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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How The F*** Am I Funny?...

Supporting the troops

The movie "Goodfellas" has that great scene where the character Tommy is told he's funny. Tommy plays it up & answers, "How the f*** am I funny? Funny how? Funny like I'm a clown here to amuse you? Exactly how the f*** am I funny?" The scene goes on like this for awhile.

It reminded me of the anti-war crowd, the liberals & libnuts. They were put in a corner when they started bashing the war in Iraq. They were not about to redux the Vietnam protesters who spat on the soldiers & decried their war crimes. So they played it both sides: they are against the war, but support our troops. Oh, really? This is where the Tommy scene comes in.

How the f*** do they support the troops? Do they go to veterans hospitals to visit the wounded soldiers? Do they send care packages & goodies to the troops & write letter of supports & good cheer? Exactly how the f**** do they support our troops?

Does their supporting the troops mean that they wish our soldiers kill as many terrorists as possible, kill as many insurgents as possible so the war can end sooner & the troops can come home? Do they mean they are supporting the war on terror so we can spare ourselves & those in other countries future terrorist acts? Are they rooting for a stable Iraqi government? Are they rooting for success in Afghanistan? Are they shutting their claptraps, holding back their denigrating remarks about our military & President Bush, stifiling the doom & gloom so as not to encourage the terrorists & bring down the will of the American people?

How the F*** are they "funny"?

No they are not funny - it is all a ruse. They are pathetic. They do not support the troops. They only say so to marginalize the criticism against them. In truth, they don't care a whit about the troops. They never have & never will. Some of them still call our troops war criminals & still abuse them.

Near the end of the movie, Tommy's head is blown off. Figuratively speaking, we can blow off the head of the claims of support for the troops by the anti-war crowd.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dems Support The War - But Whose Side?

Fox News released a poll taken January 16-17. One of the questions asked was, "Do you personally want the Iraq plan President Bush announced last week to succeed?"

51% of Democrats answered yes, 15% percent were not sure, 34% said no.

Barely a majority of Democrats want America to succeed in Iraq. The rest are apparently rooting for the Islamo-fascists, the terrorists, the thugs, murders & criminals. Sweet.

Well, their role models are the Democrats in Congress & the liberal, biased, mainstream media. Go figure.

Monday, January 01, 2007


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