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Thursday, July 07, 2005

This is London Calling: Barbarians at the Gate

The terrorist bombings in London earlier this morning have reinforced a few notions. The first is that the War on Terror is long term & must be a global enterprise. The terrorists will strike anywhere; no nation is immune. This war against terrorists must be allied with as many nations as possible. It is not a time for any country to shirk from intimidation, as the Spanish did after the train bombings in Madrid.

The second is that the terrorists are exactly that - terrorists. They are not the equivalent of our Minutemen, as the deluded pig Michael Moore says or freedom fighters, as others have suggested. They have no government in exile, they have no singular, cohesive political form. They are a loose knit group of radical Islamic fundamentalists whose only relationship to each other is their fanaticism & hatred of the West. They are the barbarians of the 21st century. They are a collection of depraved psychotics & sociopaths who have as much human feelings for their intended innocent victims as they would for a cockroach. Such is the mind of a sociopath. No guilt, no remorse, no feelings except hate - just squash whoever gets in the way of their sick ideas.

This leads to the logical follow up. There is only one way to stop the human debris of terrorists & fanatics - kill them; ruthlessly & without mercy. As many & as quickly as can be killed. This is no time to be giving terrorist prisoners at Guantanamo lemon-butter fish or Mullah-approved Arab delicacies. It is no time to be treating their Korans in a way that reaffirms their belief that we are infidels: by the ridiculous notion of our soldiers wearing gloves when they handle the Koran, we are telling these fanatics that we are not worthy in God's eye, we are indeed what they believe we are. There comes a time when a civilized society does in fact need to temporarily put aside its niceties & stoop to the level of its enemies.

It is beyond time that the Congress & the President get serious about our wide open southern borders. Despite what they say, the southern borders are like a sieve. Thousands of men from European, Asian & Middle Eastern countries (including countries on our terrorist-nation list) have crossed that border, been arrested, given a notice to appear in court, then released - only to disappear into our population. God knows who the ones are that weren't caught. This ridiculous & incompetent policy will be the cause of the next 911.

It is beyond time for the likes of Senator Durbin, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid & the rest of the Democratic leadership to shut their traps & start supporting the war. From the third day after the Iraq War began they have been calling it a quagmire, they have been berating Bush every chance they get, they have been picking apart & mouthing off about every little perceived failure on our part. They have not been cheerleading our fight against the terrorists. They haven't come close to putting as much energy into speaking out against the terrorists & the "insurgents" & the chaos they are trying to create. The Democrats along with the mainstream news media are the summer soldiers & sunshine patriots that Thomas Paine spoke about. But we would go one step further & call them borderline traitors. At the very least, they are not serving this country nor its citizens well. Through their words they are helping, encouraging, the terrorists & fanactics.

Our sympathies go out to the British. They have been a steadfast ally in the War on Terror & they will continue to be one.

" One ought never to turn one's back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half." - Winston Churchill


Blogger Mark said...

You have broached a subject that even conservatives are not likely to agree on. The idea that we must sink to the level of our enemies to get the desired results.
You will no doubt take some heat for that, however, my position on that point is quite simple. You are right. Kill as many as you can find and drench them in pigs blood when you do so they will go to Hell as they believe. Why would I advocate something so obvilusly non Christian? because it is the only thing they understand, given their culture and upbringing. Anything else has no effect and no perpose as far as they are concerned.

10:46 PM  
Anonymous Reverend K said...

Remember Wrath is one of the seven deadly sins.

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey. I live in Aberdeen. In Scotland. A colony of Britain. A British subject, me.


We will NEVER be your allies. None of you Republicans, or you Democrats. While you continue to treat the world like one big niche market, we'll fight you on the beaches, on the fields, and on the streets. We will NEVER be your allies. Without you, the London bombs wouldn't have happened.


1:26 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

a. We assume you are not speaking German, thanks to the USA.

b. A country where men wear skirts is a country that the USA will not miss as an ally.

c. Say hello to that spokesman for Scottish sanity & clarity - George Galloway. If that's the best you can produce over there, no wonder your men where skirts.

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listen. I've not worn a kilt since I was four years old. That's because they're expensive. That's because for 50-odd years now, they've been made for American tourists to buy.

We're not speaking German thanks to your old friends the USSR. And America, admittedly. But whose side did your gas companies and vehicle monopolies (all-American Mr. Ford) place their bets on? Franco in Spain, a redoubtable ally of Hitler. And Mussolini, that mad tyrant. So what if we're not speaking German anyway? These days every English-speaking country in the world is using a dialect and mode of speech copied carefully from the American TV shows we get beamed into our homes. If the Nazis had taken Britain, we'd be a cultural copy of Germany, right? So now your country's taken ours and yes, we're becoming a cultural copy of America.

-How much of your oil comes from Scottish oil rigs, by the way? Check it out.

Galloway's got a belief, an ideology that he believes in and fights for. You'll probably have known him from that time he flew all the way to the US for your Senators to fail to prove him wrong
on any point. This whole country was laughing on the day Galloway took the piss out of a hall of faceless American suits. Galloway's a model for sincerity, courage and faith. Bush is a model for...what? Religious fanaticism, mindless violence and sub-high school intelligence?

Are you seriously making fun of my country? Yourself an American ruled by a gurning idiot?

4:09 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

Galloway is as mad as a hatter. He snuggles up to the likes of Saddam. He stammered & stuttered & lied his way through the drubbing that he was given by Republican Senators when he testified.

If this is the best representative that Scotland can provide, then no wonder it is a back-water country with nothing substantial to offer the world other then prawn-flavored chips & lacking even one decent pizza store. If sausage was King, Scotland would rule the world. As it stands, it is best to leave Scotland isolated from the rest of the earth, up in its very little corner of the world.

