yr old girl of handcuffing her, putting her in a police car & dumping her into the police process at their headquarters. And surely the school administrators cannot be serious when they are considering putting her into a disciplinary school. More trauma for the girl. But, hey, this justifies the school district hiring another psychologist - to commiserate with the poor traumatized girl.

The mother says the girl had the scissors from another school project & the girl herself was mystified because they use scissors in class. But, again hey, those are school scissors - so they are not considered lethal weapons. Let's get serious - a freaking pencil can be considered a lethal weapon under the law. It is the intent that counts.

The mother was angry that she was not called until after the girl was taken to the hoosegow & that the principal who knew the girl for 4 yrs allowed it to go this far.

The principal & police say they are following the law. But in reality they are interpreting the law under its strictest sense. There is no need for the police or the handcuffs. If the police say she broke no law when they finally released her then why was she arrested to start? And why couldn't the school administrators take her into an office & speak to her, set up a meeting with the mother?

We see this zero tolerance baloney more & more - a kindergarten boy suspended for pointing a chicken finger like a gun, 2 boys suspended for playing "cops & robbers" during recess, a 1st grade boy suspended & charged with sexual harassment for kissing a girl classmate, a 15 yr old girl arrested & cuffed for eating a french fry in a city transit area where eating is prohibited.

These clowns disguised as school administrators have lost sight of common sense. And in the process they are traumatizing & stigmatizing the innocent actions of childhood. They should try using their positions, with their over-bloated salaries, to instead be on the alert for the real trouble-makers in school.

We at American Values have zero tolerance for jackasses & fools (aka school officials) who prance about & stalk school hallways looking to arrest the next kindergarten kisser. They should try putting their energy into educating the children - but we know that may be asking too much of them - it's another area of zero tolerance for the clueless. But they damn well make sure that the kids know how to put a condom on a banana or push a homosexual agenda on first graders. These useless administrators have plenty of tolerance for those type of things. It's beyond time that these idiots be suspended, not the kids.

UPDATE: The police have apologized to the girl & mother for arresting her. We think the mother should sue the police for false arrest & sue the school board. Maybe it will bring some sense to these adults. The school suspension is still pending.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Babies Advocates Win $27 Million

A couple who provide funerals for dead abandoned babies and helped inspire a law to save unwanted newborns have won a $27 million US jackpot in the California lottery. Story here.

Then again, there is this lottery winner, one of 13 who shared $87 million: "Lottery winner shot to death by police", here.

And here is a story about some other lottery winner losers

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

An Iraqi's Tale

This excerpt from an Iraqi blogger, about the fear to speak out under Saddam & the decision of a few to approach the government with their grievances:

We reached the government main headquarter and entered without much difficulty. We went to one of these offices as we didn’t know were to go as this was our first time there. One of the government employees asked us what was our need. We said our prayers and told him that we want to change the regime. He asked us to wait until he call for the man in charge and I said to myself, “that’s it, they’re calling the Mukhabarat” the guy came back with another man who, after greeting us asked about our group. We handed him a file that contained our goals and a list of the people who supported us. He took it and told us to come back in 3 days after they study it.
--“Study it!?” I said to myself “ they’re not going to hang us? Maybe they are letting the small fish to capture the large one?” anyway we went back and spent 3 difficult nights full of worries and nightmares.
-- On the 3d day we went back to the same place and another man was waiting for us, “are you a representative of this group” the man asked Mohammed, “no, I’m their leader” (man, that was brave of Mohammed! Now he’s gone and I won’t have the honor of being the first martyr in the group!).
--“Pleasure to meet you Sir! Have a seat please” said the man to Mohammed and the rest of us with a broad smile. ( a trap! Ok so be it!) Our friend was encouraged by this gesture and asked for tea! They brought us tea and some cockies! (Maybe a last wish grant) After few minutes the guy looked into a computer and asked us about the name of our group. We told him the name and the guy said “Congratulations! Your demand has been approved and you’ll have a chance to layout your plans in public and if enough number of people agree with you, the current government would step down and let you among others take the lead”.
--“What!? These people are so easy! are they wimps or what? They can kill us just like that, and no one would dare to do anything about it. Alas! There won’t be any revolution and I won’t be a martyr!” such questions were on my mind as we left the place wondering why would someone who has all the power and control in his hands hand it to another one without a fight and without the slightest objection!
--That was not a dream, it’s for real and it didn’t happen in the “free and independent” Iraq at Saddam’s time, it happened 3 days ago in “occupied Iraq”.
--To summerize it and although many of you know that already but I would like to announce that the party we have formed, the Iraq Pro-Democracy Party, is now officially registered and will have the chance to compete in the upcoming elections.
--You can’t imagine the thrill and happiness I felt when I held the document that state that the “Iraqi pro-democracy party” is registered and Approved as a political entity that has the right to participate in the upcoming elections! This was a dream to us, and with the help and support we received from all our friends, the readers of this blog, the dream has now became true. We still have a battle to fight and we’re more than willing to go all the way.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Denver's Assault on Christmas

