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Saturday, January 15, 2005

The 4th Estate as a 5th Column

A Lt. Colonel, serving in Iraq, has an excellent post about the media & its penchant for myopic reporting of the relatively small amount of bad news in Iraq, overblowing it, & ignoring or under reporting the far more good news happening in that country.

Unlike the American news media of WWII, the current ilk of reporting puts patriotism on the back burner & instead prostitutes the notion of balanced reporting for the glory of a global, left-wing agenda in which America is invariably painted as the bad guy, the oppressor, & the bane of world harmony, while at the same time ignoring the brutality, oppression & slaughter of our more enlightened neighbors in the world community.

Mike Wallace, CBS news correspondent & pig excellant, & foreigner Peter Jennings were given a hypothetical Vietnam-era situation in which they were with an enemy patrol & saw an American patrol walking into an ambush by this enemy. They were asked, as reporters, would they warn the Americans or not interfere & just film & report the impending ambush when it happens.

The swines answered that they are, first, reporters & so would not warn the Americans & just film the event. To be fair, Jennings at first said he would try to do something, but, with Wallace's rantings, Jennings then took Wallace's position. When asked if they didn't have a higher duty, patriotic or human, to do something rather then just film, Wallace said flatly and immediately, "No, you don't have a higher duty. No. No. You're a reporter!". He forgets that he is first an American - but, then, maybe he wants to forget that, except for the American dollars he makes. We here at American Values never watch these pond scum on tv.

This is the mind-set & jaundiced reporting of the American news media.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But then again, maybe they would have done something. You never know until faced with reality. And the reality was that they weren't afraid to be in Vietnam like our chicken sh-t President was.

12:17 PM  

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