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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Coca-Cola Cans Claus

Gentlemen, start your politically correct engines. The race is about to begin. Indeed. The Coca-Cola Company has started the Christmas season with a politically correct gift to Christmas bashers. It has removed Santa Claus from all its cans & bottles. Instead, polar bears with snowflakes will be given the honor.

Coca-Cola first put the jolly red dude on their products in 1930. It has been a success since then, not only because of the image of Santa, but because the imprinted Santa products are popular for collectors items. The Coca-Cola image of him has become the universally accepted image of Santa. It had become, dare we say, tradition. But that is all over now. As far as Coca-Cola is concerned, Santa can go pound snow. They made their tidy profits from his image. But now they have fallen into the PC mode - a more inclusive cola, if you will.

This is just the start of another seasonal assault on Christmas. Be prepared. We will post these assaults as we hear of them. See our posts of Dec '04 for some of the ridiculous lengths these fools go to sanitize Santa from the country. We have let Coca-Cola know of our distaste for their decision. Contact them here.We were avid Coke drinkers. No mas. It is time for us to move away, as Coca-Cola did from Santa.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Paris Burning - A Warning To America

As of this post, it is the 12th night of riots in France. The trouble has now spread to over 300 towns. Over 3,000 cars have been burned, along with a school, parking garage & other buildings. Amazingly, only one person has died so far.

The trouble started after 2 boys were accidentally electrocuted when they hid in a transformer, avoiding police. The surrounding area is largely Muslim - predominantly North African. The rioters are unorganized so far, but we expect some opportunists to change that. The rioters are predominantly young Muslim males. The French government has been an abysmal failure in curtailing the riots thus far. Additionally, there is underreported news that there has been rioting by Muslims in Denmark, too.

There are 5 million Muslims living in France. Unemployment is significant in their population. The French welfare system has entitlements for those who are unemployed. The Muslim population lives mostly in large, poor enclaves in French cities & towns. Some attribute the rioting with the unemployment situation amongst Muslims. To a point, maybe so. But why now & not sooner. Afterall, conditions have been the same for years now.

We think there is a more direct reason for the rioting. If true, it does not bode well for America: lack of assimilation, coupled with a Muslim population which rejects all things not Islamic. We think Muslims have a disdain for their host country, France, because it exhibited weakness & corruption before & after the Iraq War.

In America there is an on-going, quick shifting of demographics due to the large number of legal & illegal immigrants coming into the country. They are primarily Hispanic/Latino, but there are also large numbers of Chinese, Vietnamese, Somalians & others. We are talking over 2 million a year coming into the country to live. That is a large challenge to any society. Rather than a slowed down immigration policy that gives the immigrants, & the communities they settle in, time for assimilation, we have instead communities being overrun by the sudden influx. We have immigrants settling into one area of a city or state. Enclaves of culture-specific immigrants are thus created. They become separate & apart from the rest of the city or town. There is no need to assimilate into the culture of the host country - America - because they are a de facto nation within a nation. The language, the culture, the businesses, the schools are all within their culture. There is no inducement to expand themselves into the greater American culture. And we detect a distain for most things American amongst some of the immigrants.

What has resulted in America is a mutli-cultural mindset that not only celebrates diversity, but caters to the unassimilated. Drivers license tests are in 10 languages, report cards are sent out in 6 languages, press 1 for English...2 for Spanish...3 for Mandarin.. & on & on. Rather than celebrating diversity, we are purposely celebrating isolation of cultures.

America is great when its people share a common thread. As it stands now, we are becoming so many spools of thread that there may indeed come a time when the French riots will have been seen as a warning to the United States - a warning that not only should our states be united, but so should our people. Without serious reduction in legal immigration & without serious efforts to stem the invasion of illegals, without giving immigrants the time & chance to assimilate into the country, we will have not learned the lessons of the French riots.

Monday, November 07, 2005

School District: Halloween Banned - "Offensive to Witches"

We can not make this stuff up. A real school district with real administrators & real Board members has taken the unreal position that Halloween is offensive to witches & therfore they have banned Halloween celebrations in their schools.

The Puyallup school district, outside of Seattle, Washington sent letters out to parents advising them that Halloween celebrations, costumes & the traditional Halloween parade are now banned. They gave 3 primary reasons for the ban. The first 2 are a cover for their inane 3rd reason. First, Halloween parties and parades waste valuable classroom time. Second, some families can't afford costumes and the celebrations thus can create embarrassment for children. The 3rd reason? The district said Halloween celebrations and children dressed in Halloween costumes might be offensive to real witches.

"Witches with pointy noses and things like that are not respective symbols of the Wiccan religion and so we want to be respectful of that," a spokeswoman said.

On the district's list of guidelines related to holidays and celebrations is an item that reads: "Use of derogatory stereotypes is prohibited, such as the traditional image of a witch, which is offensive to members of the Wiccan religion."

An internal e-mail from October 2000 warned that "the Wiccan religion is a bona fide religion under the law, and its followers are entitled to all the protections afforded more mainstream religions. Building administrators should not tolerate such inappropriate stereotyping (images such as Witches on flying brooms, stirring cauldrons, casting spells, or with long noses and pointed hats) and instead address them as you would hurtful stereotypes of any other minority."

A few points: A. The Halloween parade is in the last half hour of classes. We seriously doubt that the wheels of learning will come to a stop for that lost half hour. They are using this "lost school time" as an excuse to further justify the ban on Halloween. B. They are taking the fun out of school by this ban & they are taking the creativity & imagination out of learning. C. We assume the district Halloween police will be searching classrooms for any inappropriate displaysof witches, black cats, etc. D. The school district has freakin idiots for administrators.

More than being idiots, they are sickeningly politically correct to an absurd point. Why not acknowledge Satanism or any of the myriad "religions" out there? This is the same school district that banned a fund-raisng event for tsunami victims because the fund-raisng involved a video game which the district deemed violent , though there is no empirical evidence that violent videos lead to school violence. It is also the same school district that has Winter & Holiday Concerts instead of acknowledging Christmas & the same district that has a Diversity Affairs Office with a Director & full time staff. That last item is telling. This office will go out of its way to justify its' existence by coming up with all sorts of culturally sensitve programs & dictums. Suffer the children.

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