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Friday, July 01, 2005

Maxine Waters (D. Ca): Loud Mouth Pig & Ugly as Sin

Ultra-leftist Maxine Waters spoke at a Rainbow Push Convention (Jesse Jackson's sugar daddy) & called Bush a liar & Dick Cheney a "thief" for stealing for Halliburton. Naturally, the crowd, which are all members of intellectually-challenged DUMBSA, gave her a standing ovation.

First, we have to admire her for being one of the ugliest homo sapiens on this planet. It looks like someone took an axe to "Max". If she's ever in need of a good scare it only takes a trip to the mirror. Despite the handicap of being pitifully & brutally ugly, she managed to rise to the top, like effluvia in a commode, thanks in great part to her equally intelligent constituents.

Her slurs against Bush & Cheney come as no surprise & are understandable since she is lacking in the brain department. Her rants are compensation for lack of smarts. But as is amply demonstrated on record with the Democrats, most of them seem to suffer from her affliction. Dem leader Harry Reid calls Bush a "loser" - this from their leadership. They liken Bush to Hitler, call him dumb & continually trash him. Let's not forget the on-going slanders from Howard "The Scream" Dean - another Dem leader. Since they are bankrupt of any ideas to put forward for the country they resort to name-calling for the whole world to hear.

Democrats have reduced themselves to shrill, hysterical little-minded people. They lack giving the respect due to a sitting President, whatever their differences with him & they lack the aplomb you would expect from a Representative or Senator. They think the meaning of the word "dignified" is "ground that has been shovled." This is why they will be marginalized in every election. They should put their campaign money in their mouth & stifle it. The rest of the world gets CNN too & hears the trash-talking Dems. They are not serving this country well by denigrating the President.

Maxine Waters is known for outrageous statements, but not known for having any brains. If someone has a document that can prove she is more than a half-wit, please forward it to Dan Rather.


Blogger Mark said...

I seem to remember that the Clinton administration awarded a string of defense contracts to Halliburton also. Was that stealing too?
But Lynn, It is the Liberals tactic to insult and call those who disagree with them names, not us conservatives. I prefer to take the high road and try to explain how they are wrong with respect and patience, and suffer them to call me names. Somehow, it makes them look like asses, and I appear to be honorable for my refusal to lower myself to their level.

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hoo hoo. You just saved me a bunch of reading, boy.

"First, we have to admire her for being one of the ugliest homo sapiens on this planet. It looks like someone took an axe to "Max". If she's ever in need of a good scare it only takes a trip to the mirror."

Now, why should I, or anybody else, give you room to spout off? I mean, this is your place. Go on ahead. But you done shit your own drawers. Maybe you're drinking and blogging. If so, hang up one or the other. 'Cause this ain't fifth grade, and just like Dick Durbin, you have so soiled your own voice as to make it a joke.


10:35 PM  
Anonymous RK said...

The biggest slurs are those you have used.

And go back in history to the beginnings of the USA - no respect was given to a sitting President then. What is said now is mild. Perhaps that is why our country has survived all these years and why it is going downhill now.

6:37 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

Ah - you took the bait & fell into the trap: It's ok to trash the Prez, but not ok for me to trash Maxine. Hmmm. And RK, are you saying the country is going down hill cuz we are not trashing the Prez enough?!

9:16 PM  

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