Denver organizers of the Parade of Lights, a large & popular yearly holiday parade, have denied permission for a church group to be included in the parade. The church group planned to build its own float & sing carols.

But parade organizers said it would be offensive. A parade spokesman said, "We try to be sensitive to the fact that we are a very diverse community and a very diverse world". She said this is a holiday parade, not specifically a Christmas parade, and it's occurring during a season when many other cultures are celebrating other holidays as well. However, the president of the organizers contradicted this, saying, "The parade includes performances of Christmas songs, and parade participants saying 'Merry Christmas,' 'Happy Hanukkah,' and other holiday greetings."

In another development, the Denver mayor decided to remove a large "Merry Christmas" sign on the city hall & replace it with "Happy Holidays". He backtracked from that when he caught hell from a lot of miffed citizens.

What we have here is no less then the continuing assault on Christianity that has been waged all across the country. Contrary to the parade spokesman, the only thing offensive about the Denver Parade of Lights is the mindset that Christianity can not be tolerated. Homosexuality must be tolerated, nay, celebrated, but not Christianity.

To call the Parade of Lights a holiday parade is a politically correct way of getting around "Christmas". If it was not for Christmas, what would be the rationale for a so-called "holiday parade"? A rose by any other name is still a rose.

These politically correct buffoons are the real bigots, the real intolerant dolts when it comes to religion or at least the Christian religion. You see it more each day across the country. Some large stores are replacing "Merry Christmas" signs with "Happy Holidays", schools are replacing Christmas Break with Winter Break or Holiday Break. And the ACLU, swine that they are, are busy as Santa's elves looking into each nook & cranny for the, God forbid, slightest display of Christmas or Christianity in towns across the nation.

It is the small, soulless, secularist sector that is attempting to enforce its agenda on the rest of the nation. They are the ones American Values Under Attack finds offensive. p.s. to Denver - the Broncos suck.

Maplewood, NJ Schools & Macy's Joins Xmas Assault

The assault on Christmas continues: At Columbia High School, Maplewood, NJ, there had been a ban on singing Christmas carols. Now in addition to that, the 40 member brass ensemble is no longer allowed to play Christmas carol instrumentals such as "Silent Night" or "Joy to the World", nor even Santa (Santa??? Geesh-what he do?)songs at its holiday concerts. Mind you, there is no singing, just the band playing the music. However, "Winter Wonderland" & "Frosty the Snowman" are still politically correct (unless Frosty voted for Bush).

On Oct. 29, Nicholas Santoro, the chair of the district's Fine Arts Department, issued a memo clarifying the South Orange/Maplewood policy, suggesting that songs such as "Winter Wonderland" or "Frosty the Snowman" are acceptable. "Music centered on peace is also a nice touch," he wrote. The memo also states that printed programs for holiday concerts "must avoid graphics which refer to the holidays, such as Christmas trees and dreidels."

What's next? Ban Listz's "Ave Maria? Ban Handel's music or Bach's or Hayden's because the title of the piece has religious reference? Are these so-called educators of our youths idiots or have they caved in so much to the radical elements of political correctness & anti-Christianism that they have lost sight of the distinction between fostering religion & allowing music of the season? Santa Claus music banned?? You got to be kidding!

We as a nation are going quickly down a road fraught with unknown consequences if common sense is replaced with Big Brother dictums of what is appropriate & what is not.

