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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Allah's Arsonists

Muslims burned the embassy of Denmark & of Norway in Syria, while their brethren in Europe & England staged all sorts of protests. The object of their wrath? This - a cartoon in a Danish newspaper - the prophet Muhammed with a lit bomb as a turban.

Say cheese, Muhammed

Islam does not allow for any visual image, no icon, of this Muhammed dude, whether the depiction is complimentary or not, though how they purport to know what Allah looks like is puzzling. Kinda like Santa Claus - anyone seen the real guy?

Further enraging these peaceful Muslims, more newspapers in Europe published the cartoon as a show of support for the Danish newspaper. It's called freedom of the press, we suppose. And that's the issue. When does freedom of the press conflict with the beliefs of a religion & to what extent must a free press curtail its freedom in order to appease a religion, or any group for that matter?

We believe that the press should be allowed great laxity when it comes to these matters. If a newspaper prints something that someone thinks outrageous, well that's what the slander & libel law suits are about. However, sensitivity is in the eye of the beholder & if someone or some group does not file suit, there is always the public relations backlash against that paper to be relied on.

But you do not burn down an embassy. Nor do you protest with threatening, even more odious forms of free speech like the delightful protesters below.

Geesh - smile, for Allah's sake

When Christians are insulted with "Piss on Christ" art or with artistic jars of urine immersing a crucifix, they do not burn an embassy, nor do they threaten beheadings or massacres. The best they do is complain to American newspapers who support such artwork as freedom of speech - the same newspapers who now editorialize against Danish press insensitivity to Muslim beliefs.

Ironic - she's not allowed personal freedom in Islam

Something is terribly wrong with the Muslim psyche. These peace-loving followers of the peaceful religion of Islam are either frauds or fanatics. In either case, they are becoming a growing danger to the more sane world at large. Consider the horror they inflict upon innocent people - Muslim or not, in the name of Allah. Consider the peace-loving Palestinians - cheering when 911 happened & voting into office a murderous terrorist organization to represent them to the world. Or consider the lunatic so-called President of Iran & the drive to produce a nuclear weapon - and to think the world was worried when Reagan had his finger on the button.

Islam must certainly be flawed for it to give birth to such pychopaths as now represents it. Be prepared for further conflict with this ilk.

Meanwhile, we think the cartoon riotously funny & thank the artist.


Blogger Mark said...

Muslims believe it is wrong to make any image of Mohammed or Allah because they say they are afraid it will lead to idolatry.

They have that right to believe that, and there may be something to that.

However, The Danish Newspaper isn't Muslim, and it is not against the Danish culture, so who, exactly are they offending? If Muslims don't like it, they don't have to read it.

4:03 AM  

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