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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Turning A Page In Rep. Foley's Life

Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fl) has resigned after it was disclosed that he had inappropiate e-mail & IM contact with House of Representative Pages. We understand that some of the e-mails or IM's were sexually explicit. The irony, or perhaps the cover for Foley, was that he served on the Missing & Exploited Children Committee.

Foley's conduct was wholly inexcusable & intolerable. If he wanted to communicate with a House Page he could do so in an honorable & respectful manner. But Foley wasn't looking to have a friendship - he is a predator of children. A pedophile. We can only assume that because of his position as a Congressman, he was prevented from carrying out his pedophile dreams & only lived them out vicariously through e-mails & IM's.

At least he did the right thing & resigned, unlike a couple of Democrats who in the same position went on to serve & get re-elected. But naturally the Dems forget about that while they use Foley's misadventure to bash the Republican Party just before the elections. And thanks to Foley, the Republicans may just suffer in those elections.

Foley is now playing the victim, claiming he is an alcohol abuser & that he himself was abused by a clergy member as a child. It is bullshit. He has not yet owned up to his predelictions & blames it all on a supposed alcohol & abuse problem as a child.

We don't yet know what Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert knew & when he knew it about Foley. But we have to be beyond the days of coverups & the good old boy network to hide egregious problems like Foley's. Let the chips fall where they may. There must be zero tolerance for the type of actions that Foley committed. The Foleys of the world are playing with children's lives just so they can activate their gonads. They need to be indentied & disgraced as soon as they can be. And parents need to pay more attention to what their children do on the internet.


Anonymous K said...

Who were the pedophile Democrats who kept their Congrssional seats?

3:54 PM  
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