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Friday, July 30, 2004

John Kerry - Vietnam & the 1970's - An Inside Look at a Manipulative Mind

Kerry Kottontail

John Forbes Kerry loves his initials, JFK. In his mind it puts him right alongside John Fitzgerald Kennedy. But some would say his initials stand for "Just For Kerry." "Just For Kerry" sums up exactly the essence of the man. Herewith is an inside look at how that explains his motivations & manipulations in his quest for the presidency & of his thought processes toward that end.

Kerry's presidential ambitions go way back to at least his days at Yale University. His desire to be President was known to his classmates. He & his family hobnobbed with the rich & political. As a teenager he knew the real JFK personally. Undoubtedly this had an influence on his political ambitions. His European childhood schooling along with his life amongst the powerful taught him how to attain what he wanted. For a young boy who also had an overblown sense of self, this was the perfect education. He went to Yale University & immediately got involved with the politics of the campus, becoming president of the Democratic Club. As a student, he was draft deferred from Vietnam. Ever the politician, he sensed the winds of discord over the war & spoke out against it at his graduation. Ah, but that nasty draft board was at his heels.

The notion that Kerry initially volunteered for Vietnam is malarky. If he was so eager, he would have joined the Army or Marines for a guaranteed trip. And how odd it is that he is portrayed as rushing off to Vietnam while at the same time speaking out against the war. John Kerry never wanted to go to Vietnam, as many his age felt. He lost his deferment at graduation. He asked the draft board for an extended deferment so he could study in Europe. It was denied. He was in effect a failed draft dodger. What to do, what to do? Because of his family's influence he could have easily joined the National Guard. But, ever the politician, he joined the Navy. This accomplished a few goals. He effectively avoided Vietnam, he built up a military resume for future political desires & it put him in league with the real JFK as a Navy man. Kerry wound up on a frigate that crossed the Pacific to drop off supplies at Vietnam & then returned to California. He spent 7 months in California. Ever the politician, he realized a frigate was not in league with the real JFK's exploits as a PT boat commander, especially if a political future was a consideration. Something a tad more adventuresome was needed to enhance his political resume. When he discovered the existence of Swift Boats & their mission he found his link to the real JFK. So he volunteered for Swift Boat duty in Vietnam. But with a caveat.

Kerry is on record as saying that he thought Swift Boat duty was the safest duty in Vietnam. And it was. Swift Boats patrolled the coastline of Vietnam from the ocean where there was no combat. Ever the politician, Kerry knew this gave him a great addition to his political resume - he could say he was in Vietnam, but was safe enough away from it. Much to Kerry's surprise & panic, I'm sure, this all changed 2 weeks after he arrived. Admiral Nimitz redefined the Swift Boat missions & placed them into the river deltas. The safest job now became a dangerous one. This gave Kerry apoplexy - if he was killed this would ruin his dreams of being president. Ever the politician & to save his rear end from harm, he managed to find an obscure regulation whereby a triple purple heart winner could ask for relief from combat duty & go stateside. This set Kerry on his quest for medals as soon as possible. Don't believe that Kerry got his 3 purple hearts & then was told, "by the way - now ya can go home, kid." No. Kerry by design worked to get those medals from the start.

Kerry managed to get those 3 medals in record time - within 4 months of arriving in Vietnam. He also managed to pick up a Bronze Star & Silver Star. How he got those Purple Hearts & whether he deserved them is contentious indeed. But all 3 wounds were superficial with only one requiring disinfectant & a band-aid. He spent no time in a hospital or under a doctors' care. In fact, his commander has said that he's had worse wounds from a rose bush thorn. When you hear the words "Purple Heart" this is not what you envision as the wounds of a soldier. (There has been some suspicion that he might have self-inflicted at least one of those superficial wounds. If true, the man is extremely manipulative to the point of being sick in the mind.) Many soldiers in combat received more serious wounds & shook it off & went back to their job. No medals for them. It didn't even occur to them to ask for them. But Kerry had his agenda & connived & manipulated the bureaucracy to his own ends.

Kerry's Bronze Star & Silver Star are contentious also. Bronze Stars amongst the officer class were given out like candy. Kerry, as an officer, knew this. Ever the politician, he went for one. And grabbed a Silver Star to boot. Another page for the political resume. Though why he alone & none of his enlisted crew received medals is a mystery. But Kerry had his out - stateside, baby! He left his crew behind. A loyal officer wouldn't. And many officers didn't. But Kerry had bigger plans & he really didn't care if he left those suckers behind - or "band of brothers" as he now calls them. Kerry is only loyal to himself. He managed to put a quick 4 months in 'Nam & grabbed some medals. His calculated "safe" Navy service suddenly became wildly successful toward his future.

