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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

*turn back the clock in Lebanon by 20 years*

So threatened an Israeli General, if 2 Israeli soldiers who were kidnapped by the terrorist group Hezbollah based in Lebanon were not returned.

Hezbollah militants crossed into Israel from Lebanon & attacked Israeli forces, resulting in the death of 7 Israeli soldiers & the kidnapping of 2. Hezbollah announced that the 2 would only be returned in a prisoner exchange. Israel has entered southern Lebanon & is attacking Hezbollah positions. Israel is still forcing the issue in Gaza after one of its soldiers was kidnapped by the terrorist group Hamas.

Lebanon has done nothing to rein in Hezbollah. In fact, a Hezbollah leader is in its Cabinet. Meanwhile,Palestinians in the streets celebrated the kidnapping with gunfire & firecrackers.

It is time for Israel to drop all pretense of negotiating a peace with terrorists. You cannot negotiate in good faith with Arab terrorists. The Palestinian people have reduced themselves to murderers & terrorists. It was they after all who elected the terrorist Hamas group into power. The Palestinian people do not want peace - they want Israel destroyed. Israel unilaterally left Gaza. The Palestinians had their chance to build a nation-state when that happened. Instead of improving the conditions in Gaza, they prefer to attack Israel. They are now nothing more than pigs who deserve slaughter in return. They will get what they sowed. In spades.

Israel has gotten nowhere with the UN, with negotiating with the Palestinians. Arafat was given 90% of what he wanted, by the Israelis. He turned it down. Now its time to kill all the bastards.

We hope that Israel does in fact turn back the clock in Lebanon by 20 yrs if their soldiers are not returned. We hope the pathetic excuse of the Palestinian territory is similarly turned back - although it is already 50 yrs back due to the corruption of the Palestinian leaders.

We hope Syria, the sponsor of Hamas & Hezbollah, is likewise reduced to rubble.

The phrase "Bomb them back to the Stone-age" has its merits indeed.


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