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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Psychopaths All

The on-going investigation into the terror plot in London, which was to be directed against at least 10 airlines, has revealed that the terrorists planned to use a baby in their plans.

We think it is time for everyone to recognize that these terrorists are not terrorists per se. They are psychopaths. Terrorism is their release valve. They are not just using terrorism to further their cause. As bad as their terror plots against innocents are, they go beyond that. They go beyond the pale of using terrorism to further their cause. They have a blood-lust, a thirst for committing the most outrageous acts against anyone who gets in their way. They have no qualms about killing a baby. They have no qualms with beheadings, unspeakable tortures & savage butchery. They are sub-human in their mindset.

The Middle East is replete with psychopaths. The Arabs are replete with psychopaths. Islam is replete with psychopaths. There will always be a yearly crop of new psychopaths emerging to replace the ones who blew themselves up, were killed or moved to America to become a McDonald's manager.

The mercifull thing to do would be to nuke the Middle East, but that is unrealistic. The best we can do is kill more of them then they can procreate in the on-going battle on the war on terrorism - better named the war on psychopaths.

It is outrageous indeed that the likes of Ted Kennedy, John Murtha & the other ilk in the Democrat Party, as well as most of the liberal media liken Guantanamo to a Gulag. They voice no outrage at the murderous psychopaths in the Middle East where the real Gulag is not just a base, but covers the entire area.

It must be the falafels that is spawning these pyschopaths. Either that or their flawed religion.


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