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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Thoughts on the Election

The following musings are not a complete analysis, just some thoughts in no particular order:

Item - Terrorists - Terrorists were the big losers in this election, the American people the big winners. Osama bin Laden's last minute infomercial was a dud. There was not one incident of terror on election day in the USA. For a country this large & open & for a foe so unrelenting & widespread, election day would have been perfect for a terrorist act. We may have been more successful against these pigs than we know.

Item - Exit Polls - The collective exit polls were so egregiously off the mark that either it was due to gross incompetence or something more sinister. Every exit poll had Kerry leading in states that he had no business leading. These polls led voters to assume Kerry would win in a landslide. They also could intentionally or not sway voters. Exit poll groups need to be investigated by Congress.

Item - Standard Polls - Every other day polls would show a dramatic shift in voter inclinations. And most polls were at odds with competing polls. Americans are not so fickle that their sympathies shift that quickly that dramatically. The only real poll is the one at the voting booth. Everyone needs to be reminded that polls are not edicts from heaven.

Item - The News Media - There they go again. The major news channels showed a bias toward Kerry when projecting winning states. New Jersey was declared Kerry's by 4% vote & 70% precincts reporting. Yet Arkansas was claimed too close to call with Bush leading by near doubles digits. Ohio, which if declared for Bush, would have given him 269 electoral votes, 1 shy of winning. Yet, although Bush was clearly leading by 140,000 votes, CNN, CBS & others withheld giving it to Bush until Kerry conceded. The argument that, well, provisional ballots had not yet been counted holds no water, because provisional ballots were pending in other states with minuscule leads by Kerry yet they were quickly called for Kerry. When it was obvious Bush would take Ohio, still CNN & others refused to call states like Nevada for Bush - which would put him over the top - even though 99% of precincts were in & Bush was up 3%. It is obvious to some of us what the media was trying to do. And let's not for RatherGate - the slick attempt by CBS to discredit Bush or the New York Times distorted last minute explosives story.

Item - SwiftBoat Veterans - In response to Kerry's use of his Vietnam experience in the campaign, the SwiftBoats came out & did heavy damage to Kerry, whether you believe the Swiftees or not. Had it not been for them, this election might have been closer or Kerry's to win. Kerry's failure to take them seriously or answer their charges allowed the issue to remain in the news for a long time, overshadowing other issues Kerry would have preferred in the news. Mission accomplished, sailors.

Item - Voter Fraud & Irregularities - Amazingly, these became non-issues. I expected some planned, small chaos in the battleground states. Beside a few problems, this never came to be. It was a relatively quiet, well organized voting process.

Item - Litigation of Votes - Again, I expected a flood of litigation by Dem & Repub lawyers fighting tooth & nail in every battleground precinct. This did not happen. There were some issues brought before some courts, but far from the alarming numbers I expected.

Item - The Democratic Party - The Dems must rethink their purpose in life, their raison d'etre.
They have lost more in the Senate, more in the House, more govenorships. They are rapidly becoming a minority party. Their blue states fringe the west coast, the northeast & part of the Great Lakes states. The vast fly-over country is becoming more & more red. The South, once solidly Dem, is long gone. Even within their blue states they have won by narrow or narrower margins then previously. A map of the USA broken down by counties shows precious few blue. I think the Dems have drifted too far to the left on social issues & eagerly embraced the likes of Michael Moore & the Hollywood crowd - Kerry claiming they are "the real American values." Fiscally, they still have a penchant for big government & its big spending, thinking the American taxpayer is a bottomless source for their programs. But that's for them to figure out.

Item - the Republicans - Juxtaposed to the above scenario of blue state/red state, the Republicans will remain the leading party for a long time unless they lose sight of their base & their values or until the Dems become competitive with that base. The Republicans must not fall into the trap of becoming big spenders & in enlarging government. I've seen signs of this in the Bush Administration & the Republican Congress & hope it is not a trend. Because then they become competitors with the Dems for feely-good promises that will only burden the taxpayer more.

