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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Why We Must Fight

The murdering Mullahs of Iran have just hung a 16 year old girl. This is not the first time a 16 year old has been hung. They have also condemned a 13 year old to death by stoning. Their horrible crimes? Well, the 16 year old was charged with "acts incompatible with chastity" & the 13 year old for becoming pregnant by her 15 year old brother. Stoning is an ugly, painful way to die, especially for a 13 year old. The brother was to receive 150 lashes (full story)

Words fail to describe the outrage to these incomprehensible, inhuman & barbaric acts committed by Islamic Fundamentalist pigs & scum. They are delusional, fanatical killers & torturers of the first order. If this is the true Islamic religion, then it is a gutter religion at best & a pagan cult at worse which harkens back to the best days of child sacrifice & slaughter. Although it says a lot about a religion that can even begin to allow itself to be interpreted in such a way, this is not Islam. The human debris masquerading as Mullahs & Ayatollahs have distorted it in a sickening way.

But they are in power in Iran. As such, we must deal with them. Currently, they are going full steam ahead in their goal for nuclear weapons. Like North Korea & previously Saddam's Iraq, they are intractable when it comes to complying with U.N. resolutions or world opinion. Iran with nuclear weapons, controlled by the mindset of killers of 13 year olds, is a wild card that could unhesitantly attack Israel or any country within reach. The consequences of such attacks are unfathomable. The intimidation factor alone would create a dangerous sea-change of politics in the Middle East.

Iran does not have a monopoly on these Islamic pigs disguised as humans. Witness the Taliban. If not in power in another country, they are actively seeking that power. Daily, we see the slaughter of innocent men, women & children by crazed bombers in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Indonesia, Spain, Saudi Arabia & Africa. Daily, we see the kidnappings, the beheadings, the executions & slaughter of innocent people who only want to go about their lives in peace.

Now the time is fast approaching when we will be faced with one or more radical Islamic countries armed with nuclear weapons & who will be all too willing to threaten their use or to actually use them.

John Kerry, in his infinite wisdom & incisive take on the world, has said, "The United States is pursuing a new set of nuclear weapons. It doesn't make sense. You talk about mixed messages. We're telling other people, 'You can't have nuclear weapons,' but we're pursuing a new nuclear weapon that we might even contemplate using. Not this president. I'm going to shut that program down, and we're going to make it clear to the world we're serious about containing nuclear proliferation."

Kerry puts America on a morally equivalent level with killers of 13 year olds. "It doesn't make sense...mixed messages" to other "people" (aka child killers). He view is naive to the extreme, but more so, his view is reckless & irresponsible & will lead to potentially lethal & tragic results.

The War on Terror is a continuum. As long as radical Islamic killers of 13 year olds are in power, as long as radical Islamic terrorists roam this planet, we must respond - we must fight. Their rage has nothing to do with what America may or may not have done in the world. Indeed, they rage against their own countrymen, they rage against their own Islamic brothers & sisters. Their rage has nothing to do with poverty or injustices. Their rage has everything to do with what kind of humans they are, with what kind of warped, depraved religion they adhere to.

Either we fight them here or we fight them over there. Either we fight them now or we fight them later. But fight them we must.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you. People who allow the execution of children are "human debris". And to my mind, those that allow the execution of the retarded are even worse.

I have heard that a Governor of Texas was of this ilk - scum, human debris - allowing children and mentally retarded to be executed. His name - George W. Bush. The "warped, depraved religion" he believed in - Christian Fundamentalism.

Folks, you have finally heard what Francis really believes our President is like. He will try to flip flop his way out of this. Vote Kerry.

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Capital punishment is an expression of vengeance which contradicts the justice of God on the cross."

Presbytarian Council's official position on Capital Punishment.

4:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The life of an individual is of infinite worth in the sight of Almighty God; and the taking of such a human life falls within the providence of Almighty God and not within the right of Man."

Episcopal Church's official position on Capital Punishment.

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The General Synod of the United Church of Christ has consistently spoken in opposition to the death penalty - and across the UCC, our members and congregations are actively involved in public witness to oppose any and all state-sponsored executions."

4:47 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

Congratulations! You have won the contest for the most vile, nasty, mean-spirited comment on this blog. Geesh - really, you are in serious need of a mental health check-up if you can equate Bush with the dirt bags of Iran by calling him scum & human debris & further, equate Christian Fundamentalism with a twisted & perverted Islamic belief. As much as I dislike Kerry, I have not come close to vilifying him in the outrageous way you have Bush. Your sense of what is right or wrong, your sense of proportionality, your sense of finding a way to equate despicable behavior by Mullahs with a capital punishment issue in America is so skewed that you make no sense at all. I suggest that you spend a year in Iran so that you can fulling experience the equivalency of the two societies that you seem to believe exists. Then send your comments to Iranian blogs - not here. I have no inclination to debate irrational fools like you.

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Capital Punishment is morally unacceptable and a form of cruel and unusual punishment inconsistent with religious and/or ethical traditions."

American Babtist position on Capital Punishment.

4:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course I'm mean-spirited, since I am against the execution of children and the mentally retarded. You, Francis Lynn, who obviously thinks this OK if endorsed by George Bush but not by a Muslim, are a kind, enlightened, gentle soul. Get real. These Iranian murderers are scum. Bush is scum.

Do a search. See which countries allow the execution of children. Not in Europe. Not even in America, except mainly in states which are heavily Republican. The US has executed more children since 2000 than ALL other countries (including Iran) combined.


Texas has more (29) children on death row than all other states combined. Indeed, we have a piece of crap for a President.

Vote Kerry.

7:22 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

I had considered removing the more inane of your posts. But on second thought, it would be better if readers saw the self-confirming moronic thoughts that ooze from your reality-challenged cranium. But fear not that you are alone with this condition. It is a common thread amongst libnuts - they seem to have this serious deficiency in knowing what is real & what is not. They lack critical thinking skills which causes them to rely only on histrionics & hysteria, convoluted logic & a skewed moral compass whereby they wind up, wittingly or unwittingly, defending evil & bashing good. "Human shields" for Saddam - ha! Kill the unborn, but save the condemned killer - ha!

"Love, peace, dope" - the liturgy of the libnut losers.

8:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of the world agrees me that executing children is immoral. Even most Islamic countries do not engage in this practice.

Let's see which countries do engage in this practice:

"The U.S. leads the world in executing juvenile offenders and is one in only five countries — China, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran and Pakistan — engaging in this practice. Furthermore, in the past five years the U.S. has executed 13 juvenile offenders, 8 of them in Texas alone — more than the rest of the world combined."

A barbaric practice endorsed by George W. Bush. Twist and turn that you may; George W. Bush is scum.

Vote Kerry.

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"International law prohibits the use of the death penalty for crimes committed by people younger than 18."

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, We must fight. Fight against the re-election of George W. Bush. A man who is against God, Family and the American dream. Who proves it with with the actions of the Federal Departments under the Executive Branch.

Vote Kerry. Help topple this monster called Bush.

12:41 PM  

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