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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Toying With Hostages

An Islamist web site has a photo of this American soldier, John Adams, being held hostage by Iraqi insurgents. The problem is that the U.S. military reports no missing soldiers. Further, a manufacturer of action figures has stated that the "soldier" looks remarkably like one of their products & the gun to its head is not the typical AK-47 that insurgents use. In fact, it is probably the M-16 that comes with the action figure.

Are the terrorists that desperate that they have to stoop to kidnapping action figures now? This puts the terrorists into the running for Comedy Central programming. What a pathetic lot they are. Full story here.

UPDATE: Breaking news - Fox News has just reported that another great American has been taken hostage by the terrorists. Al-Qada is truly to be feared now. Ohh, the humanity!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Bush thinks that Spongebob Squarepants and Winky the Teletubbie are gay. Oh, the subversive gay community. Save us Mr. Bush. Pathetic bastard.

4:30 PM  

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