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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Atomic Allahs & Mushroom Muslims

So Iran announced that it has enriched uranium - a crucial first step toward making nuclear weapons. They claim their nuclear ambitions are for the peaceful use of its energy. In a faux pas, they meant to say pieceful, as in pieceful of Jews, Tel Aviv, etc., after they drop a nuclear weapon on Israel.

The Iran "President", Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (notice the word 'mad' in his name) is, well...mad, as in a hatter. He is also a rabid Islamofascist. We can not allow his finger on an Islamic nuclear weapon.

Iran is determined to go on with development of a nuclear bomb. We seriously doubt that it will be persuaded to give up its program by the U.N. So we have one of two choices - we either sit & watch them develop a bomb or we attack their facilities, with or without U.N. blessings.

We believe the potential use of a nuclear weapon or just the intimidation factor of such a weapon in the hands of crazies is too dangerous to Israel, the Mid-East & future stability of the area. We are also concerned that Iran will pass on such a weapon to other terrorists to attack the Great Satan.

There is no option - Iran must be attacked for the future security of the United States & Israel. We believe it will happen if Iran does not stop its program & it will happen after the lengthy diplomatic games are exhausted. We can hear the moral equivalists, the misleading media & the libnuts screaming now.


Blogger Tom said...

If Israel feels threatened enough, they will take care of the problem way faster than the political nuts in Washington & the Useless Nations. We've got too many problems (political) for the government to be pro-active enough to take care of Iran.

I did see the other day that the UN did pass a resolution for Iran to cease & desist from its nuclear program, but I have it on good authority that Iran is ignoring that resolution.

So what will happen? The UN will come crying to Uncle Sam to take care of the "problem." By then, it will be too late.

9:49 AM  

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