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Monday, June 06, 2005

The Koran Controversy in Perspective

We are tiring of all the b.s. that is coming about from the America-haters & bashers who think that an isolated incident or two of "mishandling" a Koran by our U.S. military is equivalent to our nuking the United Nations (or preferably France).

To hear tell it from the America-can-never-do-right crowd, the Koran is the holiest artifact on the planet Earth. More than the Ark of the Covenant, more than the original cross Christ died on, more than any other relic from any other religion & it is not only to be respected by the infidels, but venerated by them.

Give us a break! It is a book. Millions of them have been printed. Just like the Christian Bible. And for those who do not follow the religion of that book, it is only a stinking book. Respect in handling a religious book is a given, but when the clowns of the world bring a minor issue into the realm of odious, horrible behavior by the U.S. military, it is time to step back & gulp some fresh air for the brain.

The U.S. military is almost literally handling the Koran with kid gloves when it comes to the issue of the Guantanimo prisoners. There is an explicit policy on how to handle the Koran by U.S. military guards, including wearing latex gloves. The policy is so micro-managed as to be unbelievable.

We defy any one to find any other country that has such a strict standard on handling the Koran with prisoners or showing the hyper-sensitivity we do to those who were trying to kill us. Do you think Saudi Arabia has a like policy with the Bible? Do you think Muslim Iran has the sensitivities to placate its Muslim prisoners by handling the Koran as the U.S. military does? Hell, their prisoners are lucky to even be given one.

It is only the United States that is being held to impossibly ridiculous standards & when a mistake is made, then the effluvia hits the proverbial fan & the world screams. And the American news media is a willing tool by joining in on the feeding-fest of professed "outrage."

There is no outrage over Muslim prisoners defiling the Koran, as has been done. There is no outrage that these same Muslims who re-read the Koran a thousand times & supplicate themselves on their prayer rugs 5 times a day, every day, are the same Muslims who put bombs in dolls, who use car bombs to kill dozens of innocent men, women & children. There is no outrage that these Koran-loving worshipers are the same ones who behead innocents, put bullets to the head of those who disagree with them, who declared war against America & took arms against this country.

There is not a freer, more human-rights concerned country in the world than the United States. The blood of our citizens & the cost to our treasury will attest to that. But to be vilified by lesser citizens of this world, to be made monstrous by the very monsters of the world is the height of irony.

One only has to take another look at the videos of that horrid day of Sept 11, 2001. Spend an hour or two re-watching the planes hitting the towers or the Pentagon, re-feel the horror of the towers collapsing or the people burning & jumping, re-kindle the outrage & anger felt on this attack on America. One only has to remember the gleeful shouts of "Allah Akbar" as the highjackers aimed the planes toward their targets, more than likely incinerating the Korans they were carrying. Re-live it all.

Then tell us whether you really care if a Koran was placed on the ground by a soldier or handled without gloves. For Americans with the feelings of 911 still in their hearts, the Koran "abuse" stories are a non-issue. For Americans who still look toward New York & see the absence of the Twin Towers, the critics both national & foreign can go to hell.


Anonymous Reverend K said...

"To be vilified by the LESSER Citizens of this world."

I think this statement of yours embodies the the mistaken views and policies of yourself and other Repubicans.


10:02 AM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

Let God judge those in His Domain & leave us here on Earth to judge those of us in our domain. Therefore, "lesser" is eminently apropos. To think no one is beyond redemption is foolish thinking, with the likes of Hitler, Stalin, & Pol Pot in our history. The day we see Satan sitting again alongside God is the day we will agree with your sentiment.

1:51 PM  

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