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Thursday, January 27, 2005

TASER Takedown of Tot

Miami-Dade cops respond to the call. The suspect is threatening to injure himself with a piece of glass. What to do...what to do? The cops, professionally trained to handle emergency situations like this, respond. They fire a TASER stun gun toward the suspect. The suspect is hit with a projectile & 50,000 volts of electricity surge through his body. He shakes uncontrollably & drops immediately to the ground. Crisis is ended. The day is saved. Another well-done by the police. The 6 year old suspect regained consciousness shortly after.

You heard right. The cops shot a 6 year old child with 50,000 volts. The child had broken a picture in his school class & threatened to cut his leg with a piece of the glass. And since cops & school educators can't seem to talk to a 6 year old, the child was zapped off his feet. Police defended the decision saying they were happy to talk about use of the Taser rather than talking about injuries the child could have done to himself. The boy's mother told CNN: "If there's three officers, it's nothing to tell a 6-year-old holding a glass, if you feel threatened, 'Hey, here's a piece of candy, hey, here's a toy. Let the glass go."

Within 2 weeks of this incident, another of Miami-Dades' finest came across a 12 year old girl who skipped school. The cop told her he was taking her to school, but on the walk to the police car she ran away. The cop, presumably in a dither whether to use deadly force or not, shot her with a 50,000 volt TASER. That'll teach her, the punk. The cop told CNN that she "continued running even to the point of starting to run into lanes of traffic". So say he. What a lame excuse for electrocuting a 12 year old. As a result of these two incidents, the police are reviewing their policy that prohibits TASER use against pregnant women only. What they really mean is they are getting crap from the public for zapping kids & now they are playing catch-up.

In South Carolina, another cop had to make the tough call to zap a citizen. A visitor to a nursing home refused to leave because the staff wouldn't tell her where her friend was. So they called the cops & a 35 yr old cop responded & sent 50,000 volts into the body of the 75 year old female suspect.

The zapped woman, Margaret Kembrell, told AP she thought her end had come: "I thought I was dying, I could hear myself screaming...I didn't want to hurt her and I can't believe she would hurt me." Kembrell was handcuffed, arrested and charged with trespass and resisting arrest. But the local police chief defended his officer's actions saying she had acted properly. Officer Macon says she only resorted to the Taser when the feisty old-timer tried to thump her - a charge Kembrell denies.

In Chicago a wedding came to a shocking end last month when police tasered both the pregnant bride and her father.

What is wrong with this picture? Electrocuting kids & senior citizens & pregnant women? What the hell is wrong with police department policies? What they hell is wrong with idiotic cops? Is the TASER now going to be a quick fix for everything & replace common sense in police work? The lazy-ass cops' answer to every incident? What the hell is wrong with school educators that they need to call cops to electrocute 6 year olds & handcuff 10 year olds for chewing gum in line? Are there no administrative avenues to handle school issues without making criminals of kids? Or, like the cops, do we have a bunch of lazy-ass educators who just want to shuffle an incident on to the police?

Remember the incident a few months ago of a video of cops in one town assaulting a high school, looking for drugs, & pointing loaded handguns at all the kids, forcing them to the ground & terrifying them in the process? Well, 17 families are suing the hell out of the school & the police. I hope the families win millions of dollars in the suit.

Read earlier posts on this blog about the insane lengths schools go to with their zero tolerance policies. This has to stop. Kids are being criminalized & thrown into the adult world of arrest & court for kid stuff that should be handled in-school. But the only way to stop these idiots is to hit them in the pocketbook. Sue the hell out of them & strike a blow for zero tolerance of idiots.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tasers not only stun - they often kill.



Luckily organizations such as Amnesty International and the ACLU are fighting against it's use. Why isn't our President in the forefront of this fight to ban use of the Taser. Maybe because he and other Republicans are in the forefront of providing federal money to buy the weapons. I wonder what sort of sweetheart deal they will get from the manufacturers of the Taser in the future.


12:37 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

Geesh - get a brain , pal. Or stop reading. You have this mental block about attributing every failing to Bush or the Republicans. It demonstrates a weak mind on your part, so spare yourself the further embarassment & lay off the feeble-minded attacks on Bush. Try to train your brain to remain a little more on topic, rather then venting your spleen because you're a libnut who just can't deal rationally with Bush in office.

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Duh!!! Sorry that you can't see that failings (or is it flailings)of a government with a Republican Senate, a Republican House, a Right Leaning Supreme Court and a Republican President shouldn't be attributed to the Republicans.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Duh!!! On topic? Didn't you got to the URLs I posted? Duh.

2:20 PM  

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