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Saturday, June 12, 2004

The Radical Left & Their Fascist Agenda for America

This upcoming election is more than just about George Bush & John Kerry. It is of a greater depth & nature. Conservatives & Liberals are pitted against each other for the hearts & minds of American society & culture. It has been an on going battle for years.

True Liberalism in the classical sense has been hijacked by the Radical Left, which in turn has hijacked the Democratic Party. The Radical Left has become home & umbrella to the many groups of extremists, crazies & zanies who are pushing their radical social agendas on to the American people.

True Liberals have acquiesced to the Radical Left or have joined with it for their own self-serving purposes & have by default become mouthpieces of the Radical Left.

The Radical Left will settle for nothing less than realization of its radical ideology. The Radical Left, unchecked & unfettered & with enough power, can easily slide in to Fascism or Big Brotherism. They ‘know’ what is best for the common man & they will lead, drag or imprison those who resist their agenda.

The Radical Left uses Orwellian Newspeak to dignify, modify or normalize words to further their radical agenda. Homosexual becomes Gay. Illegal Alien becomes Undocumented Worker. Abortion becomes Pro-Choice. Overweight becomes Calorie Challenged. Short people become Gravitationally Challenged. And on and on.

The Radical Left preaches tolerance of all, yet they are the intolerant thugs when one dares to disagree or ‘misspeaks’. The Radical Left in the ‘60s sung for, nay, demanded Free Speech, yet shouted down those with an opposing viewpoint, or occupied a campus building to protest a Conservative speaker scheduled to lecture. And it continues.

The Radical Left now uses different tactics to fight ‘intolerance’ – shouting ‘racist’, ‘bigot’, ‘homophobe’ & on & on against those who oppose their viewpoints or who dares to challenge them. They use these buzz words to intimidate & cajole into submission their ‘errant’ brethren.

The Radical Left has utter disdain & contempt for religion, especially right wing religion. Their ‘god’ is the secular, humanist model, which is devoid of any spirituality. They fight the religious with mockery, sneers & court orders. They give lip service to religious freedom while at the same time trying to suppress it.

The Radical Left cares more about the ‘art’ of a crucifix in urine then it does about the sensitivities of Christians to the filthy defecation of their beliefs.

The Radical Left seeks to blur the gender lines, demanding that the deviance of homosexuality & its permutations be accepted as normal & equal to heterosexuality, not caring that 95% of Americans are heterosexual. They latch on to the great civil rights movement of the ‘60s, equating themselves with the discrimination & abuse of Blacks, not caring that they insult & demean Blacks by putting themselves on a par with that great cause.

The Radical Left inserts its homosexual agenda in to the schools, infesting them. They put first grade books like “Daddy’s Roommate” or “My Second Mommy” in to classrooms, as if children had the wherewithal to comprehend sexuality. But Hitler had it right. Plant the seeds of your beliefs in to the children & they will grow in to the fruits of adult acceptance of homosexuality.

The Radical Left waves the banner of a “women’s’ right to choose” in abortion, although the unspoken truth is that most if not all pro-choice women choose abortions. They redefine a fetus as protoplasm in an effort to dehumanize a human. They can’t or won’t define when life or sentience begins because to do so would put a restriction on their ‘choice’, so late term abortions can thus be rationalized.

The Radical Left uses buzzwords such as “health of the mother”& “unwanted babies” as a means to justify abortions when in reality most abortions are for convenience & an escape from personal responsibility. Even the grotesque procedure of partial birth abortion gives them no pause. They have their ‘studies’ & ‘research’ to back up their claims that these procedures cause no pain to the ‘thing’ & that “well, it’s not really a person until actual full birth.”

The Radical Left wants children to get abortions without parental notification. But those same children cannot be given aspirin or treatment without it. It’s not the children the Radical Left is concerned about – it’s about further restriction on their abortion agenda.

The Radical Left never met a tree it didn’t like. It pushes its extreme environmental agenda to the detriment of mankind. Global warning is embraced & declared the only model, despite models to the contrary. Honest debate is a non-issue with them & will not be tolerated.

The Radical Left cannot see the value of humans over plant or animal life. All is equal.
PETA advocates commit crimes for the ‘liberation’ of animals, trespassing mink farms & freeing the minks & ironically killing them because the minks cannot survive beyond the farms. They would stop all testing of research animals, though those tests may lead to cures.

The Radical Left environmentalists put spikes in to logging trees to ‘save’ them, but have no concern about the logger who may be injured when unknowingly cutting those trees. They assault those wearing furs, throwing paint on the coats. Through the EPA they stop development & construction projects because an obscure bug or weed is ‘threatened’. The farmer or property owner is restricted in use of his or her property because an incidental stream flows through & thus is declared a ‘protected wetlands’.

