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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tragedy Strikes Tamale Family

It was to be the start of a new life on the East Coast. Three friends eagerly looking forward to the sights & sounds of the Garden State, three thousand miles from their home in California. They packed up & hopped aboard a plane, but not before bidding a fond farwell to their loved ones & promising to write as soon as they reached their destination. It was not to be - at least not yet.

The three friends, who grew up together, are overdue & have not been heard from. Their families back on the West Coast are fearful that the three have run into fowl play. A search has been initiated, but family members are unsure which plane they took. The bodies of some Tamales were found in the back room of a known tamale eater, but it is not known yet if the bodies are those of the three friends until further cooking is done. The bodies were apparantly steamed to death.

Are These Dead Tamales The Missing Friends?

The families ask that anyone with information please call 1-800-Masa.

Worried Family & Friends Gather In Vigil


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