Item - John Kerry - It is very tempting to gloat & very tempting to do some payback bashing, especially since he was constantly & unfairly bashing Bush during the campaign - calling Bush a liar, or that he misled, or that he is incompetent, or that he is a failure or that he was AWOL. To Bush's credit he did not return the compliments. That said, Kerry lost because of, well, Kerry. He never displayed convictions on issues. Nothing was definite - there was always a "but" or a qualification or a nuanced stance or an outright contradiction to what he earlier stated ( the famous flip-flops). He always tried to come across as a "good old boy" when in fact by temperament & upbringing he could never be one. He came across as phony or pandering. He talked of his deer hunting days to hunters & was totally off the mark on how one hunts deer. One of his constituents received a letter from Kerry saying he was for the Iraq war & then this same constituent received another Kerry letter saying he was against it. This is Kerry. And this is why he lost. If he had stood up & been resolute in his beliefs he would have been more understood, more respected & maybe elected. Kerry won his own Massachusetts by less than Al Gore did. This says something. I thought Kerry unfit for President if for no other reason then his vitriolic, patently unfair bashing of the Vietnam soldiers. I think there was more to Kerry's efforts than has been publicly released. That was then. But now with us in Iraq, whether it warrants being there or not, he has certainly undermined our efforts there(along with the Democrat leadership & media). And I have a hard time forgiving him for that. I thought Kerry was going to pull an Al Gore & fight this to the bitter end. But I guess reality hit him & he realized that 140,000 vote gap in Ohio was just too much.

I do give Kerry much credit for the gracious concession phone call to Bush & the concession speech. As much as I opposed Kerry, it must have been bitter to lose ones' lifelong dream by such a narrow margin. I would have been devastated. Kudoos to Kerry.

Item - George Bush - I'm biased here. Bush had what Kerry never could - unshakeable core beliefs. You may disagree with them, but you knew where he was coming from. You knew he would pursue the terrorists, you knew he would do everything to protect the USA, you knew he was opposed to abortion, you knew he wanted tax cuts. You knew America would come first with him. There were no nuances as with Kerry. Bush also has what Kerry only pretended to have - the "good old boy" charm. He came across as a common man, whether you believe he was or wasn't. He related so well to the person singular, to the individual. He was dealt a tough deck when 911 hit, unlike any other President save maybe FDR. And he responded in a way that even I was surprised at. Whether he should have gone into Iraq will be debated for a long time & the success or failure of Iraq will answer that question, but he had the backing of Congress or so they told him. I expect good things from him.

Item - the Hate Crowd - the left wing hate consortium, made up of the likes of Michael Moore, his Hollywood compadres, the extremists in the Democrat party, the environmental, animal rights, pro-abortion, feminist, America bashing extremists & the loose collection of other nuts have been rabid about Bush. They have said extreme things & done extreme things & generally have lost sight of rationality because of their hate. For some reason they have this all consuming hate for Bush & it is not healthy. For them or for America. And the truth be known - many of them, especially the rich ones, care not about the common folks. I don't know if it is pathologic or what, but they can not be reasoned with. They sing the same old lines - war for oil, Halliburton, massacring Iraqi's, evil America, taking old folks social security - gosh, where's my list when I need it. All of it disproved, but that doesn't stop them. And the Democrats embrace them. It's time for the Democrats to step away from them & minimize them or the Dems will only further their own demise. The whackos are not going to change, so don't give them voice. It only hurts the Dems & the USA.

Item - the Voter - Voters need to put a tad more effort into learning the issues rather than voting Dem or Repub because grandaddy did or because someone has a nice smile. But there's no law against being uninformed when you vote. And voters need to instill some civic lessons & civic pride in their children, because the schools sure will not. They need to teach their children three words - duty, honor, country. Then all else will fall in place.


Blogger veggiedude said...

Liberals should look on the bright side. The American people will probably get upset at the total swing to the right, especially if Bush starts putting conservatives on the Supreme Court. If Bush manages to outlaw abortion, there will be a massive backlash. Hillary for 2008 will be the perfect solution should all this happen. Don't forget, the biggest liberal ever to walk the earth was none other than Jesus Christ. Amen.

3:04 AM  
Blogger JGirten said...


I have to say I am not happy with the outcome of the election. I think that there are a lot of people out there that vote like granddaddy did and that is why we have 4 more years of drudgery in front of us. I am not going to go the way of getting on board with the ideas of someone that I am not convinced has the interests of the american people in the forfront. I am bitter and you can say that becasue I am.. I feel I have seen a lot of things go very wrong in the last four years and I am worried that this will continue..

I hope you have a great day and I hope to hear more from you soon.''Jeff

9:45 AM  
Blogger JGirten said...


You said that "W" had nothing to do with the "misplacement" of explosives......


Or is CNN also against "W"..

Where there is smoke there is fire!!

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes Crat:

VeggieDude knows Christ! George Bush has lost touch with his Christian Fundamentalist roots. I have been to many "Born Again" meetings and visited many other Christian churches. There is a concern for the poor and disadvantaged there that I do not see in GWB.

Remember. It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Christ. And Bush is nothing, if not for pro-rich policies. He will surely burn in Hell if he does not repent his evil ways.

