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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Osama bin Laden - The Movie

So the old rat-infested camel dung, known as Osama, has crawled out of his cave long enough to blah, blah, blah again. Listening to a typical four-hour long speech by Fidel Castro would be of more interest & excitement then the 18 minute thrilla that Osama droned on about. A firebrand orator Osama will never be. I can't imagine him on the lecture circuit.

However, amongst the drivel were some interesting things. First, he seemed almost conciliatory, like he was saying, "Please Georgie, leave me alone & I won't bother you." I heard not the apocalyptic threats oozing from his little turd mouth. Second, I could swear he was using the same talking points paper as John Kerry & the Democrats. Who is plagiarizing whom?

Osama's purpose for revealing his little twit self now after 3 yrs of spending quality time with his band of terrorist brothers, rather than living the constant media limelight of a cave-rock star, could serve a few purposes. "Hey, look at me, I alive, kinda, na-nana-na-na", is one option. Or he could be trying to influence the outcome of our elections. This is more likely, but if so, he needs to fire his media consultants & ad agency. It was a feeble attempt. If anything, it can only push voters toward Bush, not Kerry. Or perhaps Osama was using the video to send out coded messages, a new twist on the old decoder rings of Orphan Annie days, to the eager hordes of followers who then will wreck havoc upon this infidel land of ours.

If this last option is the case, I seriously don't expect a major attack on the USA during the elections. At best I could expect some isolated, local incidents; maybe a few homicide bombings. And I'm not making light of even one such attack. This is serious business. But I think that would be Osama's best & only shot. And I have doubts that even this will occur, despite easy access from our southern border & despite the ease of obtaining fraudulent passports & visas.

The terrorists blew up a train in Spain to affect the election results there. In the US, I think Osama has used his video for the same purpose. And he was right - it was a bomb.


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