Kerry left 'Nam & requested a cushy assignment as an Admiral's aide in Brooklyn. While there, Kerry, off-duty at least, flew anti-war speakers to rallies. After a short stint there he requested & was granted early release in 1969 from active duty so that he could run for a Congressional seat. He was discharged 6 months early. Notice Kerry's mindset. From day one, anything & everything that furthered his political ambitions was to be used. He used the Navy as a stepping stone, the similarities with the real JFK as a stepping stone, the time in 'Nam as a stepping stone, the fortuitous medals as a stepping stone, the 3-time wounded regulation to get out of 'Nam as a stepping stone, the early discharge to run for office as a stepping stone. Kerry even brought his movie camera & film to 'Nam , a la the real JFK, to document his exploits as a stepping stone, knowing they would prove useful in the future.

Kerry's driving thirst for elected office demonstrates that he couldn't wait to get out of the Navy & run for office, even though he had zero experience or political base - he was as qualified to run as Joe the hotdog stand guy. He didn't even think to run for mayor or councilman or even state legislator to at least get experience - it was Congress or bust. Chutzpah at its best. But after 3 months of campaigning in 1970 for a Congressional seat another Democrat was given the nomination.

Kerry got more actively involved in the anti-war movement in his first run for Congress under that banner. Kerry's anti-war sympathies came not out of concern for the Vietnam War, although he would have you believe it. No. Ever the politician, he sensed that a political shift toward protest would further his ambitions for political office in liberal Massachusetts. After all, he lost his bid for Congress to a more rabid anti-war advocate. Ever the politician, Kerry joined Vietnam Veterans Against the War. This group became his "useful tool" to further Kerry's ambitions. He would exploit this group to further advance his political goals, he would grab a leadership position as a springboard for his agenda, which was an elected Kerry. Though some in the organization considered him arrogant & opportunistic, he projected a more clean cut image then the rag-tag image they had. He reached celebrity status, if not quite political status, when in April 1971 he testified before Congress.

"I Committed Atrocities"

It what has since become a rallying point for those against Kerry, John Kerry in Senate testimony viciously trashed the U.S. servicemen in Vietnam. He gave out a laundry list of atrocities they committed & claimed this was the rule, not the exception, in Vietnam. But this was all hyperbole & lies & Kerry knew it. As to Kerry's statement that he personally committed atrocities too, which so outrages veterans , if you listen carefully to what he said, Kerry parsed his words enough that it sounds like he committed atrocities, but he didn't. It was all b.s. & showmanship. (If I'm wrong & he did commit atrocities, then how in the hell can he receive even one vote? Are the voters that ignorant? What the hell is wrong with the American voter? And why is the media not ripping him for it? My God, look at what they did with the prison scandal in Iraq - & they were abuses, not atrocities.) Kerry even claimed the 165 men with him were Viet Vets & decorated ones at that. It turned out this was all a lie. It is reprehensible that Kerry trashed the soldiers using lies to further his goals. But Kerry was riding the anti-war wave & using it to further his ambitions. Kerry reached his goal of becoming leader of the group. A short while later they staged a public event of throwing their combat medals into a trash bin. Kerry said he threw his medals also. But Kerry was not that dumb. He kept his because, again, ever the politician, he knew they could prove useful in the future. But the "useful fools" who did throw their medals away fit in with his goals.

A 250,000 person protest demonstration that week propelled him into the media limelight. He met with more & more political & Hollywood personages. He was in effect building a contact list which would help him when he ran again for office. Soon after he was on "60 minutes." Even Richard Nixon took note of Kerry's notoriety. His political star was rising quickly & he traveled the country making anti-war speeches. Kerry had become a national figure. This is exactly where Kerry always dreamed to be. This was his ticket to elective office, thanks to exploitation of an anti-war group that he cared little about or little about its cause. Kerry left the group months later. They gave him what he wanted. It was time to go for the gold - Congress.

