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Friday, October 15, 2004

John Fear-mongering Kerry

The past month the Democrats have been exclaiming that under Bush a Draft will be reinstituted, as early as May they claim. E-mails were sent out to thousands of college students claiming that they would soon be subject to a Draft if Bush is re-elected. John Kerry has alluded to this same thing over the course of his speeches. The idea, naturally, is to put the fear factor in draft-age voters, hoping that this will scare them into voting for Kerry.

In the third debate George Bush was asked this question about re-constituting the Draft. He unequivocally stated that there would be no Draft - zero - nada.

But this doesn't stop Kerry from mouthing off the Democrat lies. The Des Moines Register today quoted Kerry: "With George Bush, the plan for Iraq is more of the same and the great potential of a draft."

Kerry purposely leaves out the point that Democrats Charles Rangel and Fritz Hollings were the ones who put a bill into Congress to bring back the Draft. No Republican did this.

But Kerry, being the unscrupulous twit he is, who will say anything for a vote, is fear-mongering in the best traditions of a corrupt & ideas-bankrupt Democrat Party. He has no compunction in scaring college-age voters into his column.

Fear-mongering is not new with the Democrats. Scaring people is a useful tool for them. They scared people into believing Goldwater would start a nuclear war, that Reagan would have his hand on "the button", that Republicans would take away social security from the old folks, that Republicans would end aid to children & on & on & on. Every election the Democrats repeat the same lies. They can't rely on their own ideas for success so they use scare tactics. If ever a political party had kinship to the Nazis & Communists in their use of fear-mongering, it is the Democrat Party.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wrong again. It is Bush who has kinship with the Nazis, getting part of his money from Grandfather Prescott Bush's financial alliance with the Nazis.

On October 20, 1942, the US Alien Property Custodian, under the "Trading With the Enemy Act," seized the shares of the Union Banking Corporation (UBC), of which Prescott Bush was a director and shareholder. The largest shareholder was E. Roland Harriman. (Bush was also the managing partner of Brown Brothers Harriman, a leading Wall Street investment firm.)

The UBC was established to send American capital to Germany to finance the reorganization of its industry under the Nazis. Their leading German partner was the notorious Nazi industrialist Fritz Thyssen, who wrote a book admitting much of this called "I Paid Hitler."

Among the companies financed was the Silesian-American Corporation, which was also managed by Prescott Bush, and by his father-in-law George Herbert Walker, who supplied Dub-a-Ya with his name. The company was vital in supplying coal to the Nazi war industry. It too was seized as a Nazi-front on November 17, 1942. The largest company Bush's UBC helped finance was the German Steel Trust, responsible for between one-third and one-half of Nazi iron and explosives.

Prescott Bush was also a director of the Harriman Fifteen Corporation, (this one owned largely by Roland's brother, Averell Harriman), which owned about a third of the Consolidated Silesian Steel Corporation, the rest owned by Friedrich Flick, (a member of Himmler's "Circle of Friends" who donated to the S.S.).

Republican Presidential candidate Bush's great-grandfather, Bert Walker, helped organize the Harriman investment in the Hamburg-America Line of ships, of which grandfather Prescott became a director. It was seized on August 28, 1942 because it was used to give free passage to Nazi propaganda and propagandists, and had earlier shipped guns to the Nazi's private armies to assist their takeover of Germany.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just an illegal quasi-draft.

National Guard's "backdoor draft" faces challenges

By Rone Tempest
Los Angeles Times

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Two California National Guard soldiers have filed suits that contend the military's controversial "stop-loss" program to involuntarily extend enlistments is illegal when applied to National Guard soldiers, about 40,000 of whom are deployed in the U.S. occupation of Iraq.
The lawsuit is seen as the first serious court test of the so-called backdoor draft, in which thousands of National Guard and Reserve troops have been called on to meet increasing military staffing needs in Iraq.

"Ultimately, this is about fairness," said San Francisco lawyer Joshua Sondheimer, who represents both soldiers, who have not been publicly identified. "It is not fair or appropriate to put the burden of having an expanded military on the backs of those people who have already done their duty."

Both soldiers are combat veterans who signed up under the National Guard "Try One" program reserved for veterans. The program, offered nationwide, allows the recruit to bypass basic training while enjoying military education and family medical benefits for a one-year trial period.

Before the soldiers' one-year enlistment expired, however, they were called up under a stop-loss program for 18-month tours that include training and deployment in Iraq.

The military contends that this involuntary extension of troops was authorized by Executive Order 13223, issued by President Bush on Sept. 14, 2001, in reaction to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Attorneys for the soldiers, citing the report of the Sept. 11 commission that found no evidence of any "collaborative operational relationship" between Iraq and al-Qaida terrorists, say the executive order did not cover "nation-building service in Iraq."

