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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Amnasty International

Amnesty International(AI) recently released its annual human rights report & unsurprisingly its harshest criticism was directed at the United States & its handling of the Guantanamo Bay prisoners. The organization called Guantanamo Bay "the gulag of our times, entrenching the practice of arbitrary and indefinite detention in violation of international law."

AI is a very naive organization or they have a leftist agenda against the U.S. You guess which. To compare Guantanamo Bay with the Gulags of the Soviet Union is resprehensible at best. AI seems to think that slave labor & starvation, summary executions, beatings, torture & meager living conditions of millions at the Soviet gulags, as an official government policy of Lenin & Stalin, is equatible with Guantanamo Bay. President Bush rightly answered that the charges were "absurd."

When it comes to America, there is no sense of proportionality on the part of organizations with anti-American agendas to push. We don't recall Amnesty International calling N. Korean prisons gulags, nor Iranian, nor Chinese, nor any number of countries with atrocious prison systems & human rights abuses.

Amnesty International, along with the usual suspects, demands perfection on the part of the USA in war, prisons, whatever. Knowing that perfection is unattainable, they are chomping at the bit, waiting for the mistake, the faux pas. They are not so stingent with other countries. Countries with real human rights abuses they can tolerate, but America they truly hate. It is a rigged game with these clowns at AI.


Anonymous Reverend K said...

Amnesy International is great organization. They do not focus unjustly on America while ignoring other countries as you have misinformed us in your post. They cover the countries of Europe, of Asia, of Africa, of the Americas - of all of the world.


10:13 AM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

We read their world report. Amnesty International is a deteriorating organization if it can equate American treatment of prisoners with the likes of the savage regimes listed in that report. I wonder if the American Director of AI has an axe to grind with the Bush Adminisration - after all, he was a heavy Clinton contributor.

1:40 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

I have a couple of posts in my own blog concerning the treatment of prisoners at Gitmo. feel free to read my perception.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is fasinating to see that the highest court of our country has recently ordered the public airing of prisoner abuse at GITMO. We are talking photographs of great detail. You also post the sex offender registration web site. I ask what have you studied about our founding fathers concerning the abridgement of even the least of our citizens rights??? "Though you abridge the rights of even these the least of our brothern you abridge the rights of all."??? Franklin??

Seems to me that the person we need to be concerned with is our current president. Earl

4:21 PM  

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