In 1972 Kerry began shopping Massachusetts for a Congressional District that he could run in. His many address changes attests to that fact. Mr. Opportunist strikes again. He cared not about representing a certain local people as much as he cared for self-promotion into Congress. It didn't matter who or what he represented, as long as he got elected. He finally found a district to run in & suffered an ego bashing primary loss. Kerry soon found another district to run in. He got the party nomination but lost in the general election after blowing a huge lead.

Kerry went on to law school & became a prosecutor, which was a natural road to elective office. However, friends were astonished at his move, as a prosecutor was the establishment - defense lawyers were where the anti-establishment crowd went. But Kerry knew what side the bread was buttered on & his professed beliefs would not stand in the way of political opportunity. Thus closes this chapter on John Kerry's road to the presidency.

John Kerry is an overly ambitious & calculating person. Beware of the breed. Overly ambitious people are self-serving, self-focused, self-consuming egoists. They are self-promoters in the extreme. They will say anything, do anything to further their ambitions. They are opportunists who will twist & distort facts & outright lie. They will rewrite their history & manipulate people & events to further "self." They will profess loyalty when in fact the only loyalty they have is to themselves. If you look at Kerry in this light it should become obvious that Kerry, the elitist & rich, blueblooded white man, cares not about the poor or downtrodden or the sufferings of the middle class. Kerry cares only about Kerry., thus the "Just For Kerry" monikor. This will become more obvious as his political & personal life are further examined.

Forget everything else about Kerry - his manipulations, his horrible Senate attendance, his 19 years in the Senate with few legislative accomplishments initiated by him, his notorious flip-flops, his parsing of statements he made, his sudden embracing of "values" & patriotism & the military, his extreme liberal record & his $1,000 haircuts. Aside from these, it is astonishing that anyone would vote for him after he thoroughly trashed the Vietnam servicemen with charges of war crimes & atrocities which he knew to be false, but yet used to further his own political ambitions. And it is incredible that anyone would vote for a potential Commander-in-Chief who admitted that he himself committed war crimes & atrocities. Am I missing something with this picture?! But, no one said Americans have to be smart or informed. The irony of a Commander-in-Chief with a war crimes past. Go figure.

Kerry's Shipmates Speak Out
Vietnam Vets Against Kerry

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

You Want Lies With Your Berger?

Sandy Berger, Clinton's national security advisor & foreign policy advisor to John Kerry, is the focus of a criminal investigation for allegedly removing  classified terrorism documents from a 911 Commission reading room  in the National Archives.  According to reports, he was seen putting his notes & documents in his pants & coat pockets.  One report has him putting papers in his socks!  Berger states that when later told by the Archives of what they had witnessed, he returned the items, except for a few documents that he apparently discarded by mistake.

Berger has stated that it was just "sloppiness" on his part & that it was an "honest mistake."

In response to Berger's comments, American Values can only answer by saying, "Bwhahahahahahaha."  Yeah, right, Sandy.  I got a bridge to sell ya, too.

As columnist Mark Steyn noted: "By his own words, he's guilty of acts that any other American would go to jail for. He ‘inadvertently' shoved 30-page classified documents down his pants and then ‘inadvertently' lost them at home and then ‘inadvertently' returned to the National Archives to ‘inadvertently' take another draft of the same 30-page document and he ‘inadvertently' lost that, too. He ‘inadvertently' made forbidden cell phone calls from the room with the classified documents, and he ‘inadvertently' took more suspicious bathroom breaks while in the Archives."

Here is a former national security advisor to a President.  If anyone knows the rules of handling classified information it is him.  I once had a Classified security clearance & apparently know more than him.  Nothing leaves that room.  Even the notes you take become classified & remain there.

Picture this - a national security advisor stuffing his pockets with notes & documents.  Wouldn't it seem more likely that he could afford a briefcase to put papers in?  The pocket stuffing alone is a good sign that all is not square with Mr. Berger's statements.  Sloppiness my foot.  Honest mistake my foot.  The Wall Street Journal reported that Berger had done similar things on at least five other occasions.  If true, this is not sloppiness, this is not an honest mistake.  This is intent.  Premeditated.  And who can seriously believe that he "accidentally" discarded some documents that he took?  And what were those documents, hmm?  What did he intend to do with them?  There had to be a sinister reason.  At Clinton's behest he was looking over documents related to a Millenium terrorist report  wriiten during the Clinton Administration.  This all deserves another "bwhahahahahaha."  The whoppers these folks tell!  He sounds more like a hamburglar.

