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Sunday, December 26, 2004

A Letter to the Iraqi People

You, the Iraqi people, are now living in the most historic moment of your country. You have been given a precious & unequalled opportunity to control your own future, to decide your own fate. Whether you agree with the temporary presence of coalition troops in your country or not, sooner, rather than later, they will leave. They will go back to their democratic & freedom loving countries. You will be left to decide which direction your country will go & you will have to live with it. Once gone, coalition troops will not return even if the future of Iraq leads to totalitarianism. You have been given the light of freedom. It is up to you whether that light becomes a bright, burning torch.

The United States has given its resources in money & the blood of its citizens to help you, the Iraqi people, to achieve the freedom every human hungers for. But freedom cannot be forced upon you & you cannot sit passively by while others fight for the freedom you deserve.

It is time for freedom yearning Iraqis to stand up & actively fight for it. It is time for freedom loving Iraqis to rally against the terrorists, the Baathists, the criminals & the foreign fighters & henchmen of neighboring countries who seek to take your freedoms away, who seek power for themselves & oppression for you, the good Iraqi people.

It is time to join together & form a counter insurgency. It is time to form a civilian militia across the country to help the Iraqi police & the Iraq military while they are still in their weakened, developing state. Neighbors must join together in towns & villages & rise to the defense of Iraqi freedom. Track down the insurgents, harass them, arrest them, kill them if you must, eliminate them, report them to the government, deny them services & support. This is your fight, good & proud people of Iraq. Do not let a small group of freedom hating & power hungry thugs deny you your good fortune.

Do not sit on the side while others die for your freedom. Do not shake your heads in passive anger or submission each time the insurgents kill your innocent neighbor or family member or fellow citizen with their car bombs. All freedom loving Iraqis must join the fight now & stand together or they will surely fall separately. The promising future of your children & grandchildren depends on what you do now.

All Iraqis must also participate in the upcoming elections. Where a bullet doesn't stop an insurgent, a ballot will. This is the surest way to send a signal to the insurgents & terrorists that the people of Iraq have no room or want for their kind, that democracy will prevail in Iraq. You have been blessed with the seeds of freedom - nurture it & let it grow full bloom.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neither do they really know what it is nor do they want it enough. Remember less than half of the adult popultion will be allowed to vote in the elections. Not really a democracy.

10:51 AM  

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