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Friday, December 17, 2004

Red & Green Banned From Schools!

Okay, it's official. There really are idiots running our school districts. Plano, Texas school district (e-mail them here) has banned the colors red & green from their schools for Christmas!! Sadly, we kid you not. E-mail them & remind them they are idiots. Wish them a Merry Christmas while you're at it - that should really gall them. Related story here.

For their "Winter Break" parties, the school district told parents to bring only white napkins & paper plates because the district wanted to shun the traditional red & green of Christmas. Parents were told not to include any colored icing on the cookies & children were told not to wear red and green clothing to the party. We can not make this stuff up. Dare we tell them that white signifies the purity of Jesus? There go the white napkins.

A girl student was forbidden to invite her friends to an event at her church while she was on school property. Other policies cited in a law suit, filed by parents today in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, include a ban on candy cane distribution when a religious message is attached, a ban on parents giving religious-oriented items to one another on school property and a ban on criticizing school board members or administrators on campus. How utterly arrogant these clowns are that they try to use anti-American & Stalinist policies against anyone who dares to criticize them. This one is a blatant violation of first amendment rights. What tolerant Nazis & Communists they are. The thing is, no where do Supreme Court rulings forbid these type of Christmas activities. The school districts have idiots for lawyers, as well as an anti-Chrisitan, perverted politically correct agenda.

Update: Plano School District just released a statement, part of which reads, "We also wanted you to know as parents that the district fosters acceptance of all cultures and welcomes the celebration of our diversity during the Winter Break parties. Again, the distribution of cards, gifts, treats, or other items are appropriate, but only during non-instructional time". No they don't welcome celebration of diversity. They only backed off because of the law suit. A judge has also ruled that candy canes with religious messages can be distributed.

There is an active hostility to Christmas & Christians from school boards across the nation. One district banned Christmas music on school busses, another banned exchanging Christmas cards, another banned a scheduled dramatization of "A Christmas Carol", another told teachers to not use the word "Christmas" in class, & on & on. At the same time, Hanukkah & that "holiday", Kwanzaa, made up by a professor, are allowed. You can thank the Nazi ACLU in large part for instilling fear in school & town officials. They have been so intimidated by these totalitarian thugs that they lose sight of common sense.

But there is hope. Christians are fighting back with lawsuits. Some schools & towns are reversing their idiotic, intolerant, anti-religious policies.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Supreme Court is taking up matter of expression of Religious beliefs on public property - all religious beliefs. It is important that ALL religious viewpoints are allowed in public not just the popular Christian ones.

Separately yesterday, the court entered another religion-related area when it agreed to hear a case testing the federal Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act. That 2000 statute prohibits any "substantial burden on the religious exercise" of an institutionalized person unless the restriction is clearly justified and carefully limited.

The case involves charges by current and former Ohio state prisoners that officials denied them the freedom to practice Wicca and Satanism.

4:39 PM  

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