This is reminiscent of former CIA Director under Clinton, John Deutsch.  After leaving office he took 3 CIA computers home.  They just happened to have over 10,000 pages of top secret & classified information on them.  Oops.  Good thing he's not a spy, huh?  He went on line - calling all hackers.  His punishment was to lose a security clearance.  If it was you or I it would be jail - ya think?  

The whole Clinton crowd smacks of deceits & lies, from Bill & Hillary on down.  Hillary's missing law firm logs pop up months later on a table in the White House.  Oops, how'd that get there, Bill?  A CIA Director knows better than to take classified info home & keep on a personal computer.  A national security advisor knows better than to put classified info in his pockets.

Of course, just like with Clinton, the whole Democrat spin machine is out there defending him, calling it an honest mistake & blah, blah, blah.  And, of course, that bastion of the free press, the  Democrat Party mouth-piece, the NY Times, saw fit to bury this story on the bottom of page 16.  It would be page one banners if a Republican was accused.

If Berger did what he is accused of doing, then justice demands that he be prosecuted to the hilt.  I hope politics doesn't save him from jail time.  It's long over due to send a message to these arrogant public servants.

Federal prison - new home of the Whopper.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Exclusive Interview!! The "Crawling Hand" Crawls Out of the Shadows

The Hand in its youth

In a coup of investigative reporting, American Values has managed to track down & interview that insidious, creepy, crawling, strangling terror of children's nightmares - yes, "The Crawling Hand"!  Now in retirement, The Crawling Hand reluctantly agreed to a short interview with our reporter, Natasha, as long as we agreed not to reveal The Crawling Hand's location.  
Natasha:  Mr. The Crawling Hand, you claim that you were the prime cause of fright in children.  Yet your competitors, such as The Monster Under The Bed would disagree.  How do you respond? 
The Crawling Hand:  First of all, please call me Hand.  I prefer informality.  As to what TMUTB has to say, well, all it did was lie under beds, jump out once in awhile & growl.  I had to do all the damn crawling.  You try crawling all night long on your hands & knees...er...your hand... & see how you like it.  It's not as easy as it looks. 

The Hand now - feeble

Natasha:  How many have you strangled over the years? 
The Crawling Hand:  Listen, I ain't saying nothing about that!  I got a lawyer & he says to say nothing.  The last thing I need to hear is a cop saying, "Put your hand up."  But I will say that I never strangled children.  Just scared the heck out of them, gave them a fright is all. 
Natasha:  How did your career get started?  I mean, it certainly is an unusual occupation.
The Crawling Hand:  Yeah, well, as a young one everybody was picking on me, pointing fingers at me & laughing, because I was different.   They would say mockingly, "Look, there goes The Crawling Hand. Ooh wow, scary, dude."  You know how kids are.  Well, I looked around, saw there was an opening for another nightmare, so I grabbed it. 
Natasha:  It must have been a fun career for you.
The Crawling Hand:  Fun?  Yeah, it had its moments, like when I'd creep into a kids' bedroom & they'd run out screaming.  But it was hard work too.  Hard on the nails.  Cost a fortune in manicures.  Then there was the night work.  I've always hated the night shift, but ya do what ya gotta do.  I mean, ya can't go crawling around in broad daylight.  How stupid would that be? 
Natasha:  And I understand you have a family.
The Crawling Hand:  Yup.  Gotta a great wife.  Her father was The Claw.  Maybe ya've seen her on those lobster commercials on tv.  Got a great boy, too.  Name is Pinkie.  Handsome lad.  I kid him that he's cute-icle.  That's a joke.  He's my right hand man around here.  But I don't want him to get into this business.  I want him to knuckle down in school & not thumb his nose at society like I did.
Natasha:  So how's retirement?
The Crawling Hand:  It's not too bad.  Can't get around too much, what with the arthritis & all.  I was thinking of getting a crawler so I can move around a bit.  Know any good hand-me-downs? 
Natasha:  I'm afraid not. 
The Crawling Hand:  Listen - gotta go now - supper.  We're having finger food.  Thanks for stopping by.  It's good to be remembered. 
Natasha:  My pleasure, Hand.  Thank you.  Pleasant dreams.

The Hand's son

The Crawling Hand was last seen by our intrepid reporter, Natasha, as it struggled pathetically to cut through a steak while holding a fork & knife between its' fingers.  A sad ending indeed to what was once an illustrious career.


