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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Coming Democrat Designed Disaster

Prepare yourselves. Disaster is coming on November 2, Election Day. No - not from Osama or any number of terrorists. There will be no explosions coming from them. Rather, there will be an implosion of the electoral process perpetuated by another band of thugs - the Democratic Party, helped by new election laws, interfering judges & pro-Kerry third party groups.

Item: Provisional ballots - Federal law requires all states to provide provisional ballots. When a voter comes to their designated precinct polling place & is not on the registered list or cannot provide i.d., they are given a paper ballot to vote on. This ballot is held until after the election, then the provisional voter is compared to the voter list - if on it the vote counts. Each state is left to decide the rules on provisional ballots. Some require the validity of provisional ballots to be completed in a day, others 3 days, others a month. The system is open to fraud as anyone can walk in & complete a provisional ballot - illegal aliens, convicts, out-of-staters, someone who went to 20 precincts & completed 20 provisional ballots, whoever. Who decides validity of the ballot is another problem, i.e., a Democrat or Republican controlled district. The time limit for counting can be so restrictive that the ballots could all be counted or none counted, whether they are valid or not, just to complete the process. Then there are the political party & activist group lawyers - waiting to challenge, litigate & file injunctions on as many provisional ballots as they can, especially in a close election & especially if provisional ballots were not counted due to time constraints. It coud be an endless process. There are 50 states with 50 different rules for provisional ballots - a litigation nightmare waiting to happen. In a Los Angles County primary last year, of over 100,000 provisional ballots written, 95% were found invalid. And that is just one county. Multiply that by 139,000 precincts nationwide.

Item: Judges - The Democrat Party has been filing with courts in a number of states to allow provisional voters to vote in other than their designated polling place. An Ohio judge, contrary to Federal law, ruled in their favor. This portends an open door to further abuse & one wonders why the Democrats are doing this if they want an honest election. And Lawyers will file with courts whose judges are sympathetic or politically partisan to their claims (The Ohio judge happens to be a Democrat, but a Federal judge overturned his ruling recently). Judges will make rulings that are contrary to state or federal law on this basis. One judge can easily overturn the wishes of the voters. And that will bring appeals. And more appeals.

Item: Democrat Party - The Democrat party brags that it has 10,000 lawyers in battleground states. They have formed 'swat' teams of lawyers ready to go to any precinct in the country. The Democrat National Committee put out a manual telling its' people that even if there are no signs of voter intimidation, that they should be "pre-emptive" & file claims of voter intimidation. This is not only ludicrous & dishonest - it shows the contempt they have for the process & the extent that they will go to impede any possible Bush victory. They also claim that they will challenge the vote count even if Bush wins by a large amount. Democrat lawyers are ready to challenge everything in every precinct, especially in close elections. They are not looking to protect the interest of the voter - instead they are looking to deny Bush as many votes as possible & add to Kerry's vote total as much as possible. They will take the smallest issue & take it to court & they will contrive an issue & take it to court, as their "pre-emptive" policy above noted. Even Kerry plans to declare that he won even if indications are he didn't, & he will start naming his National Security team & maybe some Cabinet appointments - all to give credibility to his claim & keep the process in flux.

Item: Pro-Democrat voter registration groups - There are many groups out there registering people for the Democrats. Republicans have some too. However, the indications are that these pro-Democrat groups are participating in massive registration fraud. ACORN & ACT, both pro-Kerry, are the two most active in this regard. State election officials are being swamped with new registrations which are in fact bogus. In one state 35,000 letters from election officials confirming the registration of new voters were returned as "unknown". In Florida 1,500 new student registration forms were changed after being submitted to a registration group. They are paying people, including convicts, to collect new voter registration. Some of them were found to be filling out dozens of forms in different names & submitting them. A few have been convicted of election fraud. One was paid in crack cocaine. Educate yourself about what is going on. The list is too long for this post, but a sample of what is happening is here.

Item: The Democrat/Left mindset - Without reason or validity & proven otherwise, the Left still claims Bush stole the 2000 election. They are absolutely convinced & livid about this. Because of their warped belief, they are prepared to do anything to get Kerry elected - if that means voter fraud, court challenges, out-right stealing the election, then they will do it. They justify this as both payback to the Republicans & as a necessary action to save the nation from the evil-doer known as George Bush. You see, they know what's best for us - they are that arrogant. And therefore, the end justifies the means - even if that means is illegal & contrary to the voters' interests & the integrity of the electoral process. They will not be denied this time. So goes their thinking. And thus the incentive for them to commit fraud. If Bush should still happen to win & with a litigated & confused election process, it will then be a discredited victory for him. So goes their thinking.

Get ready, folks. The Democrats & the libnuts are going to make 2000 look like a picnic & drag this country down if they need to. You have been warned.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Voter registration fraud is nothing to scoff at. Let's see what the Republicans have been doing.

In Nevada
A Las Vegas television station reports a voter-registration firm has been tossing out Democrats' registrations and keeping those of Republicans.

In Oregon
Las Vegas, NV, Oct. 14 (UPI) -- Authorities in Nevada and Oregon Thursday were investigating charges voter registrations were destroyed by a consulting firm working for the Republicans.

In Pennsylvania
HOLLY MCCULLOUGH, mcculloughh@carnegielibrary.org
Holly McCullough is the special assistant to the director at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. She said today: "Sproul and Associates employees called us to request space outside our libraries to do non-partisan voter registration. In every initial conversation the firm said they were working for America Votes, which I researched and did find to be a group doing non-partisan registration. I agreed to allow the group to set up at the libraries but asked them to confirm that they would be doing no issue advocacy and that the registration [would] remain strictly non-partisan. They agreed completely with this. However, soon after the temporary workers they hired showed up at our Woods Run location I received a call from Ryan Hughes, the location manager, saying customers had complained about the behavior of the canvassers. Hughes said a customer came in the library Sept. 7 and said 'There's this person out there asking me who I was voting for.' We also had the same complaint from a customer at another location. Upon contacting Sproul and Associates they apologized and said that they were doing 'market research' at some locations but that they would make sure that it stopped. I was so concerned [about] these complaints that I did further research and found out that Sproul and Associates is absolutely not working for America Votes and is in fact a Republican-funded partisan organization. ... At that time I asked again what organization they were working for and they said 'America Votes.' I then asked them to give me the contact information for that organization. After being put on hold someone from the office came back and said to me that 'America Votes is a project of Sproul and Associates originating from this office. [pause] There is a partisan organization with that same name.'"

No wonder the Democrats are going to need a lot of lawyers. I just don't know why the Republicans are raisng 10s of millions of dollars to contest the election.

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Even George Bush's relatives think it will be a disaster to vote for him.


12:31 PM  

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