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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Coca-Cola Cans Claus

Gentlemen, start your politically correct engines. The race is about to begin. Indeed. The Coca-Cola Company has started the Christmas season with a politically correct gift to Christmas bashers. It has removed Santa Claus from all its cans & bottles. Instead, polar bears with snowflakes will be given the honor.

Coca-Cola first put the jolly red dude on their products in 1930. It has been a success since then, not only because of the image of Santa, but because the imprinted Santa products are popular for collectors items. The Coca-Cola image of him has become the universally accepted image of Santa. It had become, dare we say, tradition. But that is all over now. As far as Coca-Cola is concerned, Santa can go pound snow. They made their tidy profits from his image. But now they have fallen into the PC mode - a more inclusive cola, if you will.

This is just the start of another seasonal assault on Christmas. Be prepared. We will post these assaults as we hear of them. See our posts of Dec '04 for some of the ridiculous lengths these fools go to sanitize Santa from the country. We have let Coca-Cola know of our distaste for their decision. Contact them here.We were avid Coke drinkers. No mas. It is time for us to move away, as Coca-Cola did from Santa.


Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Well Thank You for posting that link. Coke just got a whopper of a letter from me!
I cant believe what is happening to Christmas in this Country and I am getting steaming mad at this nonsense. I knew the ACLU was going to pressure people sooner or later to do away with Santa! What about the kids?
I am going to make a big huge Merry Christmas sign for my front yard all lit up, take a picture of it, send it to my local chapter of the ACLU, and dare them to make me take it down!!!

3:13 AM  

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