No wonder the Germans didn't bomb it. They were smart. Why the foolish English decided to conquor a tribe of hairy-legged girly barbarians in skirts is still hotly debated on this side of the Atlantic.

The bottom line is that America rules & Scotland is, well, Scotland.

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Snuggles up to Saddam"...like Donald Rumsfeld then?

"Drubbing". Your guys looked lost, man. They had blank faces. They were confused. And what did they prove against him? Fuck all. Hell of a stammerer, that Mr. Galloway.

"lacking even one decent pizza store".

King's Caff, Glasgow! Do your research.

"If sausage was king".

This was confusing. We've never been famous for sausages. Never. Nobody has ever insulted me on the basis of my identity as a girly sausage-eating barbarian before. I...I don't know what to say...

"No wonder the Germans didn't bomb it".

...the Republicans are in the schoolbooks too? Clydeside, Glasgow, as one of Britain's largest industrial sectors, was heavily bombed. People died.

"A tribe of hairy-legged barbarians in skirts".

The two oldest universities in Britain are in Scotland. In fact, one of the oldest universities in the Western world is down the road from my flat. Scotland, by the way, also originated the union of itself with England - or at least the Scottish King James did. Every other Scot was a little apprehensive of the affair, our own culture being significantly more advanced than the English. We've got a democratic and insurrectionary history that goes back centuries. Half the Enlightenment took place in Scotland. As for girly, you presumably don't have much contact with Glaswegian ex steel-workers down the pub on a Friday night, or Edinburgh football hooligans at an Old Firm match, or haven't met any rig-workers burning up their holiday week at the Aberdeen docks. It's your country's men that've let their principles slip out of sight, gave way to obesity, subsequent diet programs, sitcoms about vain and preening rich morons. At least we can walk 10 minutes to the corner shop where you guys would jump in your SUV and negotiate the 4X4 terrain of a suburban street to get your chocolate bar or whatever it is you buy instead of fags and cheap whisky at corner shops in America.

6:09 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

Sausage is the national obsession with Scotland. It may be bad sausage, but it is sausage nevertheless. You have pizza, but the emphasis was on the word "decent".

But we do apologize. Scotland has indeed contributed at least one wonderful thing to the world besides prawn chips - music. It was very clever of that first Scotsman hundreds of years ago to figure out that if he jammed hollow reeds into a dead pig skin, put his mouth to its anus & puffed it up with air till his cheeks near exploded & then let the air out again, that the most melodious sounds in the world would eek forth. The Scots call it bagpipes, the rest of the world calls it torture.

6:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bagpipe was actually an Indian invention. Apparently that's where we got it. It also turns up in some form in Cornwall, the Midlands, Wales, and Africa. Also, it's not made from pigskin. For the same reason your sausage-Scotland obsessive complex confuses me, ie. we never traditionally kept pigs on any large scale.

Why sausages? Just...why?

Ok, I accept your belief in the supremacy of the American (via Italy) pizza. Nevertheless, as an export, it's not very inspiring. France exported democracy, Ireland exported Guinness and revolutionaries and America manages to somehow crook Italy out of her rights and adapt the pizza? Genuinely, I find that just as inspiring an example of American contribution to the globe as the armies of 'peace keepers' and 'liberators'.

Musically, the worst music, the worst, used in films for humour as an example of the most painful, degenerate, mindless form of sound has to be Country & Western. That's obvious.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

No argument, mate, about country music. Some scot must have been wandering the hills of Tennessee, blowing hard on his pipes & the locals actually thought it good & used it as a model for country music.

I have it on the best of authority that the Scottish thrive on sausage - akin to the potato in Ireland. One in my clan happened to take a trip to Glascow. As a result, she never wants to see a sausage again. Why this affinity for sausage is a mystery since, as you say, pigs are not in number over there. Well...except maybe for the side streets of Glascow.

The Italians made dry tasteless pizza. A drap of funky bread with some drippings of tomato sauce -kind of like what you find in Scotland. It took the Americans to improve upon it, as they do with all things. If only we could get our hands on Scotland - think of the possibilities!

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you already have your hands on Scotland. That's why we don't see the oil money. And why there were so many police surrounding the American oil company buildings in Edinburgh during the marches. Although, on the other hand, the amount of people involved in the marches, the tone they were protesting in and the universal attitude that obviously the American government is just a rich men's club and a tool for the millionaires and religious nuts, all suggest that perhaps the American Dream hasn't quite got us all convinced.

7:45 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

Just think - We Americans invade Scotland. We ban sausage & Galloway. We ship every drop of oil to the states. Anyone puffing a bagpipe either is executed or has their cheeks poked with large neeedles. We flood the country with McDonalds, only we call it Donalds now. Prawn chips are forbidden & replaced with pork rinds. Cheap kilts made by illegal Mexicans in the states are imported, knowing they will quickly fall apart & embarrass those hairy-legged Scotsmen when they are caught standing only in their nappies. A country music song will be the official song of Scotland. Scotch (the drink & not the people) will be replaced with Gatorade. Haggis, that culinary delight of Scotland, will only be used as a threatening means of extracting information from terrorists. The name Scotland will be replaced with Scottywood, in honor of the cheap over-priced Hollywood films we send over there. As a final coup d'grace, I will personally go to Glascow & burn down the ancestral home of my ex-wife. She loves sausage, by the way.

Well, read the Evil Bush Master Plan for Scotland when it comes out for the rest of the details of Scotland's Americanization. We can hardly wait.

11:00 PM  

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