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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Margaret Hassan - Violent End for Virtue

Al Jazeera reports that they have a video of a woman, presumably Margaret Hassan, being murdered. Margaret Hassan, 59, was the Director for CARE in Iraq & had been an aid worker helping the Iraqi people for 30 years. She was well known in the Mid-East & was a strong advocate for Iraqi children. Terrified beyond our understanding of the word, she begged for her life. When she fainted they threw water on her to revive her. The video shows a blindfolded woman being shot in the head. The British government believes the woman in the video is Margaret.

A second woman, Teresa Borcz Khalifa, 54, a Polish-born longtime resident of Iraq who was kidnapped, is still missing. US forces have found the body of a Western woman, but have not yet concluded that is it Teresa's. The woman had her throat cut, limbs hacked off & was disembowel.

This is the bloody handiwork of the insurgents, the terrorists. Or, as Michael Moore calls them, "the Iraqi Minutemen". American Values doesn't know who to have more abject disgust for - the murderers or the likes of pond scum such as Moore & his radical Hollywood & radical liberal chic brethren who support & give courage to these "Minutemen", these "heroes" of Iraq. Moore & his ilk are so radicalized that they have no clue what constitutes just causes or the bounds of decent human behavior unless it is an American faux pas. Then their anti-American bile regurgitates forth. But they can afford to be radical. At night they are smug & snug in their multi-million dollar estates. Like the liberal journalists of the 30's & 40's who extolled Lenin's & Stalin's worker's paradise while millions died at their hands, these modern day apologists just don't get it & never will. But enough about the pig Moore.

This insurgency does not represent the Iraqi people. 25 million Iraqis are not revolting against the US presence or their own Iraqi government. 14 of 18 provinces are stable & have been. The insurgents may number up to 25,000 - 1/10th of 1 percent of the population. They consist primarily of former Saddam loyalists, former Baathist party members, an influx of Iranians ushered in by the Iranian government to destabilize Iraq, as well as radical Muslims from surrounding countries. And let's not forget the handful of terrorists.

These feeble excuses for humans have no desire for a free & Democratic Iraq. They want the power they had (& lost) returned. They want the radical Islamic beliefs they harbor to prevail. They indiscriminately kill & maim men, women & children & roam neighborhoods terrorizing its citizens, extorting them, demanding the women cover up totally in their dress & beat or kill any who do not follow their dictates. If they came into power then the killing fields of Saddam would again be fertile grounds for their bloodlust against the Iraqi population.

It should be self-evident that the butchery, savagery, slaughter & inhuman acts that these insurgents commit has caused them to forfeit any claim to represent Iraqis or a popular uprising. They need to be exterminated, annihilated & wiped from the face of the earth in any manner possible. It is unfathomable that there can exist such a large number of abjectly cruel & depraved individuals in that part of the world. What drives such people to commit such acts is better left for post mortums. Providing the bodies for such studies is the job of the US military. Then maybe we will have answers as to why Michael Moore thinks them as patriotic "Iraqi Minutemen."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terrible act by scum.

Let us also not forget to condemn the American military who shot unarmed Muslims during the current combat in Fallujah. Scum also.

Your reporting in this blog is even more biased the the NY Times and CBS whom you seem to detest.

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

screw the muslum assholes

9:16 PM  

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