Saturday, July 17, 2004

Prima Donnas, Punks & Politics

Where flakes, fruits & nuts
mean more than just cereal

If you ever want to become an expert on the political system of the United States or on World Politiks, forget about going to Harvard or USC for years of schooling & expense.  There is a way of doing so without all those boring tests.  It's simple - become an actooor (Definition:  actooor - as in, "I am an actooor."  Spoken in a pompous, self-inflated, self-important manner with emphasis on the last syllable.)
In their infinite wisdom, the powers that be in the universe have bestowed political insight & astuteness upon those who become actooors & actoooresses.  Why this is so is a mystery, but it's true.  Just look at Hollywood - there are more politically savvy actooors in La-La-Land then there are raisins in a trainload of Raisin Brans.  Or so the nuts in the bowl would have you believe.

The reality is that these self-appointed mouth-pieces of the down-trodden, the environment, the animals  & the world are living in a radicalized liberal bubble that prevents them from seeing a world other than their own.  These oracles of political commentary are self-absorbed & live amongst a like-minded coven of Fruit Loops, thereby re-enforcing each others nutty beliefs & ideas.
The political statements of these actooors goes beyond just stupidity & ignorance.  These clowns of the industry can get downright nasty & vile, especially when their venom is directed toward President Bush.   At a recent campaign fund-raiser for Kerry in Manhattan the "stars" came out with their support.  Whoppi Ain't I Pretty Goldberg managed to slither onstage with her wine bottle & hurl invective at George Bush.  She turned nastier when using the President's last name in reference to female genitalia.  Kerry & Edwards apparently thought it all great fun, laughing & applauding in the audience.  Other "stars" made less bawdry comments, but were equally nasty about George Bush.  A great night of snotty Bush bashing. 
After the show ended Kerry got on stage & claimed these folks were the "heart & soul" of America.  Edwards stated that these were the "real American values."  Hello!  You would think Kerry/Edwards would be a tad uncomfortable with what they witnessed, maybe even say afterwards that these actoor's behavior was over the line a bit.  Of course, after raking in $7 million in donations I guess Kerry/Edwards can excuse any outrageous behavior.  Even Edward's ditzy wife defended the actooor's performances.
Earth to Kerry/Edwards - these fools are not the "heart & soul" of America, nor do they represent "real American values."  If you truly believe this bunk then you are just as out of touch with reality as they are.  These prima donnas & punks live an altogether different life then us common folks.   Their millions in income alone sets them apart.  But even with that, they surely could maintain some class, some dignity  But they don't.  Their cadre is replete with stories of infidelity, drugs, crimes, lewd behavior,  & foul mouth epithets.  They have an attitude that their effluvium doesn't stink.  They are Queens & Kings , after all folks.  Didn't you know? 
They make outrageous demands of their staff over petty things to a humiliating degree. One will not enter a dressing room unless it has 15 bouquets of flowers.  One will not appear in a concert unless another singer's posters are taken down.  One demands a hotel room be repainted because he doesn't like the shade of blue.  And on & on.  Yet they do present such a lovely phony face to their fans.  They are concerned about the injustices to us wee folk or  the plight of an endangered insect or the enforcement of environmental protection laws - that is unless that wee folk is their employee or that insect is intruding on their pool party or that EPA law gets in the way of their wanting to cut down a stand of trees so they have an unimpeded view of the Pacific Ocean from their humble home. Then all hell to pay from them.
Being an actooor does not automatically mean you are smart.  Sure, you can remember lines & let the emotions flow, but smart is a different territory.  Janeane Garofalo, who I am sick of seeing on tv, demonstrates this point brilliantly:
     "Our country is founded on a sham: our forefathers were slave-owning rich white guys who wanted it their way. So when I see the American flag, I go, 'Oh my God, you're insulting me.' That you can have a gay parade on Christopher Street in New York, with naked men and women on a float cheering, 'We're here, we're queer!' -- that's what makes my heart swell. Not the flag, but a gay naked man or woman burning the flag. I get choked up with pride."
And again:  "I say at this point, for different reasons, they [Bush and Hussein] are both very threatening to world peace and to deny that is to be incredibly naive."
Three's a charm:  "The world would be better off with multiple superpowers." When asked if that means our enemies should be more powerful Garofalo said, "Sure, when Communist U.S.S.R. was a superpower, the world was better off. The right-wing media is trying to marginalize the peace movement."
Here's a quote from that pillar of common English usage, Jennifer Aniston:  "Bush is a f**king idiot."  She's a classy lady, for sure.
Sandra Bernhard:  "The real terrorist threats are George W. Bush and his band of brown-shirted thugs."

