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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Another Registered Sex Offender Kills Child

(click here for Sex Offender Registry by state)

13 yr old Sarah Lunde, who disappeared in Florida last week, has been found murdered. A registered sex offender has been charged with her murder. This comes on the heels of the murder of another Florida girl last month, 9 yr old Jessica Lunsford, by another registered sex offender.

There are over 33,000 registered sex offenders in Florida alone. Registering sex offenders does not stop their sick desires. All it does is make it a tad easier to track them down when a child goes missing.

Imposing a death sentence on a first offender is an extreme punishment which will never see the light of day. Mandatory long sentences need to be implemented without time off for good behavor. In addition to these long sentences, physical castration must be made mandatory. Of course, the radical ACLU bleeding hearts will think it cruel & unusual punishment to perform castration. They'd rather see a dead child then deny a pervert his sexual drive. And the courts will naturally weigh in on the side of the perverts.

The people in this country need to get serious about stopping these low-life scum. Registering sex offenders doesn't do squat, as can be seen by the recent rash of children murdered. It is well worth castrating pedophiles to protect our children. In attacking children, pedophiles give up their right to an orgasm. It is better that they ponder assault with a dead weapon then to have a dead child.

If drastic actions are not taken against these perverts then we just might as well get used to the idea of more dead children, more news clips of children's bodies being carried away from streams or woods, more anguished appeals from parents, more police news conferences announcing the arrest of a registered sex offender.

UPDATE: Florida reports it has lost track of 1,800 sex offenders. Yeah, registering sex offenders really works, huh?


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