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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Flag Burning

The Senate voted down, by one vote, a Constitutional amendment to ban burning of the American flag. We believe this was the right decision.

There is the greater issue of freedom of speech involved here. If some one's expression of that free speech is to burn the American flag, then let it burn. A burnt American flag is not going to bring down the empire, nor is it going to threaten our national security.

We think the real issue involved here for those who want a ban on flag burning is...insult. How dare they do that to the land I love. When we see someone burn the flag we consider them unpatriotic, though some of those involved are not American & could give a hoot about patriotism. We become insulted that someone would think that little of the symbol that America stands for. So what?

Someone calls your mother a ho. You become outraged, insulted. So what? Your mother is not a ho, you know that. Let it slide. Calling your mother a ho or burning the American flag is a way of getting your goat. Don't give in to it.

At the end of the day, America is still the great country it is. A burnt flag means nothing against that. And an America that allows the freedom for someone to burn it's symbol shows the flag-burner & the world, just how great America really is.


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