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Monday, May 01, 2006

A Day Without Immigrants - Illegals En Mass In Protest For Rights

Today was the Great American Boycott, the "Day Without Immigrants" as it's organizers whimsically called it - illegal alien workers not showing up for their jobs, not buying American products , their children not going to school. They wanted to show Americans that we can't live without them - Na-na-na-na-na. So there. We'll show those Gringos.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens & their advocates staged protests across the country to demand their "rights". We can only assume that by "rights" they mean blanket amnesty, which translates into immediate, unqualified legal status or American citizenship for all 11 - 20 million illegals in this country.

They carried mostly American flags this time, because the last series of protests didn't go over too well with Americans when these illegals marched with mostly Mexican flags with an in-your-face attitude. They suddenly love America & its flag. Don't bet on it. They also carried signs: "stop the discrimination", "end racism", "we demand human rights", "we want our rights", blah, blah, blah.

Okay - let's try to sort this out. Rights? What rights? These illegals have zero, zip, nada rights, in the sense that American citizens & legal immigrants have. These illegals broke US law by illegally crossing the border or overstaying their visas. By current law they are subject to fines, imprisonment & deportation. It is unlawful for businesses to hire them.
Many illegals use false i.d.'s such as driver licenses, social security cards, green cards, identity theft, you name it. And they often use them to get benefits fraudulently. So now they compound their initial crime with more criminal activity. Hmmm - the more crimes they commit, the more "rights" they demand. Absurdville at its best.

How's this for their "rights" - THE ONLY RIGHTS THEY DESERVE ARE MIRANDA WARNING RIGHTS, like in the right to remain silent, the right to a lawyer.

Seriously folks, this is not a "rights" issue, although illegal alien advocates try to paint the issue with the broad stroke of the civil rights movement of the '60's & of Martin Luther King, or liken themselves to slaves or indentured servants who have been terribly abused & denied "human rights" as their placards pronounce. Having broken US law, they now seem to think they are entitled to non-existent rights that they have been manifestly & unfairly denied. Wrongo - like the squatter who breaks into your house, remains in the basement for a period of time & then demands the "right" to become a family member. The protesters also are fond of using the "racism" word because Americans have the gall to want control of the borders. But the racism card is just that - a means of intimidation. If anything, those protesters who chant La Raza (The Race) as a rallying cry are more inclined to toward racism.

Let us not forget that they demand immediate amnesty & permanent residency status while those who play by the rules spend years & lawyers fees trying to get it. They don't care about those folks. These protesters got into the country illegally & now want a free & immediate pass.

In 1986 the USA gave 3 million illegals legal status. Horrible mistake. It only encouraged others to follow over the border hoping for the same thing. So now we give these 11-20 million legal status & what do you thinks happens next? A new wave of illegals come into the country looking for their shot at amnesty. Amnesty is unworkable. There will never be an end to it. If they want legal status in this country, let them go back to their country & apply for legal entry like so many millions of others have done.

They can boycott & protest till the cows come home, but they will not get the "rights" they demand. We wonder if they have boycotted the free health care & other free social services they have been milking at taxpayer expense. We think not.


Blogger Tom said...


Buried in the politics, rhetoric, and outright lies is the truth that these people came here illegally, have or had no intention of becoming citizens, and will take whatever jobs or benefits they can get their hands on.

Outside of treating them like the human beings they are, they have no legal rights in this country.

8:16 AM  

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