12:29 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

Jeff: CNN against W - gee, ya think? Of course they are. Cheer up. After W outlaws Liberals & Dems & puts a minster in each precinct to monitor the rest & after special cameras are installed at each street corner & after stoning of abortionists becomes legal - we can always go to Canada or pray that Hillary saves us.

It's not gonna be doom & gloom, Jeff, W will do alright by ya. You'll see.

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For Christ:

Unfortunately many of those in the Bible Belt have been deceived. Satan is working through the big name preachers and the dollar bill is replacing the kindness and goodness of Christ as the goal to worship.

12:44 PM  
Blogger JGirten said...


I know I will make it.. I wont like it but I will make it. I will not be a supporter of "W" as I have not seen anything worth supporting. These others on the site posting should get off the Christianity kick.. this is not about religion...... Remember seperation of church and state.

I guess if I go out and start a company and make millions on tax breaks because I ship my jobs overseas and put good hard working americans out of work I will enjoy "W" being in office more.. ha ha

Have a good one Francis.

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Item - Insane collective hypnosis.

Bush and healthcare? Bush and the environment? Bush and the teachings of the Jesus he professes to follow? Bush and the poor? Bush and the rich? Bush and corporations? Bush and oil-revenue?

Bush and the millions who support him are HATED the world over. They are DESPISED, except for a tiny minority of the excessively wealthy. Ask an average Spaniard, an Egyptian, an Australian, a Philipino, a Dane, a Pakistani what they think of Bush - the Bush that RULES THEIR COUNTRY TOO.

Of course Kerry, another rich white man of great corporate prestige, would, like the smiling lizard-man Clinton, would have been no better.

I'm not normally in the habit of talking to the insane, but I thought I'd make an exception. Obviously you won't listen, but, well, I felt like it.

1:11 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

Gee - Bush & the millions who support him are hated by the world. A bit of hyperbole there, me thinks. So the world hates Bush & 58 million who voted for him. I give a rat's ass about the rest of the world - half of them are still using sand instead of Charmin. Proud to be one of the 58 mil.

2:30 PM  
Blogger JGirten said...

I am proud to be one of the 55.9 million that wanted to make a change. We need to think globally and not that we are the only entity in this world because we are not. If it was only us then your president would not be sending our jobs over seas. I take that back, he is not sending them, he is just compensating those that do.

Francis, I am glad we met and it is going to be an interesting 4 years. I hope we can keep up the communication that long t see what happens, good or bad.

Have a great day.

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. K

Republicans and Healthcare. How do the red states stack up against the blue.

"MONDAY, Nov. 8 (HealthDayNews) -- Americans living in Minnesota, New Hampshire and Vermont are more likely to live long, healthy lives than people residing anywhere else in the nation, according to an annual study ranking state-by-state health indicators.

On the down side, three southern states -- Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana -- ranked 48th, 49th and 50th, respectively

"we're now 28th in the world" in terms of infant mortality"

"The state-by-state rankings, beginning at number one, are: Minnesota, New Hampshire, Vermont, Hawaii, Utah, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Maine, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Rhode Island, Washington, Kansas, New Jersey, Idaho, South Dakota, Virginia, Oregon, California, Arizona, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Montana, Ohio, Wyoming, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, Texas, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Kentucky, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, West Virginia, Georgia, Arkansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana."

Doesn't seem like the republicans are doing a good job, does it?

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From "Must be a Libnut - I care for the world we live in"

An excerpt from an article at www.TechNewsWorld.com today. There are hundreds more of the same ilk.

"Global warming in the Arctic is proceeding at almost twice the rate of the rest of the globe, according to a new international study released Monday.

Effects of global warming in the Arctic region include a major decline of summer sea ice. If the trends are not stopped the effects would likely see the extinction of species including the polar bear and various seals, and flooding due to higher sea levels.

The effects were attributed to global warming caused by carbon dioxide and other "greenhouse gases" caused by human activities around the world.

"The Arctic is experiencing some of the most rapid and severe climate change on earth. The impacts of climate change on the region and the globe are projected to increase substantially in the years to come," said Robert Corell, chair of the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment."

"By the end of the century, at least half of the summer sea ice in the Arctic will melt. Large portions of the Greenland Ice Sheet will also melt. Rising temperatures and increased runoff of fresh water will likely affect salinity contributing to more extreme climate fluctuations, the report said.

The climate change will mean that forests will spread north, encroaching on the tundras. More forest fires and insect infestations, as well as flooding in low-lying coastal areas were other likely effects. Increased levels of ultraviolet radiation are likely to boost the number of cancer cases and immune system disorders among people in the region, the report said."

5:40 PM  

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