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Monday, March 06, 2006

Court: Military Recruiters On Campus Ok

The Supreme Court in a unanamous decision has ruled that colleges & universities cannot bar military recruiters from campuses. Some educational institutions had banned recruiters because of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays, claiming it was discriminatory. The court said that any institutions that banned recruiters were in violation of Federal law & were at risk of losing Federal funding. College funding by the government totals over $35 billion a year.

We applaud the court's decision. Colleges & universities are quick to ban the U.S. military from its campuses - witness the brouhaha of years past over ROTC on campuses. Considering that many educational institutions are flowing over the brim with liberal & outright radical professors, it should come as no surprise. They would sooner have a radical subversive as a speaker than a Marine officer. Yale University recently enrolled a former Taliban spokesman as a student, incredible as it may seem - & was glad to have him.

However, when it comes to taking taxpayer-funded dollars, colleges & universities seem to sell out their principles. Maybe they aren't so radical afterall. When it comes to the all-mighty dollar they tend to become Capitalists instead, though their Marxist professors still rant in their classrooms against Capitalism.


Blogger Mark said...

2 more things you could mention about that Taliban student: 1. He has only a 4th grade education. And he got into Yale.

2. Yale went out and recruited him. Why do you suppose they wanted him so badly?

11:53 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

I didn't know about the 4th grade education - thanks. That makes it even more obscene. But Yale couldn't have got him in if the stupid government didn't give him a visa - that is perplexing.

12:03 AM  
Anonymous Reverend K said...

My father had something like a fourth grade education - I consider him to be extremely intelligent. So a foreigner with a fourth grade education made it into Yale - just goes to show you the state of the American school system.

But maybe Yale does recruit some subversives - George Bush went to college there.

By the way - John Nash developed his Nobel winning economic theorem while at Ivy League Princeton. The science of economics developed at these great institutions is neither communistic nor capatislistic - it is science.

12:32 AM  

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