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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Criminals in the Class- The Growing List -Part I

Zero Tolerance in our schools works!! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Zero Tolerance (ZT or Zit for short) is a policy that has absolutely no tolerance for drugs, alcohol or weapons in our school systems. ANY violations will be harshly dealt with, including expulsions, long term suspensions, transfers to Disciplinary Schools, criminal charges & the humiliation of being denied attendance at school functions. After all , we don't want another Columbine, do we? Our undying gratitude goes out to those school administrators who have rounded up a bevy of socio-pathic criminals who lurked the classes & hallways of our schools. Bless them! Bless them! Herewith a sampling of those dastardly dangerous delinquents:

A 12 yr old given 10 week suspension for inadvertently bringing pocketknife to school. All his teachers attest to his good character & grades.

A 15 yr girl suspended 1 month & sent to alternative school for taking Motrin...for cramps. She's an A-B student with no previous record.

Three 13 yr olds were criminally charged for possessing a bag of parsley & given 5 day school suspensions. Possession of counterfeit drugs is the charge.

A sophomore girl expelled for a year for having Advil on her possession.

A 14 yr old learning disabled boy fell asleep in class. Teacher reasoned that it must be drugs. Suspended one day & forced to take battery of drug tests (negative).

A 16 yr old boy suspended for a week, plus 45 days at disciplinary school for doodling stick figure with gun pointed at other stick figure.

A 12 yr old suspended because soda machine gave him 2 cans instead of 1 & he kept it.

A 14 yr old boy suspended 5 days for drawing stick figure shooting Taliban figure. School officials said it was not "normal". Father is in military.

A 13 yr old girl suspended 7 days & stripped of student council spot for having pencil sharpener with exposed blade. A Korean, she has used this all her life.

A 15 yr old boy lent asthma inhaler to another like user who couldn't breathe. Nurse had no like inhalers. He was expelled & faced charges of delivering a dangerous drug, though he may have saved the student's life.

A 15 yr old Muslim girl facing suspension for wear religious head scarf. School head covering policy was designed for gang-related head gear.

A 17 yr old boy suspended & arrested & charged with disorderly conduct, trespassing, failure to obey police & disrupting a school - he refused to turn cap from sideways to front.

A 16 yr old boy suspended & charged with "passive participation" when drug dog sniffs marijuana on his bookbag. No drugs found.

A 12 yr old boy expelled for bringing mom's sewing scissors to his sewing class. The school scissors hurt his hands

A 9 yr old boy suspended & facing expulsion for bringing a one inch G.I. Joe gun to school.

Stay tuned for Part II, starting off with the Sports Illustrated suspension.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps you want school districts to do nothing to change students behavior as happened in Paterson, NJ.

John Williams listened, seemingly numb, as a jury on Wednesday found him guilty of killing a homeless man and injuring several other people as part of a "wilding" mob of Paterson students.

But after deliberating for five days, the Superior Court jurors in Paterson spared Williams, now 19, the worst he faced: They found him guilty of reckless manslaughter and several lesser crimes. They chose not to convict him of the more serious charges of murder or felony murder that would have put him in prison for life.

In the notorious incident, students celebrating the last day of school in June 2001 went on a rampage, beating up people at random until they came to Hector Robles. They left the homeless man lying in the street, beaten so brutally his spleen had ruptured and a kidney nearly split in two.

High school students in Paterson have routinely marked the end of school with raucous behavior. But events took a chilling turn on June 20, 2001.

Robles, 42, was relaxing and sipping a beer at his usual spot near Jasper Street and Totowa Avenue when the mob overwhelmed him. Earlier, some of the students fought among themselves and beat up three students at John F. Kennedy High School.

The state claims Williams blurted out that the group should beat up Hispanic students. The students then spilled out into the streets.

After knocking out the teeth of a Little Debbie cake deliveryman and punching another person, the mob traveled nine blocks from the school and surrounded Robles, and the state claims Williams called out, "That's a customer right there."

12:19 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

Duh? The point of your post being? If you can't distinguish between the Paterson kids rioting & a girl being suspended for having Advil, then the point of my post is lost on you. And I don't need full length feature articles. Try to keep it short...like in "summarize".

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A girl suspended for carrying pills you say. It turns out to be Advil. Tough luck! Follow the rules. They can make illegal drugs in any shape and color. Put any logo on it. And if the teacher and school district don't use zero tolerance and something happens to a child, what happens to them. Parents are gonna sue, aren't they?

12:45 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

Well I can see you are child friendly. Not. What happened to caring & sensitivity & going on a case by case basis? The draconian punishments are ridiculous. A girl with an Advil can be handled in a gentler manner than a girl with a vial of crack. ZiT has become Big Brotherish -all distinctions disappear. And Nazis police are all too eager to cuff & charge kids in the most pumped up events.

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I am a Borkian Democrat. I do not believe in reading into laws or enforcing them only some of the time. If the laws are wrong, rewrite them. Do not blame the enforcers, blame the politicians who wrote the laws.

Again Francis, you want it both ways.(Could you be closet Gay?) On the one hand, you want the laws interpretted as seen fit here. But then you want the Supreme Court to stop creating social agenda. Make up your mind.

12:38 PM  

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