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Friday, January 20, 2006

25th Anniversary of Reagan's Inauguration

Today is the 25th year since Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as President in 1981. The following is a reprise of our post, written upon the death of this great American:

Ronald Wilson Reagan - American Icon, American Hero

A sad day it is upon learning of the death of our 40th President. Much more elegant words will flood the media than I can dare to write. Suffice it to say that he & I share the same values, the same beliefs in America, the same hopes for a better country & a better world.

Ronald Reagan brought to the White House a sense of hope when we as a people were floundering in high interest rates, high inflation rates, high unemployment, & a festering despair that the Cold War was being lost.

He had strong core beliefs, strong convictions, & he acted upon them to better the country & the world, despite the villification & smarmy jokes from those who opposed him.

And he was good to his word - inflation down dramatically, interest rates down dramatically, the promised tax cuts. But it was his unflinching belief that we could & would win the Cold War that will be his most profound & enduring legacy.

And above all else - his humor, his belief in the inherent goodness of people, his belief in his God - the man had character. And more so, he had class.

He & I share the same birthday, February 6, & so my affinity toward him is even that more personal.

rip, Mr. President


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