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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Sexual Offenders & Children

A Solution

In the past week Jetseta Gage, 10, of Iowa & Jessica Lunsford, 9, of Florida were kidnapped & brutally murdered by registered sexual offenders. The fact that a suspect in each case was arrested is little solace for the young lives taken & for the families that have to live this horror for the rest of their lives.. Each year brings another crop of pedophile molesters & killers & each year more innocent young lives are taken by what are truly despicable scum.

Sexual offenders must register with the police in the community they live in & anyone can go on-line & check to see if a sexual offender is living in their community. Sounds nice, if the offenders register & if they bother to inform police of a change of address. But parents knowing that a sexual offender is living in their town means nothing other than the fact that the offender is living in town. Oh sure, parents can then take some extra precautions knowing that scum is amongst them. But when an offender registers, he is not guaranteeing to be a good boy. Witness the two registered scum above - it did not prevent them from striking again, this time with murder.

It is a given that children are our most precious human resource. Nothing in this world matters more than protecting them from harm.

It is a given that most pedophiles are not redeemable. Their perverted sexual drive will compel them to repeat their crimes again & again. Recidivism is too high among them to ignore this fact. Incarceration is often a joke. One of the scum above served only 6 years of a 17 year sentence - for good behavior. Yeah, he had to be good - there were no children around.
Those who do serve long prison terms come out & are right back to their perverted ways.

Prison time & registering with the police is insufficient to protect our children from sick perverts who have uncontrollable sexual appetites for children.

There are better solutions. The current way of registering with the police is part of it. Racheting up prison time is another. What will work best & what needs to be done may sound extreme, but if we really care more about our children's right to live over the rights of molesting, murderous perverts, then we will do it.

The solution is this: all convicted pedophiles, beside serving prison time, need to be physically castrated. Some have suggested marking a tattooed "P" on their forehead, but besides readily identifying the pervert, it may cause them to be the target of some people. The best solution is physical castration, not chemical. Chemical castration is reversible, on-going & more expensive. Why should taxpayers have to suffer the burden of a chemical program?

Physical castration is quick & permanent. If the pedophile has uncontrollable sexual urges toward children, then society must relinquish him of those urges. Besides ending the pedophiles predatory ways, castration also sends a clear warning to other would be molesters & murderers. Some may think castration extreme, but what would they have society do? Watch another child's funeral on CNN? If there is going to be a sacrifice, that sacrifice should be with the pedophile & not the children. It does little good catching a pedophile after he's molested or murdered another child.

If society is serious about protecting its children from the likes of predatory scum, then they will seek this solution. Otherwise, there will be more Amber Alerts, more molested & dead children, more tsk-tsking as we watch the news.


Blogger AJ said...

What do I think? Well since you asked...

Automatic IMMEDIATE Death Penalty anyone who harms a child.

The end.

2:18 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

I would tend to agree, but this idea is more unrealistic than my neutering solution.

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Me said...

The neutering is an great idea, but I don't think it would stop anything. Their sick brains would still want to do harm, and they would just use other body parts or objects to carry out their sick ideas, before murdering the children. These pedo's deserve extreme torture and death.

1:20 PM  

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