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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

South Dakota Bans Abortions

The Governor of South Dakota signed into law a bill banning almost all abortions - the exception being to save a women's life. Rape, incest, etc would not qualify for abortion procedures. The bill passed both houses of the South Dakota Legislature by a wide majority. The law takes effect in July. Doctors could get up to 5 years in prison for performing abortions.

Planned Parenthood & other abortion rights advocacy groups are having apoplexy & it is expected that an initiative will be placed on the ballot for Election Day to have voters rescind the new law. Meanwhile, it is expected that some judge somewhere will put a hold on the law. This will entail taking it to the Supreme Court.

What's surprising about the new law is that it is an in-your-face challenge to the Supreme Court ruling of 33 years ago - Roe vs Wade. Unlike other states which parsed their abortion laws to allow exceptions such as rape & incest, etc., the South Dakota law is not playing cute & trying to get around the Roe vs Wade ruling.

We have mixed feelings about the South Dakota law. We think abortions should be restricted - to a point. Though we agree that abortions for convenience sake should be banned, those women who are subjects of rape or incest are already victims & to further their anguish by compelling them to carry to term is wrong.

After the initial crime of rape or incest, if a woman is further devastated by a forced pregnancy, then where is the justice in that? We are not absolutists when it comes to abortion. And we understand the argument about a fetus being an innocent victim also. When there are two victims whose interests are diametrically opposite, the wisdom of Solomon may not even be sufficient.


Blogger whoiam said...

There is much wisdom to be had.It is just being ignored because of the selfish nature of mankind.If only the inconvience of the mother is considered then,yes the child and the mother are opposed.God knows what happens to the heart and soul of those who would kill their own children.He has given that same information to many human beings down through the ages.If one believes that God created him then ,he must also believe that his children were created.If you believe that you have the right to kill your innocent child then,you must also believe that other people have the right to kill you, simply because you inconvience them,This is pure simple logic,mathematical truth.Children are not created upon gulping the first breath of air.If you wish to believe there is no God and therefore , you just happened ,then your own thinking is your guide.Your thinking will change according to your desires and your thinking will change your desires.This is the nature of a man without God.This is not to say that we should not care and do nothing to help a poor woman who is at the emotional point of killing her own child.There are so very many ways we are not supporting pregnant women,children and families in this country.Delbert W. Allegood

11:20 PM  
Anonymous Reverend K said...

If you believe that life starts at conception then there are no circumstances that abortions can be performed. To say that there are exceptions that allow the taking of a life in times of mental anguish is a dangerous path to follow.

11:56 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

I disagree with you on this one Francis. I don't believe there is ever an excuse to kill babies, except of the physical life of the mother is at stake.

However, former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop says with modern technology and modern medicine, there is almost never a time when a mother's life could be saved by killing her baby.

As far as cases of rape and incest...Those cases are extremely rare, since the act of rape is so traumatic that women are usually incapable of getting pregnant. And inceast is still relatively rare. Rarer still are pregancies resulting from incest.

That said, I don't understand the logic behind such an argument. If a woman is raped, why punish the baby? The baby is the only truly innocent being involved. Babies never deserve to die. Ever.

10:57 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

We only disagree on the issue of rape/incest, if I understand you , Mark. Not all rape/incest victims who get pregnant will have abortions. Those who do opt for abortion are relatively small in number. Remember - rape/incest victims are just that - victims, too. If a women is so devastated by the sex crime & would be further devastated by a forced pregnacy, then what good is there in destroying one life to save another? I said, it's a tough call, who to sacrifice. But I'm comfortable with my position on this one.

11:13 PM  

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