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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Arafat Dies.....Again & Finally

Well, if you believe the news reports, Arafat has finally gone to that terrorist enclave in Hell. This time we suggest putting a large dead pig over his grave to make sure he can't sit up & reach out for his good old trusty AK-47 or his hidden Swiss bank accounts.

Make no mistake - Arafat was a terrorist. The Palestinian people, through their failing or for want of a real peace-making leader, crowned him as their leader & raised him up to icon status. Which is ironic, because Arafat was no friend to his people. The untold millions of dollars he received from Arab countries & other sources was spent buying arms, paying off opposition groups & others, & putting much of it into his personal bank accounts. His wife lives in Paris with a $1.3 million a year allowance.

Meanwhile, the Palestinians live in poverty & squalor. No health care programs for them, no unemployment relief for them, no decent housing for them. Ask Arafat why the money was not better spent for them.

Though a terrorist, Arafat became a "world leader', "a statesman". Yet as successful a terrorist as he was, he was a dismal failure as a leader when Israel offered him 95% of what he demanded. Rather then take Israel's offer, which would have given the Palestinians their first real hope for statehood & a better life, he turned it down. It was all or nothing for him. And so the Palestinians are the worse for it. He failed them. Or betrayed them. A free Palestine without an Arafat to control may have been too much for him to accept.

And so now the wailing, the chanting, the marches & quite probably the riots & bombings will all begin. Out of it will hopefully come some Palestinian leaders who will open up real dialogue with Israel & stop the homicide bombings from the likes of Hamas. Hopefully they will search for peace rather than search for Arafat's bank accounts. Meanwhile, Yassir, I hope the 76 virgins you find in Hell are all gay.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Riteous One.

Now ya no day ainnt no virgens in hell. all a dem arabs livin so poor caus day no beleve in Jesus our Lord.

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Riteous One

Hey yall. Im me n mi wife gonna go dawn ta maimi an visit girten. his adsress is inda fone book. wen ya goin ta be hoome goirten. ma wifes a good kook n sheel kook ya a good meel. im a good hunter. wat can i shoot fa ya dinna doon dar girten. iis like deer maaself. ya mus got some good poyntas down by ya girten.

Bless yall

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the many great Nobel Peace Prize Winners. George Bush your name will never be on this list! And will never deserve to be!


5:36 PM  
Blogger NewsListing said...

This is a great post!
This is a great site!
God bless you!
Keep up the good work.
Don't let these weak, scared and sophomoric moronic
anonymous commenter's bother you.

12:11 AM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

CC: Thanks for the compliment. The disturbed Anons make me laugh - their skewed thoughts provided entertainment.

12:38 AM  

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