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Monday, June 13, 2005

See No Good, Hear No Good, Speak No Good: What The Mainstream Media Doesn't Report About Iraq

The American mainstream news media loves to talk up Iraq in terms of car bombings, suicide bombings, Coalition deaths, Koran abuse, Abu Gharib & Guantanamo "torture" & Allah knows what else they lick their chops over & salivate about. If it's bad news, if it's a chance to bad mouth Bush or a chance to further depress American morale while inciting Arab hatred, you can bet your last Dinar that they will report it. Good news coming out of Iraq is anathema to them.

They are not the unbiased, faithfully-reported news media they claim to be. They have an agenda & it includes not reporting the good news coming out of Iraq. By listening to or reading only them, you would think Iraq is a hell-hole of bombings & killings all across the country & that there is only death & destruction. Their focus on the bad, while willfully not reporting the good, is not only professionally unethical & a disservice to the American public, but it is also intellectually dishonest.

They are not the mainstream news media anymore. Rather, they have become the managed news media. They report only what they want you to know - because it fits into their agenda of being anti-Bush. Some are Globalists first, rather than Americans, as a few have admitted.

To get a better perspective of the good things happening in Iraq, go here to Chrenkoff & read his "Good news from Iraq" post. He is a world popular blogger with indefatigable research on the good news in Iraq. It is an extremely long post with dozens of links. But if you want a clearer picture of what is happening in Iraq, what the managed news media is not telling you, then it is well worth the reading. Don't just rely on a media which filters the news to you.


Blogger Mark said...

you are exactly right. I have a mess to clean up here before i go back to work or i would put some thought into this comment. Suffice it to say, I like what you say, and i like your blog. I am adding it to my list of favorite places, because i want to revisit several times and that way i don't lose the address.

2:43 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Go to my blog and read for yourself what I have to say about the latest misinformation about Gitmo. I compare our treatment of their prisoners to their treatment of ours.

3:00 PM  

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