In the absence of any declaration of war by Congress, the soldiers say the involuntary call is a violation of their enlistment contract.

"This is not a frivolous lawsuit," said Michael Noone, a military-law specialist at Catholic University of America and a former judge advocate in the Air Force. "I had assumed the government had an ironclad case, but the complaint looks valid on its face. I'm really curious how the government will respond."

The "backdoor draft" has become a part of the presidential debate, with Democratic candidate John Kerry speaking against it. The opposition is not strictly partisan. Arizona Sen. John McCain and other Republicans also have spoken against the practice.

A victory in court for the two soldiers would be bad news for National Guard recruiters. For the first time since Sept. 11, 2001, the nation's oldest Reserve fighting force has not met its recruiting goals. Seeking a force of 350,000 troops by September, Army guard recruiters fell more than 7,000 short.

Andrew Exum, a former Army captain in Iraq and author of a recent book, "This Man's Army," critical of U.S. military policy, said there is a well of discontent among soldiers caught in the stop-loss program

"Several are former soldiers of mine in Iraq right now," Exum said. "I think there is widespread dissatisfaction, especially among the soldiers who have already done one, two or even three combat deployments since 9/11 and now find themselves back in the Middle East for upward of a year."

4:40 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

Duh - this is all disingenuous to the post.

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And what of other brave Americans. Reservists.

They are being threatened to be deployed to Iraq if they do not re-enlist or extend their duties.

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm disingenuous???? You liken the Democratic party to Nazis and Communists. That is disingenuous and must be replied to.

And with the illegal back-door draft you put those brave American soldiers in double and triple jeopardy. For what? Iraq was no threat to our country. Admit it and change course Mr. Bush!

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And you Francis. Please examine the lies of the Republican Party for once. It might open your eyes to the evil that is there.

5:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what is your position on the American Soldiers that refused to deliver the fuel? Why doesn't Bush speak up about it? Perhaps it opens a can of worms that he doesn't have the resolve to tackle?

4:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More late breaking news from WeeklyWorldNews.com

Bedroom Secret Revealed:
By Aiden Louis

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld can't fall asleep unless he's clutching his G.I. Joe doll, reveals a White House insider.

"Mr. Rumsfeld has to have 'Pvt. Joey' snuggled safe in his arms at bedtime or he's up all night going crazy looking for him," says the source.

"The action figure is more than 40 years old. It's raggedy and missing a leg. Mr. Rumsfeld accidentally ripped it off when he was playing 'Watch Out For Landmines' during a Senate hearing. But it's his most beloved possession."

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More bad news for our administration:


He may be in charge of keeping the nation secure, but Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge can't prevent his own home from being broken into. Burglars have robbed his home five times in the past three weeks!

"This is very embarrassing," says a top White House official. "Someone is clearly trying to make a statement."

Even more embarrassing is that Ridge has a home security system that was the model for the nation's "color alert levels" that depict changing threat levels of terrorism.

"Whenever a kid rides by with a bicycle, Ridge's 'home alert' goes up to yellow. When rap music is played anywhere nearby, it immediately jumps to orange," says the official. Ridge used to brag that his color-coded home security system kept his house safe, so it was good enough for the nation," says the White House insider.

"So this is very disturbing. It indicates the country might not be that protected, after all."

Ridge's home was robbed of a sofa, TV entertainment center, a dinette set, and the top secret security plan to keep the U.S. safe in the event of a terrorist attack.

The first four times he was burgled, Ridge declared he wouldn't be intimidated by the thieves. But after the last time, he decided to bunk with Dick Cheney in his undisclosed location.

Published on: 10/20/2004

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But Bush is crafty. He has averted war with China over our Taiwan policies. Read about it here.

... by buying world's entire supply of chopsticks!
President Bush has headed off an impending war with China and has brought the once-mighty communist superpower to its knees -- by buying the world's entire supply of chopsticks!

Cornering the market on chopsticks ensures that the Chinese will be unable to fight a major war against the U.S. by depriving them of their traditional way to eat, according to White House sources.

"China may have the world's largest standing army, but without food their troops wouldn't have the strength to march or fight," explains a senior administration official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

"There's an old principle in war -- an army travels on its belly. The Chinese know that's true and that we have them by the short hairs.

"You have to get up pretty early in the morning to get the better of those crafty Chinese leaders, but President Bush did it."

"What Bush did was quietly order the purchase of more than 40 billion chopsticks -- emptying warehouses around the world and snatching up the industry's entire global inventory," says the official.

"Keeping the location of the chopstick stockpile secret is a vital national-security concern," the White House official says. "We want to keep them safe from a possible raid by desperate Chinese agents."

4:44 PM  

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