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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Coming: Forced Mental Health Tests - This is Crazy

A thing called the "New Freedom Commission on Mental Health", a Presidential Commission, has laid out some recommendations for mandatory (forced) mental health screenings in all schools for pre-k to grade 12 students & to include adult employees, which may be expanded to include all Americans. As part of the screening, follow-up treatment with drugs will be used for those found to be "in need" of it. Initial funding for the grants to begin implementing the program is in front of Congress now.

This "idea" smacks of Nazism or better yet Communism, whereby the State will decide who is "fit" & who isn't, according to their standards. What next then? Medication for those who do not tow the Government line? The Soviet Union's pyschiatric hospitals were full of such "misfits". Such a plan will also profit the Drug Industry enormously, which will naturally be pushing to have as many kids on medicated drugs as possible to boost their profits on Ritalin & other very expensive drugs. Too many kids are medicated already - the panacea for parents & mental health workers.

The costs to run such a bureaucracy will be enormous, the potential for abuse is built in. Where does the government get off forcing children & adults to be screened & medicated? This is truly frightening & our liberties are at stake with such an asinine program.

If it looks like such a mandatory plan will go into effect, then it will be time for all parents to fight against it. Big Brother is too big already, but now it wants your children medicated under the guise of correcting behavior disorders. Read more here & here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you finally see that our human rights and freedoms are being infringed upon by the Bush Regime and the Republican Party. I'm also pleasantly surprised by your use of the word "Fascist" to describe this policy. I guess you might be a closet libnut after all. It is this sort of violation of human rights that we are proud to defend.

4:40 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

I didn't use the word "fascist". I said Nazism. Whatever. Amazingly, I'm equally capable of complaining about Repubs as I am with Dems, such as the Repub guest worker plan for illegals. However, Repubs are more right (excuse the pun) with issues then Dems ever will be.

11:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your just not looking at enough of the policies going out of Federal agencies. And not looking closely enough at the bills passed by Congress.

By the way, Nazism was just a brand of Fascism. An extreme brand characterized not just by nationalism but by engaging in genocide. What ethnic or religious group did you have in mind that the Republicans are trying to eliminate from the face of the earth? Could it be Muslims?

12:37 PM  

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