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Monday, January 10, 2005

Mexican Border Jumping Beings

Comic Book To Help Illegals Cross Border Printed By Mexican Government

The Mexican government has published a "Guide For the Mexican Migrant" (notice it fails to say "illegal" migrant) that tells illegal immigrants how to cross the U.S. border, and how to stay in the U.S. unobtrusively. The 32-page comic book was intended to warn Mexican illegal border crossers about the dangers involved in crossing the U.S.A. border, especially desert areas, say Mexican officials. But despite Mexican government claims that the comic book is intended for the safety of would be border crossers, it is really a transparent attempt to aid illegal immigrants in successfully crossing & remaining. Although the booklet includes statements discouraging people from crossing the border illegally, much of the publication is focused on aiding those who ignore that advice and try to enter the United States. (Complete guide, in Spanish, here)

"Can you imagine if our State Department ... put out a publication saying, 'We don't recommend stealing, but if you are going to be involved in stealing in Mexico anyway, here are some helpful hints on how to jimmy the door?", Rep. J.D. Hayworth said.

“This is not an action of a friendly neighbor. What would the Mexican government say if we encouraged our citizens to violate Mexican law? It is a great example of how hooked Mexico has become on remittances, which are dollars sent home by alien nationals working in the U.S.,” explained Tancredo, Chairman of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus. Remittances - the money Mexicans in the U.S. send back to their relatives in Mexico - are now at about $18 Billion dollars a year & account for more income to Mexico than any source other than PEMEX, the state owned Petroleum Company.

From the Guide - Tips & warnings on the dangers of crossing the border:
1. Crossing the river can be very risky, especially if you cross alone and at night..
2. Thick clothing increases your weight when wet and makes it hard to swim or float.
3. If you cross in the desert, try to travel when the heat is not so intense.
4. Salted water helps you retain body fluids. Although you get more thirsty, if you drink salted water the risk of dehydration is lessened.
5. If you get lost follow utility poles, railroad tracks or furrows.
6. If you decide to use the services of "polleros", "coyotes" or "pateros" (smugglers)to cross the border, consider the following precautions to take: Don't let him out of your sight; remember that he's the only one that knows the terrain and therefore is the one that can get you out.


Some helpful tips to avoid detection, once the person has illegally crossed the border:
1. If you drink don't drive, since if you do not have papers you can be detained and deported.
2. Do not drive without a driver's license.
3. Observe traffic signs and signals and use your seatbelt.
4. Do not drive without auto insurance nor drive an unknown vehicle.
5. Do not pick up strangers.
6. Avoid calling attention to yourself, at least while you are arranging your residence papers to live in the United States.
7. The best formula is not to alter your routine of going between work and home.
8. Avoid noisy parties because the neighbors can get upset and call the police, and you could be arrested.
9. Avoid fighting.
10. If you go to a bar or night club and a fight starts, leave immediately, since in the confusion you could be arrested even if you did not do anything wrong.
11. Avoid family or domestic violence.

Maybe it's time that Vicente Fox, President of Mexico, crack down on the rampant corruption in Mexico & focus on improving the country's economy so that its poverty-ridden citizens are not forced to risk death in border crossings in order to seek the promise of a decent life for them & their children. Maybe it's time for a guide book on Vicente's plans for doing this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mexican Government is crapo. Surprised Vicente himself has not attempted to border hop. He is a tyrant and a complete idiot and God Help the American people if Bush becomes Fox's puppet. Wait, I take that back...he is his puppet.

2:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reverend Me

Maybe it's time for out country to send its low cost manufacturing jobs to our Christian neighbor Mexico instead of the Chinese.

But wait. That would keep Mexicans from crossing the border and becoming servants and maids (slaves)to rich Republicans.

12:20 PM  

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