Macy's has joined the anti-Christmas crowd. It refuses to place "Merry Christmas" signs in its stores, but rather uses "Happy Holidays". Macy's parent company Federated posts this:

"We realize that this is an important issue to some, and we respect their views. There are, however, many diverse cultures represented in American society today whose views we also recognize and respect. Phrases such as "season's greetings" and "happy holidays" embrace all of the various religious, secular and ethnic celebrations that take place in the November/December period. Because these expressions of good will are more reflective of the multi-cultural society in which we live today, they tend to be used more and more frequently across all segments of society."

Yet they rake in millions of dollars from Christians & encourage them to shop Macy's for gifts. There is a "Committee to Save Merry Christmas" which urges a boycott of Macy's. We will do our part at American Values.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Miss Peru Crowned Miss World 2004

The New Miss World

Congratulations to Miss Peru -read the story here

Post Election Selection Trauma (PEST)

Believe it or not, Bush's election victory has created a new syndrome & Kerry supporters in Florida are rushing to therapy for anger management. At least Bush has helped the mental health economy.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

72 Questions About 72 Virgins

Muslim homicide bombers are tempted to do their dastardly deeds with the promise of 72 virgins in Paradise. But Martin Bodek has raised some interesting questions about the 72.

1) What if the bomber wants girls with more experience?
2) What if one virgin is no good in bed? Does she get replaced or is he stuck with 71?
3) If he's gay, does he get male virgins?
4) What if he's celibate? What does he get?
5) What if he hasn't reached puberty yet? Does he get 72 Xboxes till he comes of age?
6) If he's bi, does he get 36 of each?
7) If he blows himself up while building the bomb, does he still get credit?
8) What do you call a relationship with 72 women, a menage-a-soixante-deux?
9) Are they like 72 wives or 1 wife and 71 concubines?
10) What if he's ugly or smells bad and the virgins don't want anything to do with him?

To see the other 62 questions go here & scroll down to "Politicals Articles" under "The Narcissistic Section."

Friday, December 03, 2004

Pork Chops Into Taxpayer's Money

Hogs Gone Wild:

The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) criticized Congress for passing an omnibus spending package that funds nine of the 13 fiscal year 2005 appropriations bills. The $388 billion 2005 Omnibus Appropriations Act is temporarily being held up after members of Congress expressed outrage over the discovery of an obscure line in the 1,690-page bill that would give the chairmen of the Appropriations Committees and their staff assistants the authority to access the income tax returns of any American.

While lawmakers and President Bush lauded the omnibus for holding domestic spending, excluding defense and foreign aid, members of Congress showed no restraint in their hunger for pork-barrel projects. The thousands of earmarks lurking in the bill include: $3.5 million for bus acquisition in Atlanta, Ga.; $2 million for kitchen relocation in Fairbanks North Star Borough in Fairbanks, Alaska; $1.5 million for a demonstration project to transport naturally chilled water from Lake Ontario to Lake Onondaga; $500,000 for the Kincaid Park Soccer and Nordic Ski Center in Anchorage, Alaska; $250,000 for the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tenn.; $200,000 for Fenton Street Village pedestrian linkages in Montgomery Co., Md.; $100,000 for a municipal swimming pool in Ottawa, Kan.; $80,000 for the San Diego Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center; $75,000 for the Paper Industry International Hall of Fame in Appleton, Wis.; $35,000 for the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame; $25,000 for fitness equipment for the YMCA in Bradford County, Pa., $200,000 for the Aviation Hall of Fame; $100,000 for the Punxsutawney Weather Museum; $50,000 to control Missouri's wild-hog problem; $1 million for the Norwegian American Foundation in Seattle; $335,000 to protect North Dakota's sunflowers from blackbirds; $4 million for the International Fertilizer Development Center in Alabama; $443,000 to develop salmon-fortified baby food & $350,000 for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

This, my friends, is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of Congressional irresponsibility with taxpayer money. Billions of dollars are being spent because of a pork system which Congress refuses to control. Christmas for Congress is not December 25th - it is whenever a spending bill is put forward. The same Congressmen who pontificate about the homeless or the poor or the uninsured are the same ones who are salivating over their share of the bacon. $80,000 for a San Diego transgender community center could feed a few hungry children in San Diego, ya think?

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Happy Birthday Rich!

Although you're one year closer to death, have a Happy Birthday anyway!
p.s. - My present to you is this msg: your wife has decided to leave you.
Enjoy your fajitas maker.

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