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Thursday, June 17, 2004

It's All Bush's Fault, Damn Him!!!!!

The irrational George W. Bush haters are having a field day blaming George Bush for a so-called immoral war on Iraq (wrong), a depression-like economy (wrong again), prior knowledge of the 911 attacks (rolls eyes), the cause of death of untold millions (huh?), the starving of untold numbers of children, the plight of the elderly who have no health care & must enroll under a dog's name to at least get vet care, & the shame of the USA in the eyes of the civilized world.

I think a really good Bush hater could do better. It was goddamn hot & humid around here today - Bush's fault! The Lakers lost in the NBA finals?! OMG - Bush's fault. Those who failed to graduate this June? - Bush's fault. My cable went out for 35 seconds - Bush's fault. And my girlfriend tells me she thinks she's pregnant - by gum, that's gotta be Bush's fault; who else's could it be, huh?

Well, let's extrapolate a tad here & find out who is really at fault for all these evils. George Senior saw fit to get Barbara pregnant, so it was his fault! No, not really. If it wasn't for Grandpa Bush there would be no little Bushies, so let's blame him. No - that doesn't work. We have all these great-great-great Bushes to deal with also.

Bring history in to it & we can really spread the blame. If the South had won the Civil War, there would undoubtedly be no Bushes. But England failed to support the South fully. Hmm - methinks the English are a lot to blame. But wait again. The Spanish screwed up the Armada, otherwise we would be speaking Spanish right now & there are no Spanish Bushes that I know of.

If Rome did not fall, we'd still be on the Italian peninsula. Those filthy Romans caused all our troubles(biting knuckle)! Ah - but the Greeks - too busy putzing in Troy to keep up their civilization (never liked Greek food anyway).

But where did the Greeks come from? From the people of the Middle East, specifically the Garden of Eden. Damn bitch Eve - couldn't leave well enough alone. Had to get evicted over a lousy apple - and this is what we get for it - Bush!!

But they didn't HAVE to get kicked out of that oasis of debauchery. I mean someone, or some thing coulda said, "Naw, you can stay." Then we'd all still be in the Garden. With 6 billion folks around I grant ya it would be a tad crowded, but well worth the lack of elbow room, if it precluded that fanatic Bush being in the White House which he stole from the Good Prince Gore.

So, who do we have left to blame, hmmm? Hmmm?? It's not George W. who got my girl friend in a family way, nor George W. who is to blame for the evils that the Bush haters bestow upon him.

It's the Man in the sky! The Great One. It's God's fault!!! And thank God for President George W. Bush!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you have any friends, or did you scare them away with your homosexual love for the Loser-in-Chief? It seems to me that you don't get out very often. I'm just asking a serious question and would like a serious response. Hmm. There's an idea. You write serious responses. Can you do it? Or are you too warped in your own little fantasy where the big W can do no wrong and everything he does (choking on a pretzel and falling off a bike with no training wheels -- plots of the French, no doubt) is moral and right and graced by God.

On second thought, I bet you don't have friends. At least the living, breathing kind. Rocks and Republicans don't count.

4:50 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

My, my, aren't we the wit - er - half-wit I mean. Serious? You want me to be serious?? Hahaha!! Are we still in Kansas, Toto? Get real, my delusional friend. I'm supposed to give you serious answers when you begin your post with intellectual-phobic statements like "your homosexual love for the Loser-in-Chief"? It speaks volumes of your mind set. When you go back on your medication & decide to speak rationally maybe I can take you seriously.

Thank you for validating my post - prime example of a Bush hater. By the way - Kerry fell off a bike too. And off his skis. Do something useful - go teach some feeble Floridians how to punch ballots.

11:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You post about family values but your girlfriend is pregnant. Is there something wrong about this picture or is this the new american value?

11:07 AM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

Did I say she was pregnant by me, hmmm? I don't think so. Just maybe she got pregnant by her husband - ever think of that?

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So your girlfriend got pregnant by her husband? Nice. Did you watch?

9:39 AM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

Watching my girlfriend get it on with her husband is tacky, my friend. Social mores dictate that it is much better to participate then stand there gawking.

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to know you had a hand in it. Or two.

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

139,00 hits for "Bush's Fault"!

12:35 PM  

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