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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

University of Oregon Bans Patriotism

On complaint of a university employee (pshaw, could it be a libnut prof?), the University of Oregon has banned the familiar "Support Our Troops" ribbons. Another employee had a magnetic ribbon on a university maintenance truck for months until the complaint came in. The State of Oregon prohibits political statements on university property, which is fine. However, the idiots (aka university administrators) stated that it was unclear if the ribbons were a political statement, but to make sure they were in compliance with state regulations all such ribbons would be removed & banned. If you care to express your opinion on this to the university president: mailto:pres@uoregon.edu. Thousands are e-mailing them. Swamp them in protest.

You will get an auto-response from them which says in part, "Some of you may have followed media coverage over the weekend regarding removal of a decal from a state vehicle at the University of Oregon. Decisions about whether employees may or may not put stickers or magnets on state-owned vehicles have nothing to do with the messages. The fact is state vehicles may not have any personal messages affixed to them."

I guess with their line of thinking, a "personal message" supporting the troops during World War II would be prohibited too. But they are playing games now. First they said it was unclear if the ribbon was a political statement. Since that made them look like the jackasses they are, they fall back on the generic "personal messages." But if that is their policy, then every office at the university should be devoid of "personal messages" in the form of yellow ribbons, prevent aids stickers, photos of the kids, etc. Do you think for a moment the offices of the libnut professors are without their "personal messages." The more educated these administrators are the stupider they get.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dumb and dumber. Don't equate what we were fighting for in WWII to this inane "war" in Iraq.

12:37 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

We are equating American troops of WWII with American troops now. They deserve our suport, no matter the war. You may not like the Iraq war, but ya gotta give a hand to the guys & girls over there.

9:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed. We support our men but not the current "war". This tends to get confusing sometimes - one statement tends to be confused with the other. What is neeeded is a more explicit way of showing this.

12:43 PM  

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