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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

School Strip-Searches Students

Mainland Preparatory Academy in Texas has decided that $10 is more important then the dignity of the children in its care. They have decided that $10 is worth the effort in humiliating children. They have decided that child abuse doesn't count when it comes to school administrators. (Their web site has an e-mail contact, but the principal's e-mail address is now suddenly missing)

Here's what happened: a girl reported $10 missing in study hall. The school principal, Wilma Green, who also apparently happens to be an idiot, decided to have the ten 11 & 12 yr old students strip-searched to find the missing $10. The boys went with a male teacher & the girls with a female teacher to some location & were told to remove their clothing to their underwear. They were searched for the $10. Even their socks were searched. The money was not found amongst the children.

When all this came out later, many parents were enraged. Some parents pulled their children out of the school altogether. One mother filed a complaint with the police, although the police chief said that he didn't see it as a criminal offense, but that they will investigate.

The lame-brained twit of a so-called principal had excuses for her actions. She said the school has conducted such searches in the past without notifying parents. Then she said, "I never had a complaint." Well, that might be because the parents didn't know about it - ya think? "Nobody objected to it. Most of the kids didn't mind because they wanted to get their name cleared," she said. "It was no different than what the students would be doing when they would be in P.E. We searched everything down to the socks."

The kids didn't mind? Maybe they were too scared to say anything. And this thing about it being no different than what the kids would be doing in P.E. demonstrates that this bitch is clueless. Yeah, right, forced to strip to underwear in an intimidating atmosphere & being physically searched is like P.E. class. Gee - all we ever had was dodge ball.

It is not known at present whether any of the teachers doing the search touched areas on the children they shouldn't have while looking for the precious $10. And maybe the police chief should look a little deeper into it. And maybe the parents should sue the hell out of the school district & Miss Wilma Brain-Dead Green. And maybe they should fire this clown principal who overreacts to a missing $10 & degrades children. She should be searched for a brain & stripped of her position. And the teachers who did the searching - maybe let off with just a bitch-slap. Everyone gets to learn a lesson. Gee, school is great.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not good; a further erosion of rights; but I didn't hear you saying that the kids were physically touched. But that is what has been recently happening at airport checkpoints in the name of security. Why is this OK??? Is it because it is a Republican government mandated policy?

By the way - where did your incident happen? Texas!!!! Georgie Porgie must be smiling.

12:40 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

It is unclear whether the kids were physically touched -that is for the investigation to determine. With the fanaticism of zero tolerance running rampant in school systems, I wouldn't be surprised if all 10 kids were suspended, because then at least the real thief in the group would have been punished. Of course, maybe a teacher stole the $10. I'm sure that the teachers union would have no objection to a strip search of it members.

3:54 PM  

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