Whoppi Pigberg again:  "I don't agree, you see, I don't really view communism as a bad thing."    Tell that to the millions who died under it, swine.
Rickie Lee Jones:  "I think 9/11 gave this generation an identity, and its identity is potentially fascist. My skin crawls when I think of the first week after 9/11. I was looking out of the window and there were people marching down the street carrying flags. It reminded me of spontaneous, angry Nazis and I thought, 'Oh, man, we are in a lot of trouble'. There's a whole bunch of people who have flags hanging from their cars and who are mistaking fascism for patriotism." 
Jessica Lange:  "It is an embarrassing time to be an American. It really is. It's humiliating."
George Clooney:  "I always say you have to stand by what you've done. Yes, I smoked grass. Yes, I had sex with more than one person. In the US, they make a big deal out of everything as soon as you run for higher office. It's time we did away with this bigotry in America."
  Ah yes, Georgie, I'm a bigot against immorality.  Gee - shame on me. 

Her Royal Slutness, Madonna:  "If I were President, Howard Stern would get kicked out of the country -- and Roman Polanski would be allowed back in!" So how does "President Madonna" justify ejecting Citizen Stern for exercising his constitutional right to free speech -- but welcoming a foreigner who was 44 when convicted of raping a 13-year-old American child he plied with drugs and booze? She says it's "because artists are allowed to make mistakes and have unconventional ideas . . . !"  Ahh - they are exempt from morals - they are "arteests", after all.

Susan Sarandon on Bush:  "We stand a chance of getting a president who has probably killed more people before he gets into office than any president in the history of the United States."
The Diva Barbra Streisand & her election analysis:  "We have a president who stole the presidency through family ties, arrogance and intimidation, employing Republican operatives to exercise the tactics of voter fraud by disenfranchising thousands of blacks, elderly Jews and other minorities."
Robin Williams:  "We have a president for whom English is a second language. He's like 'We have to get rid of dictators,' but he's pretty much one himself."
And finally, Morrissey:  "Bush should have died, not Reagan"
There ya have it, folks - a brief glimpse of the Glitter Crowd;  the Looney Left.  The nastiness, obscenity  & hate comes exclusively from them.  And they are clueless about the real world of politics.  If you can show me such invective & hate coming from the more conservative folks of Hollywood - well, ya can't.  It's only the tramp-mouthed Left that rants - the same ones who "care" about us, who "feel our pain."
These rich, spoiled, pampered, shameless, crude, disrespectful, phony, irresponsible, hedonistic & anti-American swine, who have no respect for or tolerance of those who differ from themselves, presume to prattle on about issues that they are deeply ignorant of & woefully unprepared to express in coherent terms.  These hot-aired buffoons of the radical left are the "heart & soul" of America & the "real American values" of Kerry/Edwards & the Democrat Party. 
Forget about going to the movies.  Take a friend out to a nice restaurant instead.    

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Michael Moore Is A Big Fat...


"Oink911":See the movie where Michael Moore rants on & on

Now on to His Royal Pigness...

Pig-calling contests are popular in some parts of the country. Michael Moore-on is King Pig when it comes to his attempts at it. Suuuueeee - just listen to El Gordo:

"The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not insurgents or terrorists or "The Enemy." They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow and they will win." So snorteth Michael Moore-on.

In response to the Soviet Union falling - "That's one evil empire down & one evil empire to go." Straight from the porker's mouth. Mr. Pig couldn't mean the United States, could he? Faux pas, faux pas.

"There is no terrorist threat in this country. This is a lie. This is the biggest lie we've been told." Pig slop from the Pig.

More slop from the pigster: "They [Americans] are possibly the dumbest people on the planet ... in thrall to conniving, thieving, smug pricks."

"I like America to some extent." Yes - the money the pig makes & puts in his multi-million dollar piggy bank.

Incisive analysis from the trough: "The motivation for war is simple. The U.S. government started the war with Iraq in order to make it easy for U.S. corporations to do business in other countries. They intend to use cheap labor in those countries, which will make Americans rich."

From the Moore-on University of Law & Politics:
"... You know he's [Bush] there illegally. You know he was not elected either by the popular vote or by the vote in Florida."