The Radical Left is for legalized marijuana, but cigarette smokers are criminals. New York City forbids ashtrays in businesses. The ashtray police can enter any business, any private office without a search warrant & heavily fine those found with them. Yet search warrants are required for even murder suspects or potheads.

The Radical Left & their fascist agenda will continue in a later post.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're worried about slipping into "Big Brotherism" from the left, but you're blind to the "Big Brotherism" coming from the right. Under our current Far Right administration in the White House, the federal government is now the largest in American history. The FBI has more unchecked power to invade into the privacy of everyday, innocent people than ever before; thanks in large part to Nazi Ashcroft.

You preach of the left's 'misspeaks' by employing your own. In your warped world, everyone who believes in what you believe, and worships the exact same way that you worship, and loves the same way you love is a-okay. But if any one deviates from your own personal set of norms he is deemed part of the Radical Left and the Fascist party. You can't stand that there are intelligent people out there who think differently than you. And that's sad.

You use fascism quite a lot in your post and yet you don't fully understand the terminology. Fascism is a philosophy that exalts nation and often race above the individual and suppresses opposition. I believe the Republican Party can be deemed the American Fascist Party thanks in part to its historic support of slavery and segregation. Old fat white Republicans believe that they are superior to lowlife blacks, latinos and homosexuals (you refer to them as gays). And who can forget Shrub's wonderful declarations that if you don't believe every word he says, you are unpatriotic. You are either with the president or against him. You can't possibly love country and hate the president, can you? That sure sounds like opposition suppression to me.

I think you need to get your head out of Rush Limbaugh's ass and wake up. The world isn't black and white -- or as you see it, white and white. There are people who don't believe in God and it is not the right of the majority to through Him in their faces. There are people who love the same sex and it is not the right of the majority to mock them and demean their existance. There are people who are not born into the majority and can't do anything about the color of their skin and it is not the right of the majority to treate them any differently. History proved that those who hid behind the Bible to condone slavery were wrong, and history will do the same with gays. And history does not look too kindly on those who preach hatred and intolerance (yes, there's that misspeak!) of others.

Wake up. It's 2004.

12:29 AM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

Anonymous - Thanks for your comment. I've been down the road of debate with the Radical Lefties. Suffice to say that you are so far off the mark that this warrants no further comment from me.

8:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In other words, you have no intelligent rebuttal. Typical Rightie. Go on now and worship your Bush idol; he'll be gone before you know it.

10:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps both of you need Jesus in your lives. Only through him is there salvation. Examine your values and political beliefs. Then imagine god (even if you may be atheistic)- would he be happy with your values?

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you group agendas that you do not agree with under the umbrella of the liberal left? There is more diversity than that. Shame on you Frances Lynn!

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is a fascist? Let us see.

Philosophy of government that stresses the primacy and glory of the state, unquestioning obedience to its leader, subordination of the individual will to the state's authority, and harsh suppression of dissent.
Martial virtues are celebrated, while liberal and democratic values are disparaged.
Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

Main Entry: fas·cism javascript:popWin('/cgi-bin/audio.pl?fascis01.wav=fascism')javascript:popWin('/cgi-bin/audio.pl?fascis01.wav=fascism')
Pronunciation: 'fa-"shi-z&m also 'fa-"si-
Function: noun
Etymology: Italian fascismo, from fascio bundle, fasces, group, from Latin fascis bundle & fasces fasces
1 often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition
2 : a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control

adj : relating to or characteristic of fascism; "fascist propaganda" [syn: fascistic] n : an adherent of fascism or other right-wing authoritarian views
Source: WordNet ® 1.6, © 1997 Princeton University

How can the left be called fascist Mr. " Seeker of Truth"?

10:55 AM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

Thanks for the word of the day. Obviously you missed the point in the hyperbole. The Radical Left rants about the so-called fascist right all the time. If I want to describe the strong-arming of the ACLU as fascist-like or the terrorist tactics & venomous blatherings & threats of the crazy left as fascist, it is to level the playing field. And in a way, the Radical Left is a State in its own right, philosophically. They are not about national or racial identity, but rather about a valueless society dictated by & on their terms.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So we can we hear about your views of the "Fascist Right". Are they not also placing "American Values Under Attack"?

10:45 AM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

Extremes on either side of the aisle are dangerous. Depends on your point of view as to what is extreme. I do not usually focus on the extreme right loonies because I find them far less visible & vocal then the far left by a long shot.

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Googled the phrase "Right Wing Loonies" and came up with 624 hits. Comparatively there were 576 hits for "Left Wing Loonies". I guess the "Right Wing Loonies" are in the majority.

12:06 PM  
Blogger Francis Lynn said...

Cute & funny. Me, that is, not your comment. O.K., that was funny too. Of course, you realize Google is a part of the vast left wing conspiracy, so naturally you would get a biased search. Hmm, I wonder what a "We love the French" search would pull up?

11:34 PM  

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