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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Judge John Roberts Nominated for SCOTUS

President Bush tonight nominated Judge John Roberts, who is on the Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia ,to become the next Supreme Court Justice.

We know somewhat of Robert's background, but not a lot. Initially, this looks like a fine choice. Roberts is a solid conservative & Republican. His speeches at the
Federalist Society are a good marker as to where he stands in regards to the Constitution & application of the law.

Bush has remained faithful to the...well, faithful. There will be no consensus choice as the Democrats wanted.

The winners in this are Roberts (naturally), Bush, the Constitution & the American public. The whiners are soon to be the Democrats, the abortion crowd, the femi-nazis & the other odd assortment of lib-nuts.

Now we will see if the Dems & their cohorts pull out all the stops & go into a nasty, smearing anti-Roberts campaign. We expect the shrill histrionics from the abortion crowd, screaming that backdoor abortions will result in Robert's confirmation & the feminists shouting blah, blah, blah. We expect the same from Ted-never-a-drink-refused-Kennedy who performed his own life termination procedure on a 28 year old 36 years ago.


Blogger Mark said...

The Libs are already screaming about back alley abortions. Check out my blog wherein I am documenting my own personal argument with a whole blog full of left wingers. They claimed the 14th Amendment supports a right to privacy, and with that, the right to abortion. I disagreed. The debate rages. I linked the post in my blog. (I think I might have won, but they might just be ignoring me)

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Daygo said...

na ya been tawkin boot dem bak alley. don ya do ani dem homo stuf. and wass dis bout da pres wantin a scrotum?

1:47 PM  

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