"... we know all those facts about Florida and what Katherine Harris did, and the private firm that took African-Americans off the voting rolls and prohibited them from voting. But I've been surprised in this first week how many average Americans were not aware of all of the trickery and deceit that took place in the year before the election to fix it for George W. Bush."

Speaking about 9/11, "Many families have been devastated tonight. This just is not right. They did not deserve to die. If someone did this to get back at Bush, then they did so by killing thousands of people who DID NOT VOTE for him! Boston, New York, DC, and the planes' destination of California -- these were places that voted AGAINST Bush!" Duh huh Porky?

The Fat Sow's insider information -"Unfortunately, Bush and Co. are not through yet. This invasion and conquest will encourage them to do it again elsewhere. The real purpose of this war was to say to the rest of the world, "Don't Mess with Texas - If You Got What We Want, We're Coming to Get It!"

There are enough outrageous quotes out there in the world from Michael Moore-on to fill a very large pig-sty.

This pathetic lard of lies & delusional one-too-many-doughnuts dude is now in the forefront of the radical loonies' continuing ranting about how evil America is & especially how evil George Bush is. Sir Moore-on, Defender of Pigdom & Protector of the Realm of Radicals, has reached this lofty position through the notoriety & success of his whacked out distorted so-called documentaries. Moore-on mouths off about Bush's supposed lies, yet his films have more lies, distortions & half-truths than a barn full of pig feed.

Let's get real here. Moore-on is a cynical, paranoid who is anti-American. He detests American values, except for the big American bucks he rakes in. He has no clue of facts or political dynamics when he spews his garbage. Like so many of his Hollywood holier-than-thou crowd, he feeds from the same radical liberal trough, regurgitating the same lies, the same outrageous statements. He wouldn't know an original, coherent political thought if it hit him on the ass (which is a fairly large target, indeed).

What is more astounding then the cretin that Michael Moore-on is, is the stature he has received from the media & the financial support he gets from the public.

The media is...well...the media. Bent to the Left like a willow in the wind, the media does not challenge Moore-on about his looney drivel. No wonder they have good softball teams. A media that listens seriously to the likes of Babs Streisand when she pontificates about the down-trodden, or plays video of Susan Sarandon testifying before Congress with her political "expertise", is a media that is irrelevant.

The American public is what amazes me. Either they believe what Sir Pig blathers about or they don't care. Either way, they go to his films. The Nazi's were very good at propagandizing through film. And so it is with Pig Fat's films. Pure propaganda. Yet they go. They pay. They buy popcorn to go with the film. Gads - some may even like it, or worse, believe the mind-numbing prattle in the films.

Meanwhile, Moore-on is bringing home the bacon & living in his exclusive Manhattan home so he doesn't have to live too close to the "dumbest people on the planet."

Monday, July 05, 2004


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Saturday, July 03, 2004


A Wild Ride For Marlon Brando...

The Wild One

The Godfather

Marlon Brando, icon of Hollywood, passed away yesterday. Unlike his film character, he was a contender - in fact, the top of the contenders. And he did indeed become somebody.

We mourn his passing with the understanding that God made him an offer he couldn't refuse. RIP Marlon.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Kerry Names Running Mate...Mini's The Man!

An American Values Scoop...

In a Fourth of July holiday surprise, Sen. John Kerry announced his choice for running mate during a "Millionaires For Kerry" sushi picnic & used silver spoon drive.

"After careful consideration of the potential candidates for the exalted office of Vice-President", he said, "I know I have found the most qualified running mate. I am pleased to announce that Mini-Kerry is my choice."

Kerry Introducing Mini-Kerry

"Although other candidates were equally capable", he continued, "I found Mini to be a man of my own heart. Not only is he what I consider to be a soul mate, but he also works cheap."

Kerry went on, "While I served in Vietnam plastering band-aids all over myself, Mini was out in the jungles fighting a guerilla war. He is the real hero, my friends."

Our on-the-scene reporter, Natasha, reports that there was stunned silence among those attending, causing some to even spit out their caviar.

However, pundits see this as a clever move on Kerry's part, as he will almost certainly win the endorsement of such groups as the animal nut organization PETA, Clones R Us, Very Small People For Peace, "There Are No Tarantulas in Bananas" Growers Association, Admirers of Michael Moore's Fat & Unsolved Mysteries Fan Club.

Mini-Kerry could not be reached for comment.

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