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Monday, June 27, 2005

Ronald Reagan - Greatest American

The results are in & the winner is - ta-da: Ronald Reagan.

The Discovery Channel concluded its "Greatest American" program & with millions of votes in, Ronald Wilson Reagan was the winner, edging out Abraham Lincoln, who came in a close second.

Arguably, there are others who could have or should have won. We, ourselves, though a die-hard Reagan fan, would more likely select Lincoln or Washington, though Reagan would certainly be in the top five. However, we are more than pleased that Reagan won if for no other reason than to drive the Libs-Lefties nutz.

It is summed up best by the reaction of some on the AOL "Greatest American" message board: "Reagan?...You must be kidding!!!"

Of course, we half expect the lib nuts to scream that Reagan stole the vote because there was voter fraud in Florida & Ohio. They will demand a recount, which will prove that Al Gore beat Reagan. They can't have a war-for-jelly beans President beat out good ol' Al.

We love it. It wasn't enough for Reagan to cause apoplexy amongst the loonie left crowd when he was President. Now he reaches out from beyond the grave to touch them again & remind these frazzled, fizzled fools that he is here to stay in American history & in the hearts of millions. Reagan is the lib's Freddie. Pleasant dreams liberals.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

FDR by far.

6:39 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Personally, I voted for Washington, after Billy Graham was eliminated, based on nothing more than his famous farewell speech. I think all 5 finalists were great choices and the case can be nade that all of them could be the greatest American. I am pleased.

11:26 PM  

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