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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

You Want Lies With Your Berger?

Sandy Berger, Clinton's national security advisor & foreign policy advisor to John Kerry, is the focus of a criminal investigation for allegedly removing  classified terrorism documents from a 911 Commission reading room  in the National Archives.  According to reports, he was seen putting his notes & documents in his pants & coat pockets.  One report has him putting papers in his socks!  Berger states that when later told by the Archives of what they had witnessed, he returned the items, except for a few documents that he apparently discarded by mistake.

Berger has stated that it was just "sloppiness" on his part & that it was an "honest mistake."

In response to Berger's comments, American Values can only answer by saying, "Bwhahahahahahaha."  Yeah, right, Sandy.  I got a bridge to sell ya, too.

As columnist Mark Steyn noted: "By his own words, he's guilty of acts that any other American would go to jail for. He ‘inadvertently' shoved 30-page classified documents down his pants and then ‘inadvertently' lost them at home and then ‘inadvertently' returned to the National Archives to ‘inadvertently' take another draft of the same 30-page document and he ‘inadvertently' lost that, too. He ‘inadvertently' made forbidden cell phone calls from the room with the classified documents, and he ‘inadvertently' took more suspicious bathroom breaks while in the Archives."

Here is a former national security advisor to a President.  If anyone knows the rules of handling classified information it is him.  I once had a Classified security clearance & apparently know more than him.  Nothing leaves that room.  Even the notes you take become classified & remain there.

Picture this - a national security advisor stuffing his pockets with notes & documents.  Wouldn't it seem more likely that he could afford a briefcase to put papers in?  The pocket stuffing alone is a good sign that all is not square with Mr. Berger's statements.  Sloppiness my foot.  Honest mistake my foot.  The Wall Street Journal reported that Berger had done similar things on at least five other occasions.  If true, this is not sloppiness, this is not an honest mistake.  This is intent.  Premeditated.  And who can seriously believe that he "accidentally" discarded some documents that he took?  And what were those documents, hmm?  What did he intend to do with them?  There had to be a sinister reason.  At Clinton's behest he was looking over documents related to a Millenium terrorist report  wriiten during the Clinton Administration.  This all deserves another "bwhahahahahaha."  The whoppers these folks tell!  He sounds more like a hamburglar.

This is reminiscent of former CIA Director under Clinton, John Deutsch.  After leaving office he took 3 CIA computers home.  They just happened to have over 10,000 pages of top secret & classified information on them.  Oops.  Good thing he's not a spy, huh?  He went on line - calling all hackers.  His punishment was to lose a security clearance.  If it was you or I it would be jail - ya think?  

The whole Clinton crowd smacks of deceits & lies, from Bill & Hillary on down.  Hillary's missing law firm logs pop up months later on a table in the White House.  Oops, how'd that get there, Bill?  A CIA Director knows better than to take classified info home & keep on a personal computer.  A national security advisor knows better than to put classified info in his pockets.

Of course, just like with Clinton, the whole Democrat spin machine is out there defending him, calling it an honest mistake & blah, blah, blah.  And, of course, that bastion of the free press, the  Democrat Party mouth-piece, the NY Times, saw fit to bury this story on the bottom of page 16.  It would be page one banners if a Republican was accused.

If Berger did what he is accused of doing, then justice demands that he be prosecuted to the hilt.  I hope politics doesn't save him from jail time.  It's long over due to send a message to these arrogant public servants.

Federal prison - new home of the Whopper.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Berger won't be going to jail. No! No! No! I'm going to cook him on my All-American gas grill. One BIG FAT JUICY BURGER. Maybe with raw onions, bacon, mushrooms, Gorgonzola or jalepenos. Some of my favorite Burger toppings.

12:28 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

Jail or your grill is fine with me, though the ground up mushed insides of dead cows might be a tad tastier.

5:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that you like the taste of ground up cow intestines and other organs. But I guess a Rebublican does like to devour all.

12:36 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

The only devouring we will do is on Election Day when we make Kerry-aki out of that horse head.

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like the Florida Republicans have lost the test results on their voting machines. How opportune. Too bad it won't help them win Florida this time.

5:54 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

Ya notice that the problem is in a Fla Democrat county, hmmm? Maybe this election they'll try to throw out more Armed Forces ballots like last time. Oops - I forgot - Dems are now in love with the military. Bwhahahahaha!

6:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:38 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

Glad they will finally come to their senses.

11:28 PM  

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